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Midkemia Online: A Highwayman's Adventures

Thoughts, humor, comics and evolution about my character's progress and life in Iron Realms Entertainment's Midkemia Online

Author: NeoStorm

Religion 1: Converting and communion

Posted by NeoStorm Friday March 30 2012 at 3:33AM
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A first entry about religion and Gods in Midkemia Online.


Well finally getting around to writing about Gods. Well sorta about Gods...well, a little less about them now and more about their religion and the cool new stuff they gave us. See, I knew there was a reason for postponing news of this until now, since we just got some cool additions to our religion and Order system.

Previously, active Gods (more about this later) could open up Orders for mortals to join (mortals being us, the players). And you'd join and you'd get some awesome roleplay and stuff out of it and some privileges and the ability to erect shrines and obtain various minor buffs (one at a time) from your deity. You got these buffs by using essence. You gained essence by hunting mobs and offering them at the deity's shrines and then, with that essence, you could ask for some minor, short lived buffs. Pretty nifty, BUT, COOL THINGS HAPPENED THEN.

Basically, we got an overhaul and, with it a new mini-game. The mini-game is one of the two highlights of this new system, system which makes you feel like you're actively involed:

This villager has seen the truth of Banath! And probably the truth in lighter pockets as well!

Well, way this works, you can convert almost any mob on the map to your religion, gaining you some experience in the process and some communion (essence) with your Deity. Which is AWESOME. There were already ways for non-violent characters to level in-game, this just adds to it. Of course, it's not as fast and rewarding as just killing mobs, but it's safe and peaceful. There's a lot of people who play their character peaceful and don't wish to kill stuff to level. There are options like, fishing, crafting, exploring, uncovering experience caches and NOW, there is converting, which is a full alternative to the hunting system.

This sets  Midkemia Online apart from the mass of other MUDs out there (there are some with similar non-violent systems, but very very few) and certainly from other MMORPGs.

The mini-game also gets your brain thinking because it's a little puzzle where you have to figure out exactly what arguments and in what order the mob wants to hear in order to be fully converted to your religion. Well, there's also a catch, you have a limited time in which you can convert them before they get bored and don't wish to hear anything about it anymore. If you fail, you will lose a bit of experience, though just a fraction of what you would've gained if you had succeeded.

Oh, and I mentioned communion. Communion now replaces essence and, while essence could be stockpiled infinitely, communion is percentage based and can go up to 100% where you are in full communion with your Divine. All the previous buffs have been replaced with Favors. Before this, Gods could bestow their favor upon a mortal and he'd gain some awesome bonuses. Favors had 4 ranks, the strongest giving you a ton of things, like, + to all stats, damage reduction, sleep and hunger immunity, etc. It was really awesome, but Gods wouldn't give them TOO often. Now, with the new communion system, you can ASK for favors yourself and it'll use up your communion and you'll gain one of those favors.

That is completely awesome and actually builds more of a purpose to essence. The previous buffs were rather minor and people would just be stockpiling essence and not using it. Gods didn't like this, they always encouranged players to use essence but more were like, meh.

Communion is also needed to maintain your Sect in power now, since, without communion from its members, it'll slowly degrade to a Cult and then...if it persists, it'll vanish. More about that later, right now I'm too busy enjoying the new conversion system. Next time, more about Gods and Cults/Sects. For now, just play Midkemia Online.

Community that's like a family

Posted by NeoStorm Thursday March 29 2012 at 3:31AM
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A rant about the community in Midkemia Online.


As I anticipated, the whole bashing (that's what we colloquially call killing mobs for experience in Midkemia Online) thing gets tiring after a while if you want to stay at the top. Obviously can't make first place since there will always be someone just a little bit better. But hey, that's the fun part about most MMORPGs out there, isn't it? That, unlike playing single-player vs some AI, playing with or against players means there willl ALWAYS be a challenge or competition. Even more so in a game like this that's constantly shifting and innovating.


Anyway, we've had a disgruntled newbie the other day, which sort of made me blink in surprise. We don't get disgruntled newbies since the community in this game is one of the tighest that I've ever seen. Guilds in other games aren't as tight and family like as the entire playerbase here is. Well, of course, I assume this sort of thing happens when you have a not so large playerbase and most people know each-other. But even so... now this person was upset that they gold told off on the newbie channel ( we have a newbie channel where new players can ask for assistance to get their bearings straight in the world) which...wasn't really the case (they just over-reacted but, there'll always be one). I mean, that channel isn't supposed to work as a compendium of getting everything answered on the spot, but more as a guideline as to how to learn the game and how to understand to help yourself. It is supposed to teach the mentality of "help helping yourself" and, more importantly, it points you in the direction of your city and guild in order to help you build relationships with the other players. That's very important in the game and cities/guilds are built in such a way that they are very newbie-centric and very focused on teaching and explaining stuff to new players.

One of the awesome things that caters to this is the ability for organizations to write their own help files. To that end, each guild/city/order and even some private societies will have TONS of help files aimed at teaching people how to level up, how to spend their lessons for various goals, how to distribute stat points, what gear they need and many others, such as information . This is just on the character's personal development scale, to say nothing of the plethora of game related information they usually also offer.

Oh, and that's one other thing about having such a community. The game is roleplay intensive, very roleplay intensive so, you're expected to act like you are your character at all times and only know what your character would have normally learned. To that end, game resources such as guides, quest information, walkthroughs for certain things will never ever be found outside the game. This is quite the fascinating thing since your experience will never be spoiled by outside factors and googling guides up about Midkemia Online will at most lead to the forums where there's only vague pointers. The game is all about exploring the world from within and not from uh....without? Is there such a term.

ANYWAY, I digress. Point I was trying to make is that the community is great and well worth the time. Of course, we have one or two trolls, but an internet community can't be one if it didn't have its local trolls. They add to the long as you don't feed them. Most of the people who started playing and stayed, stayed for the helpful community, always praising how helpful it was.

I obviously wrote about something else than I had originally intended to, but I just thought this was worth mentioning. Our players rule! Now go play! Here, I'll give you a linkie: Midkemia Online


A series of Fortunate events

Posted by NeoStorm Tuesday March 27 2012 at 5:56AM
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This blog is about my character's life in Midkemia Online

Last time, I told you I'd explain a bit about the Gods in Midkemia Online buuuut that might have to wait until the next posting again. I've been a little hooked up to write up my material on the Gods and you can't go about risking the wrath of the Divine by writing sub-par stuff about 'em. Greek mythology teaches us that Zeus had a very trigger happy ...erm, lightning happy attitude when it came to mortals not treating him and the others with the proper respect.

So why have I been hooked up? Well, there's been a weekly contest going on and this week's contest is an experience challenge. The basic premise is that, at the end of the week, who gained the most experience WINS. What do they win? Well, they win an honors line and credits. Honors lines are nifty little things that show your character's accomplishment and such. They are usually very hard to earn.

Yep, that's me in second place. We're just gonna disregard the fellow above and say I'm first!

Well it doesn't matter if I don't win, I just wanna be ranked as high up as possible. The first 10 spots get credits also and credits are a form of currency used to buy awesome stuff! More about those some other time.

We've had challenges all month, similar things: experience contests or mob kills contests. Now I know 1 week for a challenge is a lot, but there's often shorter contests too, like 2 days or 3, or short timed events.

Oh, BUT, the point I'm trying to make is that there's ALWAYS some sort of monthly stuff going on. Every month, at the start of it, we get a new "monthly promotion" so to speak, which range from double experience days to special daily bonuses or login bonuses to Great Hunts and special offers. It's the sort of small touch which shows that the administration cares and is always willing to go that extra mile to keep their players interested. The promotions are rarely repeated and they are always interesting or nifty. Now, there's less than a week until April and I'm already curious about what we're getting next month.

Yeah, so, not really sure if I'm going to win it, probably not, but, it's a great opportunity for me to aaaaaalmost reach level 100. Oh, there's no level cap in this game, but people usually consider level 100 as the highest. There's not many people OVER it, since it is very very very very hard to level past that point and it's quite hard to get to 100 in the first place. But, since there's this event thingie going on, with rewards, I can use some Double Experience artifacts to boost my leveling and then compensate their cost with the event's winnings. Nifty, huh?

Well, I'll see you all tomorrow(ish), when hopefully I'll be taking a break from all the monster killing in Midkemia Online!

Intrigue: When I'm not the only highwayman

Posted by NeoStorm Sunday March 25 2012 at 5:10AM
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This blog is about my character's life in Midkemia Online

So my "law abiding and justice upholding" character is, simply put, a killing and robbing bastard. Now the excelent thing (well, ONE of the many excellent things) about Midkemia Online is that you can title your character whatever you want. Now, when I say whatever you want, you should understand that you should title your character something appropriate, relevant and mature. So no being Fuzzy Wuzzy Kando, the master of Fluff or equally silly things (although SOME things like that happened in the past).

But I digress. So, due to his "rob from the rich and give to the poor" (and nobody is poorer than Kando of course) attitude, he is called "the Highwayman", something which he is very proud of. So he was just patrolling his domain the other day, WHEN:

Posers, the lot of them. Just look how easy they die!

So yes, OTHER Highwaymen appeared on the roads surrounding Yabon. That is extremely disturbing for my character and something he won't take lightly to.

These NPCs just appeared the other day and it is the sort of awesome stuff the administration always does for us. They create an ever changing and adapting world, where nothing is static for a long while. They are always planning events, always including the playerbase in these world changing situations where everyone has the chance to make an everlasting impression upon the world.

Currently, the highwaymen are a mystery, killing them makes them drop a mysterious token of their allegiance.

What this token is useful for and where these Crows originate from is not known yet. There is speculation, but nothing has surfaced yet and Kando is growing restless as to who these men, who muscled in on his business are. They are clearly no match for him, but they are taking away a part of his profits.

I am sure more will be unveiled in time as our awesome admins unfold more of this plot. Oh, I'm going to tell you all about the awesome concept of Gods next time. In the meanwhile, you should all give Midkemia Online a try and see exactly what makes it so awesome.

A Rogue by any other name

Posted by NeoStorm Thursday March 22 2012 at 2:06PM
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This blog is about my character's life in Midkemia Online


So I like my character to be ... y'know... well developed and whatnot. Now he's Rogue at heart, the sneaky, lurky, stabbity in the back type, coupled with thieving, pick pocketing and horse lifting attitude that some people might find highly irritating. Well, pity on them. Now then, there's a fine line between playing your role and griefing, which is something I don't do (grief that is), but more about that some other time.

Now then, on the road to developing my character, I decided that the sneakiness and thieving ability of the rogue just isn't enough to satisfy my little Kando's (yes, that's his name) desires to be the best, so I had to expand with abilities from other classes. I present exhibit A, Kando's memories:


I damn wish that kind of thing could happen during exams: You press the blue flashing light on a bronze memory-orb. The orb begins to hum quietly and you suddenly remember everything you learned last night.


Now this is an unique feature that makes me extremely happy. The fact that you can learn as many classes and specializations as you wish and switch between them in a timely fashion (in my case, 45 minutes). Anyone can do it, there's a low cost to do it (which can totally be nullified by buying a nifty memory orb) and it adds tons of fun and depth to your character. Now I haven't seen this in any other MUD where, usually, switching your class means you can't have your old one back. But here, it's like, WHOA! I just play with my little orb and I get to be whatever I want...uhm...well, not want, but whatever I learned.

Well, that just leaves fitting all the different classes and abilities into your character's roleplay. Good practice dictates that you don't just go LOLIAMROGUE and then the next minute, LOLMAGE! But, that's part of the fun. I actually had my character play at learning magic, failing, finding it hard, exhausting himself with casting stronger spells and spreading that over some years. The shadoweaving part was not so hard since rogues are already supposed to have a familiarity with shadows and bending them to their will.

Ok, that's enough for now. Now I need to run my text through a spell checker since our local grammar ...uhm...dictator, Aritaelis, has decreed that my spelling is sub-par. That made me a very sad Kando BUT, as always, we must strive to IMPROVE.

Now then, you should all try Midkemia Online. Goes without saying really, what other MUD (or MMO really) offers you the ability to swap between classes so easily with virtually no loss?

Paving the Path to Perfect Playing : Midkemia Online

Posted by NeoStorm Tuesday March 20 2012 at 7:37AM
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This blog is about my character's life in Midkemia Online


So I was looking for a game with no constraints, heavily oriented towards roleplay, something that'll draw me in and become my new addiction (because, hey, you can't really be a gamer if you don't have addictions) and did I mention the no constraints thing?

You might ask why no constraints? Because, let's face it, you want to get into some awesome roleplay and play the badass, homicidal...psychopath, uhm...warlord thingie and the moment you yell "BOW DOWN PEASANT!" to some other noob in game (obviously a player of less skill and intellect), you expect them to bow down or die. Now what happens in most MMORPGs out there is that they won't...pure and simple - and just laugh in your face because you can't do anything about it.

Of course, you might be the less sociopathic murderer type and may simply wish to roleplay a crafter, a trader, a politician or a number of other law-abiding and dreadfully boring professions that have less to do with spilling blood and more to do with "what color gown matches the governor's eyes better for the gala tonight?". Fear not, there's a choice for all.

Oh, I didn't mention? This is all going to be about my charming character and the wondrous universe that is Midkemia Online. Yep, this is the kind of place where you can do anything and shape the world and your character any way you like. There's just one thing, it's a text game, but I'm sure that all you serious gamers will have no issue with that.

You know, there's an old and very wise saying that goes: "Playing a game for the graphics is like watching porn for the story". Now that's very accurate, because, you should generally play a game for the atmosphere and gameplay, and less for the graphics


Although that's a very sexy boar in that screen here...mmm



And this is exactly what this'll be about, GAMEPLAY and ATMOSPHERE and the sheer addiction and joy that comes with it. Oh, and a lot about my own adventures, since my character is just a narcissist and suave prick, I won't be able to shake him loose from my stories. I bet you all wanted to have that awesome character at one point or another in time that could just be MORE than the simple pixelated avatar on screen and could be something with a personality, reputation...simply put, something that's three-dimensional.

Well you need to look no further than  Midkemia Online. You all go check it out and see what it's like to have a three-dimensional character in a two-dimensional world, rather than the other way around. And be sure to break away from it to read my future entries and drop a comment about your experience.

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