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Mythos Global Blog

This blog will contain information, news, updates, and feature articles about Mythos Global.

Author: MythosGlobal

The Path of the Pyromancer

Posted by MythosGlobal Monday January 30 2012 at 7:45PM
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Pyromancers are talented individuals who specialize in controlling the element of fire. As magic-users, they are quite fragile. However, they have devastating offensive skills in their arsenal that will leave behind a trail of burnt enemy ashes. They can also summon fire elemental minions to increase their fire power or to serve as protection against attacks.
Pyromancers are gifted with high WIS to enhance their mana capacity and strengthen their magic skills.
As the guardians of nature, Satyrs are the ones who exhibit high WIS, making them one of the most viable races for the Pyromancer class.
Pyromancers also have three skill threes called Cinderblade, Flamecaster, and Coalsmasher. The Cinderblade tree is an interesting build since it makes the Pyromancer a close-combat fighter. His skills enhance the damage of melee-based attacks by increasing power or flame damage. Since the tree forces a fragile Pyromancer to get up-close, they also have skills that turns flames into a mighty barrier.
Flamecasters are mid to long-range casters. They want to keep a safe distance from enemies while casting their fire spells. Their skills focus on setting enemies aflame to do damage over time.
Lastly, Coalsmashers are good at crowd control and summoning. They have skills that burn enemies at an area, causing large amounts of damage to a lot of monsters. They are also talented with the art of summoning wisps and fire golems. The wisps add to the damaging capability of the summoner, while the golem acts as the Coalsmasher’s protector.
Check this Pyromancer video:
Pyromancers value WIS above all else to strengthen their spells. Thus, common weapons for them are staves and wands. However, they may also wield melee weapons should they choose the path of the Cinderblade.
But that’s not all
Experiment and explore! Not all Pyromancers are Satyrs, and wands are not their only weapons of choice. Who knows? You might encounter a sword-wielding Human Pyromancer who’s bashing monsters with enormous strength.

The Path of the Bloodletter

Posted by MythosGlobal Friday January 27 2012 at 3:04AM
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Bloodletters are melee fighters that exhibit exceptional sword-fighting skills and boast tough constitutions because of their superior strength. They are unmatched in close combat and can cause enemies to bleed to their painful deaths. They can also use their blood or the blood of their enemies to unleash devastating explosions or to summon minions to aid them in battle.
Bloodletters are naturally gifted with high STR and VIT to be able to do outstanding physical damage and withstand even the most dangerous beatings.
Cyclops has the largest STR among the four races so a Bloodletter focusing on physical damage will most likely be a Cyclops. On the other hand, humans have the most VIT among the four races. A tanking Bloodletter may also opt to be a human.
The three skill trees available for Bloodletters are Martialist, Crimsonate, and Red Hand. Typical Martialist skills are those that boost damage, making them a ferocious melee damager. Crimsonate, on the other hand, enhances longevity by boosting defense and life. Red Hand bloodletters make use of summoned demons and imps to aid them in battle.
Here's a video showcasing the Bloodletter:
Since Bloodletters are typically close-combat fighters, melee weapons are usually used. They can use two swords, maces, hammers, or use a shield on one hand for extra defense.
But that’s not all
Bloodletters can be typically seen as a basic melee tanker. However, there is more to them than that. Experiment different builds and see what you like the most. The bloodletter class is definitely not just restricted to Cyclops and Humans. They need not have to be strong but stupid in terms of stats. And they don’t have to wield melee weapons.
Experiment and explore! Who knows? You might just meet a wand-wielding Satyr Bloodletter with insane amount of WIS, owning the bosses of different dungeons.

The Path of the Gadgeteer

Posted by MythosGlobal Wednesday January 25 2012 at 9:20PM
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The OBT of Mythos Global is just around the corner. If you haven't decided yet what class to choose, maybe it's time to read our next series of blog entries to enlighten you about the different classes in Mythos.
Gadgeteers are masters of machines and long-range attacks. They don’t allow enemies to get near them. It is up to them whether to achieve it by firing a barrage of bullets, setting up powerful traps, or summoning drones and machines. Whichever the method, Gadgeteers pride themselves with dealing a lot of damage and making sure that the enemies will feel it.
Gadgeteers primarily rely on dealing damage at a distance. Thus, they exemplify a high amount of DEX to instantly kill enemies at a safe distance.
Gremlins are the ones exhibiting high DEX. A typical long-range Gadgeteer will most likely be a Gremlin.
The three skill trees of Gadgeteers are Marksman, Grenadier, and Tinkerer. Gadgeteers who choose the Marksman tree will find themselves relying heavily on their shooting capability. With skills that enhance the damage and rate of fire of their guns, they really are the ideal ranged damage dealers.
Grenadiers, as the name would say, are masters of grenades. They throw anything and everything, like poison grenades, flashbang, shrapnel, and bombs. They also utilize decoys that attract the enemies’ attention making the Grenadier safe from enemy aggression.
Lastly are the Tinkerers. They rely primarily on their machines to do mob cleaning. Tinkers can summon various widgets that can slow down enemies, shoot lightning bolts, or even heal the caster. They can also create turrets that release electrical currents or flame bursts. They even know how to make bombs that chase enemies before they explode.
Here's a video about the Gadgeteer:
Since Gadgeteers are long-range fighters, their weapons of choice are usually rifles and pistols.
But that’s not all
Experiment and explore! The Gadgeteer class is not restricted to the Gremlin race. They don’t even need to force themselves to carry guns if they really don’t like it. Who knows? You might go face-to-face with a wand-wielding Satyr Gadgeteer who’s filling the duel arena with turrets, widgets, and bombs.

Interview with Lillin the Satyr

Posted by MythosGlobal Wednesday January 25 2012 at 12:18AM
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The Mythos Global team are now happy to present to you the last interview. This time, it is with a female Satyr named Lillin. Enjoy this nice interview! We will be featuring new articles after this interview so always check this blog.
Calligraphy: Good day everyone! This is the last among our series of interviews, and I’m sure this will be the best one yet. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the kind and beautiful Ms. Lillin!
Lillin: Beautiful? Awww I wasn’t expecting that from a human. But thank you for the very nice introduction.
Calligraphy: Of course! A nice introduction should be given to such a fine specimen.
Lillin: You are not flirting with me, are you? Us, Satyrs, look very different from Humans.
Calligraphy: Not at all! I actually find your eyes and your horns to be quite charming.
Lillin: Stop it, Calli! Haha. This is supposed to be an interv—
Calligraphy: Oh my!! What happened to your legs and feet? I just noticed it now!
Lillin: Oh… that’s kind of rude… L But us, Satyrs, have these legs and feet… Like those you humans call goats.
Calligraphy: Oh I’m sorry. I was just surprised. Anyway, yeah I guess you’re right. Moving on with the interview, what’s the main role of Satyrs in Uld?
Lillin: <silence> oh yes? Sorry? The wind that just passed was so gentle, it sounds so refreshing! Could you repeat your question?
Calligraphy: Sure no problem. As I was saying, what’s the role of Satyrs in Uld?
Lillin: We are the oldest race in Uld. As such, we are very much connected with nature. In fact, we consider ourselves as guardians of Nature. It is nice to feel the gentleness of the wind as it slides through the strands of my hair.
Calligraphy: Such lovely words coming out from your lips…
Lillin: Hihi. Thank you! We are always like this. Humans say that we are so poetic.
Calligraphy: I see. So what else are the things that you usually do?
Lillin: We have a rather carefree attitude and we like to listen to music. We also value wisdom so we always take time to study nature magic and meditation.
Calligraphy: That sounds interesting! I would love to ask you a lot of things, but I’m afraid we don’t have enough time. Perhaps I’ll just ask more about you after this interview.
Lillin: Um… what do you mean?
Calligraphy: Uh sorry nevermind. Thank you for joining us, Lillin! And thank you all for staying with us. We hope that you all enjoyed these short interviews.

Interview with Grunt the Cyclops

Posted by MythosGlobal Tuesday January 24 2012 at 1:00AM
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Hello! Are you enjoying the interviews that we are posting? Here's the third part of the series. Let us all welcome, Grunt, the Cyclops!
Calligraphy: For the third time, hi everyone! We are now graced by the presence of Grunt, a mighty Cyclops. Good day, Grunt!
Grunt: Hey kiddo!
Calligraphy: Uh… hi. Haha. Can I ask you something?
Grunt: Um isn’t that why I’m here? Are you scared of me?
Calligraphy: Uh yes… I mean no! Of course not! You’re just big and bulky, but I know that you have a kind heart, right?
Grunt: I don’t know. Maybe. So what’s your question?
Calligraphy: Oh, right. I want to know where do Cyclops live?
Grunt: There are many Cyclops in Uld so you can see Cyclops in many different places. But most of us came from a land with a very cold weather. That’s why we are very strong and our body can easily adapt to different temperatures and weather conditions.
Calligraphy: Ah that’s interesting. So why are you travelling with Chris?
Grunt: Ah that little guy? I just want to protect the weak with my strength. The monsters are getting savage recently and I don’t want to see any more victims. Even the Cyclops in our village was once betrayed and slaughtered, although I don’t want to talk about that.
Calligraphy: I understand. Well if that’s the case, let’s talk about something else. What are you carrying?
Grunt: This one is my favorite sword and this one is my favorite shield.
Calligraphy: Sword and shield? Don’t Cyclops use wooden clubs?
Grunt: Where did you get that idea?
Calligraphy: Um… from nowhere… really. Haha.
Grunt: Ok.
Calligraphy: Do you have anything else to say?
Grunt: None.

Calligraphy: Ok. I guess that will end our third interview. Our last interview will be with Ms. Lillin. See you guys until then!


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Interview with Leo the Gremlin

Posted by MythosGlobal Thursday January 19 2012 at 8:50PM
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Here's another entertaining interview! This time, it's with a Gremlin, Leo. Have fun!



Calligraphy: Hello everyone! I am here again to bring an exclusive interview from one of the residents of Planet Uld. I initially invited Lillin, since she has a good-sounding name. But since she has been busy recently, we are here with Leo instead. He’s a Gremlin and a friend of Chris.
Leo: I’m not sure whether to greet you since you seem to be disappointed to have me here instead of Lillin.
Calligraphy: No, of course not! I’m very happy to have you here. What were you thinking?
Leo: Yeah, right… Haha. Just kidding. I don’t really care anyway.
Calligraphy: Wew. You got me there. Haha. Anyway, I’m interested to know how you got acquainted with Chris and the others in your group.
Leo: I don’t know about the others since they are already with Chris when I joined. But Chris seems to have a goal as to why he is travelling around Uld. At any rate, being a Gremlin, I love to go out and explore. We are very lively and energetic. I guess being stuck in one place just doesn’t cut it. I’ll be booooooored to death. Boohoo. Besides, I also want to test my machines. Hehe.
Calligraphy: Speaking of machines, what do you have there? Chris doesn’t seem to understand anything that you are doing with those scrap… I mean devices.
Leo: Did I hear you say scrap?
Calligraphy: Huh? No, no! I didn’t. Please continue.
Leo: Ok. Anyway, I want to tinker a lot with my toys. Like this widget. It floats around and follows me wherever I go. It emits electricity to hurt those baddies! I always reconfigure them to prolong its life before it explodes. I also change the materials so as to improve conduction and emit a much stronger electric curre--
Calligraphy: Oh well that’s interesting!
Leo: What’s interesting? You didn’t even let me finish! Anyway, the electric current--
Calligraphy: And that’s it for today! Thank you, Leo, for granting our interview request. We hope to see you again sometime soon.
Leo: Boohoo. You’re a cheater! But anyway, I’m sure I can show off my gadgets later on and see if the electric current is strong enough to--

Calligraphy: Oh we’d love to! Thank you everyone for listening and see you again for another hot interview.

Interview with Chris the Human

Posted by MythosGlobal Thursday January 19 2012 at 12:54AM
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Here's an interview conducted by one of our moderators with a character of Mythos Global. Read this interview for fun, and it also gives a few hints about what to expect from Mythos Global.
Calligraphy: Hi! This is Calli! I’m the unlucky—I mean the lucky moderator chosen to give you the first among a series of interviews with the different races and residents of Planet Uld. To kick off the series, we will start with a human. Let us welcome Chris!
Chris: Hello Calli! It’s nice to see you!
Calligraphy: It’s nice to see you too! First of all, thank you very much for entertaining our interview request.
Chris: Oh that’s not a problem. I’d love to talk to fellow humans, you know. Uld just seems to be so different because of all the other races living there.
Calligraphy: I see. So can you tell us more about this planet Uld?
Chris: Sure thing! Uld is such an interesting place. Like I said, there are many races living there. The place is vibrant and there are a lot of places to explore. The only thing is, it is currently inhabited by a lot of dangerous monsters.
Calligraphy: Hmm… I’m not sure if vibrant and dangerous go along with each other…
Chris: Haha. Well, the terrain of Uld is very diverse. From caverns to icy peaks, those places are really fun to visit. But when it comes to monsters, I always carry my sword and shield for protection. Besides, I usually go out with my colleagues.
Calligraphy: Who are these colleagues you are talking about?
Chris: There’s Grunt, who’s a Cyclops. He’s strong and very reliable. There’s Lillin, a Satyr. She seems very gentle and kind, except against monsters that is. And there’s Leo, a Gremlin. I really don’t understand what he’s doing with his gadgets all the time. Haha.
Calligraphy: You seem to be a very diverse group! Good thing you’re in good terms with them.
Chris: Oh sure! You know us, humans. We’re very friendly and we flourish with the aid of all those who can aid us.
Calligraphy: I guess you’re right. Well anyway, I guess that would be it for now. <I’m kind of hungry already.> Thank you for giving us a glimpse of Uld and the different races living in your planet. I’ll be inviting your friends for an interview too, if you don’t mind.

Chris: Sure thing! Thank you too and have a nice day!


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Mythos Global

Posted by MythosGlobal Tuesday January 17 2012 at 7:02PM
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Welcome to Mythos Global's blog.

This blog will tackle everything about Mythos, including news and announcements, events, and other feature articles. The best way to start the operation of this blog is by introducing the game.

Mythos Global is an online Action RPG that is set in the fantasy land of Uld. Players will be able to select one of the four races: Human, Cyclops, Gremlin, and Satyr. There are also three playable classes: Bloodletter, Pyromancer, and Gadgeteer. Players will then set foot in a land filled with hordes of monsters. Mythos is a dungeon-crawler where monsters attack players on sight. It is up to the player to fend them off. Beat bosses, craft special items, and grab the best loots! That's what Mythos Global is all about.

The Open Beta of the game is on Feb. 2, 2012. Be sure to check the game and don't forget to visit our website and Facebook fan page for announcements and various activities.

Home Page:

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