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The Angry Roleplayer

The extensive rantings of a man about his games and the companies who make them.

Author: Mystik86

My Top Prospects For 2010-2011

Posted by Mystik86 Sunday August 16 2009 at 1:52AM
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Hello there folks and welcome to yet another edition of my humble blog (moving soon to Today I'd like to talk about a few games that I have now considered to be prospective heavy-hitters for the next year and years to come. I'll be writing this in a top 5 format to keep things neat and tidy.

5. Earthrise

This is a game that has been simmering for some time now and is starting to look like something very much worth playing. It has two major things going for it and those are it's post-apocalyptic theme and it's stunning graphics. Though I won't say those are the only major factors in considering this game as one of my prospects as there are a few other things that make Earthrise a breath of fresh air.

The story seems solid and I for one love a good story. It appears that the story won't always be your main focus though and that's a good thing. There will be opportunities for roleplayers to create new stories within the game through their actions and this makes it truly special to me.

Character development looks pretty solid on the whole too and should make for an interesting run through of the game's core content. I can't wait to try this tasty tidbit out when it launches (Q4 2009 possible, but I bet it'll be pushed back to Q1 2010).

4. Star Wars: The Old Republic

There was no doubt in my mind when I first heard about SW:TOR that it would make for a pleasant surprise. From what we've learned thus far I believe this game will definitely deliver, though I do not think it'll take a number one spot on the charts. We don't yet know enough about a lot of things to really say if it'll stay in the top 5 or sink below, but one thing is for sure and that is that SW:TOR will be a blast for diehard fans and newcomers to the franchise.

Graphics could be better, but nobody knows if what we've seen will be final. I know sometimes devs will not show the true polish on their game's graphics until it's launch is imminent. I'm not bothered by the current level of detail and know that Bioware can deliver even without Mass Effect caliber graphics.

One thing that sets this one apart from the rest too is the very fact that Bioware is developing it (with the help of LucasArts and Mythic) and that should prove to be a pretty lucrative deal. I don't expect to see any BS from them on this but time will tell...

3. Champions Online

What can I say about Champions that isn't already known by so many? It's definitely going to be a game for the masses and one that I, as a comic book reader and artist, have already become addicted to. It delivers on nearly every aspect of it's core design and is destined to be one of the big boys out there. I think CO scares a lot of CoX fans too because it threatens to take away a large chunk of loyal customers but that doesn't worry me as my time in CoX was filled with drama, boredom, lust and betrayal.

Now, I can't say anything else really since the NDA won't be lifted until Monday (maybe, we don't know yet), but rest assured this game is built on the foundations of greatness. The Champions IP is a solid one and caters to those of us looking for the roleplaying factor. The opportunities for roleplay are endless and this can be seen in some of the things that have been done in the game (more on that on Monday when I deliver my full featured review).

Champions, in my opinion, will most likely hold a spot in the top 5 for a good long time to come and while I can't say it'll kill Blizzard's numbers with WoW, it will certainly try (but who the fuck cares about killing WoW).

2. The Secret World

I don't care what anyone says or thinks about this game, Funcom or not, it will be something we've all been wanting and waiting for. It seems to have an interesting story to it and it definitely won't disappoint on the graphics so what can we say about the rest?

Not much is known about anything but the few screenshots and snippets of details floating around the internet. From what I understand no details about the core mechanics have been released yet and probably won't be for some time, but that doesn't stop me from putting this game as number 2 on the list.

TSW dips into a vastly neglected genre for MMOs and that's horror. We've only seen maybe one or two horror themed MMOs which haven't really delivered on the horror part and I think TSW actually will. I think you will be afraid to enter that old abandoned hospital or search that dark basement where the moans and groans are coming from. You will think twice about everything you do and that gets my juices flowing.

We need a game that makes us feel real emotion, even if only fear, instead of the mindless crap available these days.

1. World of Darkness (Online)

Now after reading the title of my number 1 choice you may be thinking, "How do you know it'll even be around next year or 2011?", I have to just say that by the time the hype starts for this game you will be drooling like hungry dogs. WoD is a strong IP with a long history, most notably with the Vampire and Werewolf IPs attached to this universe. People have been waiting for a game to come out using this IP and I for one had a braingasm when I first heard about the White Wolf/CCP merge a couple years back.

Building on the strengths of both the IP and the developer behind this game-to-be I think it's safe to say that we will not be disappointed. This will be one of the first MAJORLY successful RP/Action/Sandbox MMORPGs ever created, and will have devoted fanboys and haters raging like never seen before. I foresee a great war between the two "factions" of players and can't wait to cover it.

Overall, WoD is not a name you will soon forget and that brings much hope to the many of us searching for the one game to rule us all (LoTR reference, lol).


And that concludes the list. Please note that these are my personal prospects and in no way do I claim that any of what I've said will come true (except WoD, cause seriously guys). Hopefully my opinion can be respected as such, an opinion. writes:
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