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Midare's disarray...

Thoughts on my brainchild. Although I'm torn between talking about my ideal on the internet or keeping it all a secret. I cannot very well get any feedback without talking out loud, can I?

Author: Midare

Melee class talk...

Posted by Midare Monday December 28 2009 at 10:41PM
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To assuage the fears of the melee "fanbois" who seem to take the idea that everyone starts out with the same base HP to mean that the casters are being built up to match melee levels let me clarify. The design I am hammering out is not a level based progression. I'm sure we're all familiar with how if you compare a newb tank and newb caster the caster is weaker than the tank... but then if you compare the news tank to an endgame caster the caster often has more HP than the newb tank.

The way I approach things is I do not see why the caster's HP should be improving at all. They're not doing training for that, they're learning spells and buying frilly robes, not resistance training! For this reason I instead start everyone off at the HP level I would expect is likely for an end-game extreme caster. They are likely not to build up their attributes to become brutes at the expense of points they could put toward their magics. Will some? Yes, but they will not be the strongest caster compared to others if they do. A battle mage would be possible, but a pure caster would still out DPS them.



Could any of these 9 types step up and take part in melee if they wanted? Not really.

Even maxing out the value of their 1 physical energy block to a full 100 points would not make a type 9 robust enough to do much strenous actvity. If running or jumping uses 1 point of energy each step/jump they'll be lucky if they make it across a city before they trigger the "exhausted" debuff on themselves and have to stagger the rest of the way.

Those most interested in pure melee would be best served taking on one of the first 3 types, then further boosting their HP and phsysical resistance if they want to tank... or HP, damage and agility for DPS. It is the player's call as to if they'll hybrid or min/max in their playstyle.

The commenter, Jixx, on my prior post was concerned apparently that melee would just be walking targets... I thought I had mentioned magic resistances that even the type one had access to. As mentioned previously, there are 7 main elements planned: Water, Air, Wood, Fire, Earth, Light, and Dark (plus two unnamed elements restricted to type 4, 8, and 9 due to lore).

Each type, has the ability to slot an element matching their number (coincides with the number of mana blocks they have) so a type 1 can carry one element, type 2 can carry two, etc. These give a basic low level resistance (reduce damage by say 1% passively) for each equipped element, but there would also be toggle skills a player could learn to resist like damage at the cost of EP instead of HP. Some resistance skills would also work against whatever element is weak to the one you have equipped, but may not reduce damage by as much as being inherently resistant to your own element does. Such as a type one with water alignment having good resistance against water damage... perhaps as high as a 50% reduction on damage... but only having a 25% resistance to fire damage. Since such a skill would burn off EP it isn't as useful to casters who would burn through it quickly and be hit with a debuff for bottoming out their EP. Alt one can learn more than one of these toggle abilities, turning one on turns off any others that may be on at the time, so although higher types can load more elements and use more of these skills, they have less EP to burn and can never stack this power.



As to how one builds their melee fighter into something they really enjoy; players still have access to first of all the elements just like the casters do... but are likely to spend more time focusing on unlocking weapons on the weapon skill tree. Your damage and speed with a particular type of weapon depends on your skill level with that type of weapon, although damage is influenced by the strength of the character as well. The weapon itself really only has a durability rating tied to it... which decides how much damage it takes before it needs repairs or falls apart. Unlocking/building skills in weapons, collecting the skills for each from the given weapons trainers or working towards your favourite weapon is another way to set yourself apart as a melee fighter.

The final skill that draws fromthe EP power set is Martial arts.


I'm toying with having 12 martial arts styles, each would be primarily a style of unarmed combat but would have some unique weapon skills that you could only learn by reaching high levels in the martial arts. A player could study in all 12 schools but can only have so many skills on screen at a time, unable to swap out moves or weapons while in combat. People would be encouraged to mix and match as they see fit... in order to build their own way of fighting. Fist ighting influenced, kick-boxing, crazy Jackie Chan shit... these would each be affected by your stats choices: some needing more dedication to speed and agility, others to strength and resilience.


Melee as a useful role would be supported especially by having magic-resistant mobs, and by  impressive moves requiring high EP much as high end spells require high MP. Even with maxed value to the EP blocks for a "caster" type will never manage to have the amounts of Energy that a lower mana type can stack for themselves. At best a person starting at one of the extremes (type 1 or type 9) could push themselves closer to the middle, never all the way to the opposite end, against the nature of their starting type. writes:
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