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Malakhons Blog

I try to stay positive and objective.

Author: Malakhon

Yes...Yes, you can have my account

Posted by Malakhon Monday September 7 2009 at 9:17AM
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Champions Online has made lifetime subscriptions available.  Barely a week out of the gate, and people already want to have your subscription. Often same people who seem to be decrying what a terrible game it is.


"Wahhhhh, it sucks...let me play".


  • I've flown around Millennia City in Rocket Boots.
  • I've saved mankind about a dozen times.
  • I've killed a heck of a lot of Ghosts and Qualar

I am still having a blast and I look forward to seeing where they go with this game. I have that feeling I did when WOW launched of something really special.

In the Immortal Words of Charlton Heston as he stares into a future that he doesn't like;

You'll get my account, you besotted Ape, when you pry it fromy cold dead fingers....


(Oh and, and "Champions Online is People....PEOPLE!")

daltanious writes:

So far this is one of the smoothest (if not no.1) in MMORPG world. Have few complains ... but overall game is one of the funniest ever to play. And despite I was disappointed in first hour of gameplay. But after updating graphics drivers, tunning up options, .... is all fun.

Ok, another complain is that prices for respec are insanely high. One is supposed to try various builds ... with money from normal play this is impossible. But ... I can live with this, must be carefull ... and if not satisfied undo change while is on top.

Ok, another ... :-) But on the other hand ... is great. Mob respawn rate. Is very high. Which is great. One do not have to wait 1 hour for boss to respawn .... but on the other hand respawn is so fast ... that if next part is also new quest ... must just quickly click and accept before is to late.

Overall again .... never experienced so much fan since wow. I love also Aoc, War, Lotro, .... but this one beats them for fun factor.

Tue Sep 08 2009 3:41AM Report writes:
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