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Malakhons Blog

I try to stay positive and objective.

Author: Malakhon

The Award for Best MMO goes too...

Posted by Malakhon Wednesday September 16 2009 at 9:35AM
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And the Award for Best MMO of 2009 Goes too..



"Yo, I am going to let you finish and all, but the best MMO is really Kanye West.."





Champions Online Bingo

Posted by Malakhon Saturday September 12 2009 at 7:39PM
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STEP ONE: Enter Tutorial Zone.


STEP THREE: As New Hero Emerges Mark on Bingo Card



Original article there

What power sets should they add to Champions Online?

Posted by Malakhon Monday September 7 2009 at 8:59AM
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Yes, I know they need to balance what they got.

Yes, I know they need to add more 'content'

Presumably, they ARE doing that.

However, if they were thinking of new power sets, what would you like to see?


Here are my initial suggestions;


1- Add Melee powers to Fire, Lightning and Ice. Yet insidiously, make them work a little differently than regular melee. Use one stat that blasters use, and one stat they do not generally focus on, like Dexterity. This way they may be tempted to hybrid, or you could make a Fire Tank.

I would say no way to Force getting their own melee set though, just to be arbitrary and because its too much like Ego Blades if it did.

2- Utility Set You cannot select this initially. However, once in the game you can start picking from the Utltiy Tree. This is the stuff that Batman would have in his utility belt. Powers that emulate some of the common inventions on a timer. They aren't AS good as Inventions. This would be for those people who don't want to craft, but want some of the benefits and are willing to be on a time.

3- Transformation You design your 'beast' in the costume creator and that becomes a costume slot. The "Beast" costume you create has a limited number of beastly costume peices. You can slot a "Beast Build" only with Beast powers. These include heightened senses, Claws, Bite, Flight, etc. You could sort of do this now with the existing power sets but you have to mix and match supernatural and/or claws and it just doesn't really flow. Giving you special 'beastly' powers would be cool and invoke the inner-furry of many players who seem to be playing wolves or butterflies or what have you already.

3- Titan Set Look, they got TWO types of Sword power sets, plus Vibro blade, plus all the Ego Blade set. That is a LOT Of sword weapons. Thats great and all, but how about "Titan Set". This is the kind of set Thor, Zeus, Hercules, Hera, Aphrodite may slot from. It would include hand-to-hand and various mezzes but look "Godly"

4- Minions Set Like Utility, you can't pick this one at start up. Instead, you can pick from this power set after you get your first two powers. You summon minions. The DIFFERENCE though is you get to create their costumes in their costume editor. You can even select "Clone my costume" as a default. This would be a perfect augment for someone who wants pets but is not interested in gadgeteering or sorcery. You have power like "Sidekick" first who will have some of your same powers and be 2 levels lower than you, then you can add "Gaurds!" as your second which allows you to have up to 3 gaurds (depending on how many points you put in it).

5- Tranquility We've got Darkness and "Sorcery" but thats not good enough. Give me a magic that shoots rainbows out of my eyes and summons leprachauns and unicorns. Harmony magic that invokes dreams, and poetry. In short, stuff that would make someone with a butterfly or druidic type character feel right at home in this game. Cutie-pie, sweety-snuggy-puss marmalade stuff. Don't like this one? well, I know a few girls who would, and that can't be bad.

6- RAWK! This one is my number one favorite which is why I list it last. You may hate my other ideas, but this one I think you will agree we need. Especially with Brutal Legend coming out soon. This one you pull out a Magical Guitar and fire rock notes, Powers like "Shredding" and "Melt Faces". Your character LOOKS cool while he becomes a Rock God. Val Hallen FTW!

Yes...Yes, you can have my account

Posted by Malakhon Monday September 7 2009 at 8:17AM
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Champions Online has made lifetime subscriptions available.  Barely a week out of the gate, and people already want to have your subscription. Often same people who seem to be decrying what a terrible game it is.


"Wahhhhh, it sucks...let me play".


  • I've flown around Millennia City in Rocket Boots.
  • I've saved mankind about a dozen times.
  • I've killed a heck of a lot of Ghosts and Qualar

I am still having a blast and I look forward to seeing where they go with this game. I have that feeling I did when WOW launched of something really special.

In the Immortal Words of Charlton Heston as he stares into a future that he doesn't like;

You'll get my account, you besotted Ape, when you pry it fromy cold dead fingers....


(Oh and, and "Champions Online is People....PEOPLE!")

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