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Malakhons Blog

I try to stay positive and objective.

Author: Malakhon

How an Alt-Mania Anon (AMA) meeting would go...

Posted by Malakhon Sunday August 30 2009 at 2:39PM
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"I'm gonna' say it again, Like I do every week For those who don't know me
My Name is Malakhon and I have Alt-Mania."


(This is where you say "Hello Malakhon")


"My addiction started like any other. I didn't have to hurry into the head-start launch event. I could make any name I wanted. Super Patriot or USA would be there when I wanted to log in. So I made up a Spartan Warrior, I revelled in my ability to go with a variety of different choices for how he was going to look. I named him simply "Sparta" and then proceeded down the Single Sword path.

Then I ask myself "But is Dual Sword basically the same thing except you get MORE attacks?

And then I created a Qular after a few more bouts with the open ended game design that allows me to play anything I want (but makes Respecing more painful than a prostrate exam at Edward Scissorhand's house). My Qular was a gadgeteer who could dig his way out of trouble. He focused on his munition bots, but they are too stupid to draw aggro away from me and they will start firing at rocks and chairs and if I just them on aggressive, so they weren't enough.

So after my 30th character or so, in three days, I realized I had hit bottom. I had played every possible initial power set more than I was just hybriding for the sake of hybriding, any fix, any character concept, it didn't matter. I had to create another Alt.

I am here to open this meeting, people...who wants to tell their story next?"




Top Five Signs you are having CO Beta Withdrawals

Posted by Malakhon Thursday August 27 2009 at 4:36PM
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Signs you are having CO Beta Withdrawals


#5- You say announce outloud in a booming voice "GO FOR IT!! LAUNCH THE IRONCLAD DEFENSE SYSTEM!" to your friend who wll then say "But, I was just asking if I could have a beer?"


#4- You get on City of Heroes, just to broadcast "Who is going to Champions Online?" to which you'll either hear "I am, lol!", or an AION fanboi or COH Fanboi will tell you to STFU.


#3- You read this forum looking for some sort of non-biased look at this game, yet you've already decided the game is ready for launch.


#2- You are constantly doodling little character concepts.... "Let's see, I am going to make a Empath/Telepath who uses EGO for their damage stat and then its going to increase the severity of their critical, so I need a high dex, which will help me dodge, now let me think, do I want some Force powers in there? okay my guy is going to look like a giant shark dude, and I think I will name him "Shark Dude, man I hope I get more character slots"... because you know you have alt mania and won't be satisfied with just Shark Dude.


#1- You've started seeing the outside world in cel-shaded graphics or worse, you see that the world is NOT cel-shaded and you frown a little. "This is not what I remember the sky looking like? its supposed to be a solid blue, right?" as you try to remember what the outside world was supposed to look like having been hooked on the CO beta.




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