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From Ultima Online to Age of Conan

Posted by MacroPlanet Monday May 12 2008 at 10:53AM
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Man, it just seems like yesterday since I first started my journey in Britannia as a little nooblet.  I had no idea what I was getting into and everything was so new.  MMORPG's were totally new to me and I got hooked right away at the idea of being able to do anything you want. 


Now it's a little over 9 years since I started my journey as a MMO player.  Many games later and I'm still stuck on Ultima Online and how amazing it was.  (Was it really amazing or was it just because it was my first MMO?)


I never was into roleplaying back in the day; hell I didn't even know what a RPG game was when I first started UO back in 1999.  I've dabbled a few time into roleplaying when looking for new games, but nothing felt as good as RPing in Ultima Online. 


I'll admit that I miss UO greatly.  But I feel it's time to move on and move on I will.  But I'm thinking I'm going to take my UO character somewhere I never would have taken him before.


You see, Age of Conan is realistic (in a sense of fantasy)...similar to UO.  You didn't have Elves or Dwarves.  You didn't have wierd mushroom planets like in most other MMO's.  I feel like Age of Conan's Hyboria is in a way very similar to Ultima Online's Britannia.  So I started thinking the other day.  I want to take my character from britannia and send him over to hyboria.  Of course there are some issues with story and all, but I feel I can connect my character somehow and actually feel like I'm playing a new "UO" so to speak. 


I know, sounds weird.  But it makes me feel better inside to think I can connect Britannia and Hyboria together in some way.  How will my character get there?  I don't know, haven't thought about it that much.


I guess basically what I'm saying is that Age of Conan is almost a true sequal to any die hard UO fans out there.  Sure we don't have some of the annoying things that UO had like FFA pvp and item loot, but this is a new generation and I think AoC tips his hate to UO.


Psh, enough with this rambling.  I hope to see many old UO faces in AoC in a couple of days.



Sift writes:

Strangely enough... I am an old UO player from Napa Valley, though I'm unsure this game is as much of a sandbox as UO, I have certainly enjoyed it thus far.  UO is hard to beat because it never told you what to do, from the very start you could make your toon anything you wanted, from a Tinker mage to a treasure hunter, to a mining blacksmith.  AoC seems to have very stricked classes, as do most games these days so... I'm it's as close as one can get to UO but after other recent games, I'm not holding my breath, and level 13 is just not enough to tell.

Mon May 12 2008 11:26AM Report
AndrewDoK writes:

I myself am an old UO player (from napa valley aswell coincidentally)... I haven't played much of AoC save for that pvp weekend (which I really hope is not a direct reflection of the games current state.) I found AoC to have some comparable characteristics to Ultima Online such as large scale battles, but really how far off of every other of EQ based MMO is it? The same old level grinding system, the same skill sets and trees(maybe the stance system counts as a new concept). Maybe it's a little prettier and there are player towns (same as Shadowbane.) I don't really see it being the next big thing much to my dismay. I guess what I really want is UO 2.0... Player housing, Skill system instead of Levels/Attribute points, Balanced PvP system etc. I guess what I really miss is those first few months of Ultima Online where we saw the new world thru a childs eyes, where everything was fresh and exciting.. now I find myself joining a brand new MMO and knowing exactly how to get to end game and then trying to keep my interest somehow.

Mon May 12 2008 12:30PM Report
Player_420 writes:

I know what you mean man.

I hope AoC delivers, but nothing will ever feel as new as old UO did.

Really sad they never opened up pre UO: R servers officially

Mon May 12 2008 2:19PM Report
Arutius writes:

Well now that someone said that UO players may find refuge in AoC, I may have to give it a try!

I, too, was once a UO junkie and out of all the MMORPGs I've played, nothing can quite compare to the enthralling magic that UO once provided.  Sure, it may have been the novelty of a new concept for a wide-eyed 16 year old but I believe there was something more to UO that hasn't been replicated by any other MMORPG.

There was something about...  (and I'm talking UO:R and eariler)

 - the fact that even though you had the best gear, it never felt like the end of the game.  Sure, having a weapon of vanq made you powerful, but not invincible.  And careful, one wrong move in a dungeon could mean you were back to fighting with GM weapons.

- the housing system and the bizgillion ways you could decorate a house.  This made everyone unique.  Yes, arial view games could be considered crappy by today's standards but it was nice being able to see everything at once

- being able to take down a Daemon or Lich Lord meant something

- guilds!  Custom rankings that everyone could see and meant something.  Hanging out with the guild in your keep or castle. 

-the RP!  IMO there has never been anything like it in any other game.

- the truly daunting feeling of having your enemies surprise you in Felucca.  And the dread of being outnumbered.

- the blue font at the bottom screen that popped up when you gain a skill point

- the title dread lord.  Dread Lord = bad ass

- the color of valorite :)



Mon May 12 2008 4:37PM Report
vajuras writes:

Man wish AoC didnt have all that grinding for levels but I guess all MMOs have some grind. But just knowning I'm going to get pigeon holed into a Class just like 5,000 other john Does is what turns me off

Sure, yer talent trees might make you a lil different but at the end of the day a Warrior is still a Warrior, a Mage is just a Mage, and a Healer is just a Healer

Been there, done that.... I want to play it but I think I've already played this game before.


The Guild Cities are interesting and holds some excitement. How will they handle fighting over cities we will see....

But what happened to the FFA Server I have heard nothing bout it. I feel like they gave us pvpers the shaft already... And we cant dodge arrows in realtime either wont it just be a matter of everyone spike ya to death (Call target on vent, all target the sucker, then BAM!!!!)


Tue May 13 2008 12:25AM Report
MacroPlanet writes:

I agree with pretty much all of you. 


Nothing will come close to UO, but like I said in the post, I think AoC has been the closest.


What I'm going to really enjoy is the FFA pvp that the game has to offer.  Which will be nice, because then you can then have true enemies and wars without going into the lame battlegrounds etc...


I miss the UO:R days like nothing else.  I miss having just skills and like someone else said.  I miss the blue text coming up to show how many skills I've gotten.  lol


I thank you all for reading my blog and hope we all find our new 'UO' soon.

Thu May 15 2008 5:52PM Report
SkullFighter writes:

I really dont see how anyone can compare this to UO.  It is definitely not a sandbox game.  Too much instancing.  No player housing.  Can not really create your own community like yew town or something.  No full looting.  Class based system instead of skills.   The only game that evens comes close to calling itself the next UO is Darkfall and who knows if that would ever be released.   

Fri May 16 2008 6:06PM Report
EndDream writes:

GL with that you will be dissapointed

Fri May 16 2008 7:21PM Report writes:
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