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Bladewir's Bellowing Blog

I'm back! I usually blog about MMORPGs and my experiences with them here, as well as other topics at my other blog located at

Author: MMOPlaya

What Will 2008 Hold For The MMORPG Market & What I'd Like To See...

Posted by MMOPlaya Sunday December 30 2007 at 9:45PM
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I hope that 2008 pans out better for us, the die-hard fans of the MMO genre.  We did see some failures this year, and perhaps got a glimpse into the future on a couple of titles that may or may not even see the light of day (I'm pointing directly at you, Perpetual).  But when the chips are down, one can only look up right?

Here's to hoping that 2008 becomes the measuring stick by which all future games will be judged.  Let's see some real ingenuity and ground-breaking gameplay.  Let's really get our proverbial socks knocked off.  Let's see what we can do about reducing the redundant grind, or at least the way it is presented.  Let's have immersive interfaces with NPC's like you see on Mass Effect - full spoken dialouge with lips moving.  Speaking of NPC's, I want to see an entire city come to life, where the NPC's run quests just like us, and gab about on their cell phones or wonder about running errands.  I am SOO tired of seeing NPC's just stand there 24/7 doing sod all.  I want to be able to hunt down an NPC / quest-giver / quest-turner-iner going about his normal business through the day AND NOT find him in the exact same spot I left him 4 weeks ago!

Let's nail down the whole Real Money Trade (RMT) issues that plague every game in existance.  Seriously devs - we are either against them or with them...please pick a side and move with it.  Let's quit waffling about and give it the serious treatment it deserves.  Either take a crap or get off the pot.

Let's work on improving the Looking For Group (LFG) and Looking For More (LFM) tools.  Seriously, this is another plague that is effecting the games.  The biggest blame I'd say lays with the players themselves, NOT using ANY of the tools provided them.

Mounts should NOT be high level exclusive items!  They should be attainable by anyone with an account at an early stage.  There is a true vanguard of a game out there that has finally gotten this one right.  Let's see other games follow suit, and not require an 800+ FICO credit score and 1,000 seasons worth of experience to have the privelege to buy or ride.

Make User Interfaces (UIs) less complicated and ugly and more useful and scaleable.  Allow a ton of customization.  Remember not everyone plays the exact same way, and believe it or not, everyone's brain works different than their neighbor!

Now I know that games due out to release in 2008 have been in the works for several years already, but I'm talking about game companies out there that are contemplating a new game, and that might begin work in 2008.  Allow way more input by us, the avid MMO players - you don't necessarily have to agree with it all but for god's sake, consider it as very good advice from the very group of people who will be out there BUYING your game when it gets released.  Also, lets cut the elitist beta tester requirements.  For goodness sake, there are tons more alienated video gamers out there that you could tap into, all with various tastes, backgrounds and hardware.  Let them test it too!  Remember, word of mouth especially in this day and age of the Internet (thanks Al Gore!) is golden!

I hope that 2008 delivers some innovation and helps to break the mundane that is today's MMO grind.  I hope we can take immersion to a new level and match it with breath-taking graphics.  Here's to you, the developers, publishers and money people behind our favorite past-time!

Happy New Year! 

ElRenmazuo writes:

I want an mmo that combines gameplay and everything of Mass Effect and Elder Scrolls in an all new original Title, I want something Sci-Fi.  I dont care if its cyber-punk, steam-punk, space-opera, or even Sci-Fi fantasy as long is its Sci-Fi.  Plus all the stuff you said on the blog.

Please bioware make it come true.

Sun Dec 30 2007 11:51PM Report
xenogias writes:

On top of this I would like to see a wider variaty of system specs to be able to play games. LOTRO did a wonderfull job at this. Low end systems can play the game with low settings that still look better than WoW. People with uber gear get a beutifull world to play in. More games need to do this in the future.

Mon Dec 31 2007 2:16AM Report
Niksen writes:

It's easy to just ask for "better UI" or "less grind"

But i think theres more to it...

take the debate about changing soccer so more goals are scored, but this will only devaluate the experience of goals.

If your avatar have mount, and skills esy and/or right away, there is no pride in achievement.

I remeber when grinding my bio engineer in SWG, it was hard work but I was a proud BE because of this.


Mon Dec 31 2007 8:34AM Report
asd31x writes:

I'd like to see less grind, increased interactivity, more games using

an auction house so i don't have to spam so much in online games , oh and...


maybe some Starcraft Online if at all possible for the sci-fi effect ^^


plus all the stuff you said.

Mon Dec 31 2007 12:43PM Report
Domenicus writes:

Something like old SWG, opposite of WoW (have to do a 6 hours raid to get equipment to do a six hour raid to get equipment to do a six hours raid...)... Skill based, complexity and immersion...

Mon Dec 31 2007 2:25PM Report
mattic65 writes:

Could someone possibly brainstorm some new archtypes? Playing the same old classes in every MMO gets so boring. I want to see something new, something innovative, and more importantly, something that people will have to work at. I dig the idea of figuring out how to play a brand new, never before seen class, and I think others would too.

Mon Dec 31 2007 4:24PM Report
cillitbang writes:

personally i would like a totaly new mmo which actuly require skill rather than a load of button mashing eg wow, no skill needed on that, all gear based and how fast u can spam a button =/

Mon Dec 31 2007 6:08PM Report
Litchfield writes:

I agree 100% about the NPC's

One thing i'd really like to see is a New mmo without levels just seems like it's time we tried that again.

Mon Dec 31 2007 11:38PM Report
A7XFan writes:

Sorry meant  :P


Tue Jan 01 2008 12:57AM Report

Ultima Online has a near perfect concept of mounts and how they play a role in a game.

I'd imagine UO2 would have as well.


Tue Jan 01 2008 10:21AM Report writes:
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