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Bladewir's Bellowing Blog

I'm back! I usually blog about MMORPGs and my experiences with them here, as well as other topics at my other blog located at

Author: MMOPlaya

So Where's The Sci-Fi MMO's Already?

Posted by MMOPlaya Friday December 21 2007 at 11:19PM
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I often wonder why we are bombarded with elves, fairies and minataurs in the MMO market, instead of laser beams, space ships, and robots?  If you take a look at the MMORPG games currently on offer, you'll see that "fantasy" hands down is the most prolific of the bunch, with "science fiction" at the bottom of the offerings.

Personally, I think I'm ready for a new sci-fi MMO.  If you read my blog regularly, you'll note that I am a long time veteran of SWG, and I think that the two primary reasons why I stuck it out in the game so long are: 1) It's Star Wars, I mean, c'mon! 2) It's laser beams, space ships, and robots!  But it is no longer fun.  I'll leave SWG alone now (please read my prior SWG-related blog entries for more on this), and not belabor the point.  All who have played SWG for a long time know what I'm talking about. 

I have played EvE Online for 3 months and just could not get into it.  Don't get me wrong.  It's a HUGE game with a lot of detail - but it's a bit TOO complicated for my liking.  I'm also of the ilk that I like to have a physical avatar to run around the game world EvE I am a bodiless pod.  Also, I'm not a shrewd business man with a finger on the pulse of a fake stock market, and don't really have the patience to work at it.  So personally the game is not for me.

Face of Mankind was a hell of a lot of fun.  It's futuristic, but a believeable futuristic, that had laser beams, but not space ships or robots.  The idea of the game was fantastic.  You take up citizenship in a living breathing world - and you have a job - and a house.  You could play a futuristic police officer who could actually aprehend other players and arrest them and put them in jail if they broke the law.  You could also be in the military, taking the defensive approach to the world.  Or you could just be a crafter for one of the many corporations.  Great game, but alas it has been pulled from the shelves.  Although I hear the devs are gonna try somehow in the future to bring it back.  Look for it again.

Neocron 2 was Sci-Fi but egad it was boring.  And the graphics were pretty dated.  I understand that a lot of corruption on the inside (the devs and CS) has basically ruined the game and there is hardly a population anymore.  I personally did not care for it, plus it was just plain expensive.

I late phase beta-tested Tabula Rasa and although it is sci-fi, I don't really care for FPS type games, as I'm not really that good at them.   I think Lord British did a great job on the game, especially while trying to create a FPS-MMO type game, but it lacked the RP elements and exloration type activities (aside from discovering logos) that I look for in an MMO.  So it just didn't fly with me personally.

So that leaves me with only limited options in the future - and even that looks bleak.  Star Trek Online may or may not even exist.  I hope that it actually comes to fruition but it sounds like Perpetual may have dropped the ball on this wonderful IP...only time will really tell on this one.

Stargate Worlds is another potential contender which seems to be heavy on both the science and the fiction.  I personally am not a huge fan of the Stargate franchise but I have to admit that I'll probably give the game a try when it gets released, as it tickles my sci-fi fancy.

So in conclusion, it seems that the sci-fi genre is not very popular with the MMO devs, and I'm trying to understand why not?  It has just as many potential elements as fantasy themed games, but it would appear that more people can relate to elves and bows and arrows more than they can to Klingons and phasers.  Why do you think there is such slim pickings?

Thanks for reading my blog.  If you enjoyed what you read here, please visit my MMORPG web portal / forum here.

Spellforged writes:

Probably because they are copying the success of past games. The first MMORPG to be a major success was Ultima Online. Anyways, it seems like they usually just copy previous games that are known to be successful so they don't have to take a risk. A lot of money is involved when it comes to these MMORPGs that we brush aside.

So, I don't really care what genre a game is. I just look for a fun game to play, fantasy, sci-fi, or whatever.


Sat Dec 22 2007 12:28AM Report
mrguy123 writes:

Try City of Heroes. I play it and I love it. It's a sci-fi mmo. It has Rikti aliens, an entire zone full of aliens and a spaceship. The game also has tons of robots and sci-fi futuristic enemies, costumes, and themes. And plus, it adds some fantasy elements into it too, but not dwarf and elf types of fantasy. It's a great game.

Sat Dec 22 2007 12:31AM Report
gringemore writes:

I aggree with you 100%. There was going to be a mixture of both sci fi and fantasy but microsoft has crushed any hope of that. Take a look at this:


This would have been GREAT. Word is the devs of this project are trying to have it made under a different name ,hope they can pull it off.

Sat Dec 22 2007 12:32AM Report
savagegoose writes:

dont forget jumpgate evolution,  may have the space combat u want, but i doubt there will be running around with an avatar fighting bots or whatever. i think its gonna a be a more pure space combat game.

Sat Dec 22 2007 1:21AM Report
Bennicus writes:

Heh, dont know if you ever played Earth and Beyond or not. I thought it was really fun, not really a physical avatar but you controlled the ship like one more or less, a lot more direct control than eve.

Sat Dec 22 2007 2:50AM Report
Morgyn_Blues writes:


There's a few more.  You will have to read through to get any details of a MMO project, but they are there.  Sci-F/Post apocalyptic/Zombie MMO   Currently working on unnamed Sci-Fi MMO   Firefly MMO Currently working on unnamed Sci-Fi MMO

Sat Dec 22 2007 5:22AM Report
soponyai writes:

You talk about sci-fi and don't mention Anarchy Online? I know it has aged graphics but I think it is still one of the best sci-fi MMOs. If you have not tried it, you deffiniately should.

Sat Dec 22 2007 6:27AM Report
ElRenmazuo writes:

Well bioware is probably making a sci-fi mmo and it might be KOTOR.  But we wont know till 2009.

Sat Dec 22 2007 9:09AM Report
Broomy writes:

Try out Tabula Rasa, Garriott's new one.  I too was sick of fantasy MMOs, TR is a refreshing change.

Sat Dec 22 2007 9:27AM Report
Broomy writes:

NM, I see you have. 

Sat Dec 22 2007 9:28AM Report
soulwynd writes:

Even tho I love Shadowrun, I think a mmorpg of it would definitely be crappy. Unless they followed all rules by the book. At least in my opinion, I love the theme, but I also love the rule sets. All versions of them.

Anyway, the best sci-fi I've played so far was Neocron2. Crafting sadly feels like work, but it's overall a fun game with crappy models.

Sat Dec 22 2007 10:10AM Report
MMOPlaya writes:

Soponvai -

Oops! I did forget Anarchy Online!  I have indeed subscribed to AO over the years here and there, and unfortuneately I didn't care much for it.  I didn't like the models or the way the avatars moved and combat seemed a bit strange.  The game however is definately unique and I did find a lot of helpful people in game.  Sadly at the time I was looking for a SWG replacement and it just didn't compare to the sandbox nature of SWG.

Tkreep - I truely do hope that BioWare's MMO will be sci-fi and I'm crossing my fingers - Mass Effect was a truely awe inspiring game as well as KOTOR and I know these guys have storytelling down to a science.

Thanks for the suggestions everyone! Keep em' coming!

Sat Dec 22 2007 12:57PM Report
orlac writes:

Blizzard's new MMO wil be scifi

Sun Dec 23 2007 2:56AM Report
KinslayerX writes:

Personally, I think the MMO market will never be complete until there's a Shadowrun MMO. That whole universe is a perfect MMO setting

Sun Dec 23 2007 3:25AM Report
soulwynd writes:

KinslayerX - You know whoever makes it is going to screw it up, right?

Mon Dec 24 2007 11:35AM Report
soulwynd writes:

As an addendum, shadowrun is a game where a starting character can kill some 100+ karma character with a bullet in the head. Imagine the amount of whiners. But of course, if anyone makes it, they're going to screw it bad enough so you can't do that anymore.

Mon Dec 24 2007 11:37AM Report writes:
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