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Bladewir's Bellowing Blog

I'm back! I usually blog about MMORPGs and my experiences with them here, as well as other topics at my other blog located at

Author: MMOPlaya

Still Waiting for that PRE-NGE/CU SWG Replacement?

Posted by MMOPlaya Sunday December 9 2007 at 6:14PM
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I know I am.

There was such a warm fuzzy feeling to be had when playing the pre-NGE AND pre-CU Star Wars Galaxies, thats it's really hard to put into words.  It was just there.  Everyone playing the game at that time knew it and felt it.  We knew we had something very special and unique sitting on our hard drives.  It was the kind of game that made it comfortable sitting in front of your PC for hours on end, losing yourself in the Star Wars universe, and losing track of the time.

The community was very strong and supportive, and when you joined a guild or created a guild you knew that you were part of something special.  People genuinly wanted to help and would take the time to do so.  It didn't matter if you were Rebel or Imperial, you could always find someone in chat who would help.

The other element that is missing in finding our replacement for the old SWG is another true sandbox type game, where it didn't matter that you followed ANY given path or did a single mission.  It didn't matter if you just wanted to explore the surface of Tatooine on foot, or just craft some Maroj Melon and sell it.  The choice was entirely up to you.  Housing, mounts, vehicles, pets, cities both player run and not, politics, in-game player hosted events and rolelpay - many, many professions (classes), the ability to multi-class - the list goes on and on...these are what I miss and look for in my search for the ultimate SWG replacement.

Some current games offer some of the above, but NONE of them have it all.  SWG was unique and fantastic at the same time.  I fear that there may never be a replacement for the old SWG, and that old Lovin' Feeling may fade forever.  However, I've not given up on the genre at all.  I still plug away at the many games that are offered and currently subscribe to several and enjoy them individually for what they have to offer.  I hope that devs of current and future games, who know what I'm talking about in this blog post take into consideration that "lost feeling" of the old SWG and construct something unique again.


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Rekov writes:

I agree completely with what you are saying. I played on Bloodfin for the longest time. I feel that there could be a great many improvements to the old SWG, such as a collision system, duel wielding, improved AI, ect., but it was the best game out at the time. I still am amazed at SoE's great management failure. It is quite literally incomprehensible to me that the screwed it up twice. I am left with the only remaining possible conclusion: that they want every MMO they release to fail miserably.

Sun Dec 09 2007 6:38PM Report
TimberDragon writes:

I had the same experience and its always painful to think of what it could have been. I quit before NGE because i didn't like the direction they were going as far as balance and game play was concerned and I'm glad I did. I just wish there was a game out there with the same concept as SWG had originally. I still refuse to pay SoE another dollar because of all the games they've screwed up.

Sun Dec 09 2007 7:00PM Report
jlport writes:

   Yes, your right on the money.  I have to agree with everything that u said.  I've always looked back on SWG fondly, and hated SOE for their.... "Combat Upgrade".   I never made it to NGE "Noob Game Enhancment", though i did log on and check it out. You can still go on any server and see the bones of that once great game.  You see it the names of long ago abandoned houses and citys.  One thing u said... "Everyone playing the game at the time knew it".  Very true.   I do sincerely hope that another game comes out with the spirit and awe that SWG once held...

Sun Dec 09 2007 9:25PM Report
jlport writes:

   It was the "Holo Grind"  that i think kept it so perfect... had almost forgotten about that. :}

Sun Dec 09 2007 10:03PM Report
O'Deion writes:

Biowares mmo has a chance, uo dev and swg head dev(who was fired at soe little after the game was released and replaced with cheaper devs) is the head at there mmo studio. swg had awesome sandbox play and to what ppl have said so did UO at the beginning

Mon Dec 10 2007 1:12AM Report
NightCloak writes:

I played UO since 1 year after release and quit playing UO a year before SWG. Then SWG got messed up and UO wasnt the same anymore. Both were great sandbox games but the Ren patch for UO and CU for SWG just started to screw it all up.

Why cant an MMO developer create a game with a different setup than some other popular ones and listen to thier community for the improvements? Communities sell subs, not marketing. Bad word of mouth is the kiss of death and it seems some of these people have the mentality that we will buy and like what they force upon us.

Mon Dec 10 2007 5:38AM Report
DeathTripp writes:

Yeah , i remember that feeling with SWG too , i never played it that much, but i was a beta tester and i LOVED the idea of being able to be a bounty hunter and take a mission to hunt down other players. Whenever the new system came out for SWG i knew that game was fucked, toobad they couldn't have made the game made more in the vision of the fans , instead of trying to bank off the game.

Mon Dec 10 2007 6:00AM Report
Gonesolo writes:

SWG was my first ever MMO. I played in the final stages of the BETA and then for almost 4 years after release. I stuck with it after the CU because the "sandbox" open options for the game were still there. But the NGE really killed it for me.

I've NEVER stuck with another MMO as long as SWG, it just offered so much which no other has ever gotten close to matching. The shear wealth of choices was enough to keep you going for years (it did for me)

When I left it really hurt to have dedicated so much time to one character to have all my effort destroyed by some short sighted idiot.


Mon Dec 10 2007 6:31AM Report
Blackhound writes:

With how the game has ended up, I'd say they should just scrap the whole thing, salvage a few components, then make a X-Wing Vs. Tie Fighter  MMORPG.

Mon Dec 10 2007 6:47AM Report
Kenny3000 writes:

All of you have valid points, and i feal the same way. just hang on another year or so and you will see.

Mon Dec 10 2007 7:46AM Report
devacore writes:

I disagree, I believe people are experiencing hindsight in rose colored glasses.  I do have theories on why people have experienced this type of behavior so dominantly in SWG but really who cares.  Well, to some but suffice it to say, the orginal gamer does not care.  The answer some of you are seeking, yes you'll experience this again as soon as you let go and realize what you enjoyed.

Mon Dec 10 2007 9:19AM Report
DarthMaulUK writes:

I agree. I haven't managed to fill the void Galaxies pre-cu left. It was my first MMO and i enjoyed everything about it. I also made some nice friends and it was a good community.

Started on eclipse 2003.

Mon Dec 10 2007 11:07AM Report
Baio2k writes:

I disagree deva, your missing the point.  People enjoyed it because it was a freshly unique experience that led to a great community and play environment.  People are not dillusional , what they liked about the game are the things that have not been tried in any subsequent games. 

People more so now realize how great of a gaming experience it truly was, when 4+ year's later, no other game has come close.  It was ballsy and it was risky, and what made it great is what people desire to have in other games.  The original SWG is still way way ahead of its time, so much so it could not contain its own awesomeness, and collapsed into a dumbed down version of every other game out there with a  Star Wars theme.

Mon Dec 10 2007 11:10AM Report
sieno writes:

amen to that baio2k   i agree 100%  

Mon Dec 10 2007 12:57PM Report
Niksen writes:

SWG was wonderfull, I think one aspect that created such a successfull game was 1. sandbox 2. successfull player based economy 3. players were inter dependent, so players needed to be helpfull, "you never know if you're gonne do a deal with that guy tomorrow"

Mon Dec 31 2007 7:40AM Report
BCuse writes:

I agree With what you are saying also.  The old swg with some modern updates would be awesome!  A Star Wars MMO that could live up to the potential would be a dream come true! 

Mon Dec 31 2007 2:08PM Report
AutemOx writes:

Why is it 4 years later, and hope seems as far away as ever?

Wed Nov 30 2011 6:24AM Report writes:
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