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Bladewir's Bellowing Blog

I'm back! I usually blog about MMORPGs and my experiences with them here, as well as other topics at my other blog located at

Author: MMOPlaya

My Vanguard House

Posted by MMOPlaya Tuesday January 8 2008 at 1:40PM
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Well it took quite a lot of time, money and help from my guildies in Blood Sworn but there it is!  You are looking at Somanthia's first in-game house in the MMORPG Vanguard: Saga of Heroes.  I also own the plot of land underneath it, much like you do in the real world, as well as pay a weekly upkeep much like a mortgage.


My house sits atop a small hill, overlooking the beautiful ocean, in an area called The Baraba Coast on the continent of Qalia.  All these photos were taken during the evening hours in the world of Telon.  As you can see I have quite a few neighbors in the area, including a guild hall which can be seen in the backdrop of  the third picture above.


Just like in the real world, you must build your house after finding and purchasing a plot of land.  Construction can be done in stages and can be completed by multiple people over a given course of time.  You must either be a crafter yourself, know a crafter, or hire a crafter or two to build most of the components needed for the construction.  Of course components are made from resources that are found, mined and processed throughout the large world of Telon.


My house is one of the less expensive therefore less featured homes available but it most certainly suits my needs.  Above are 2 interior shots of my new home, including some basic furniture, including tables, chairs, a bed, floor rug, a study area and food storage.  Notice the lamps providing light inside.  Houses and even guild halls in Vanguard are 100% non-instanced and are sitting before everyone in the game to see, much like SWG's housing.

Owning a little portion of Telon is a nice feeling, and affords a great sense of accomplishment.  It has taken me (as I'm more of an explorer) a year's time to finally get to this stage, acquiring money, making friends, and joining an awesome guild in order to get there.  Now all that's left is to buy myself a sail-ship and a flying mount - wonder how long that will take!

Thanks for reading!

Jadetooth writes:

I demand bigger pictures!

But grats with the house man. I myself hope to own one, one day :D

Tue Jan 08 2008 2:07PM Report
MMOPlaya writes:

Skinnys: Your wish is my command - pics now CLICKY'd!

Tue Jan 08 2008 2:55PM Report
Jadetooth writes:

Really nice, how much did you have to pay for it? and only level 34, good job man!

Tue Jan 08 2008 4:01PM Report
MMOPlaya writes:

Well the hardest part was finding a plot of land to build on...I searched almost every day for weeks hoping that a plot would open up.  You see, you have to claim the land first by paying the fee, which in my case was relatively cheap: 2g 50s.  Weekly upkeep is only 25s which is again relatively cheap.  There are other plots of land scattered throughout the land of Telon that are much more expensive, but I thought 2g 50s for a beachfront property not to shabby ;)

I had a lot of help from my fellow guild mates as far as producing the needed components from the materials that I either had to buy or gather myself.  It really helps to join a great guild.  All in all I probably spent 8g - 10g by the end of the project.

Tue Jan 08 2008 4:23PM Report
jmoree writes:

Do you relize there is no chimney for your fire!!! Your going to feel your house with smoke and die of lung cancer before you reach lvl 60

Tue Jan 08 2008 8:45PM Report
joachimpeipe writes:

this is exactly how housing should be.. just like SWG in the game world itself!!!! 

Tue Jan 08 2008 9:28PM Report
MMOPlaya writes:

Aye on the chimney - just haven't bought / built one yet :)

Tue Jan 08 2008 9:54PM Report
Thaliost writes:

Just wondering. Isnt there a big scarcity of plots of land to build on? If you took that much time to find one, thousands of others will have a hard(er) time, no?


Cheers on the house btw :)

Wed Jan 09 2008 7:19AM Report
Kenze writes:

congrats. i cant find a plot anywhere.. most are bought up by guild or individuals  hording them.. most dont even have anything built on them. :(

Wed Jan 09 2008 11:32AM Report
neschria writes:

Nice! Grats!

Wed Jan 09 2008 12:18PM Report
MMOPlaya writes:

Thanks everyone!  There is indeed a shortage of plots, and the devs have been placing a few more here and there.   My understanding, is it's 1 plot / house per ACCOUNT and not character, as my alts have the ability to Recall to my one house.

Wed Jan 09 2008 12:51PM Report
Sornin writes:

Well, people can say what they will about Vanguard, but owning a plot of land in the real game world (not in some special instance) is cool. I am glad you got a plot was able to grab a piece of Telon for yourself.

Be sure to show us the ship you build when that happens. I like seeing these unique aspects of the game.

Wed Jan 09 2008 2:16PM Report
WarpHunter writes:

nice house. wow they really dropped the price, since I played, for plots of land.. they were upwards of 2-3pp for even the small plots. almost makes me want to come back. if only there were more players to play with at the wee hours of night.

Wed Jan 09 2008 4:34PM Report writes:
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