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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

crafting and panic

Posted by Lithuanian Friday December 30 2011 at 3:19AM
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It has been a dualistic day in Istaria.

Initially I was peacefully crafting mithrill. Golems were very good this time, no one attacked me; mithrill was plentyfull and I reached top ratio, making 1 mithril bar from 2 ore. Within one day, I advanced by two levels. Everything began growing fast. If earlier I was making some 400 bars from full load, now I am making >600 bars from same load. Silos are being filled faster and items are produced with the best ratio.  So far I do depend on jewellery and teched tools.

Later, one Dragon told he was going to visit deadly Bloodskulk camp. Bloodskulk alone is bad enough; group of them may mean big problem; group of Bloodskulks magicians may mean certain death. So, decided to craft instead of fighting. However, soon one player died and asked if someone with resurrection ability was nearby. I thought it was a call to arms. Abandoned everything, changed gear to combat one and rushed to help.

Initially everything was going good. There were three of us: Dragon, Human Druid and Human Cleric (me). We rushed through some spider defenses almost without problems. Approached village and were attacked by Bloodskulk hordes. Fight was hard, but we made it to the village. One Bloodskulk magician went alone, guarded only by some weaker skulks...and was killed. However, the fight was hard one. Bloodskulks attacked the weakier chain (me) and I had to heal other players, since single life is irrelevant - only victory of the group is. I managed to help our Dragon and other player to survive and they helped me to stay alive.

Then my group member went deeper into village. We were attacked from all sides, Bloodskulk magicians dispelling our buffs, Bloodskulk spearmen stabbing us into our backs, my healing spells re-activating too slow, our health running low. I saw I was dangerously low on health and decided to retreat.  Well, ran into more of Bloodskulks and got killed. Recalled, hoping that my group did reach its goal.

I felt a bit depressed. Almost useless in serious combat. Our chat told I was usefull etc, but once again I said it was weird I could not withstand duel with lvl.88 named Wolf. I should run from two lvl.92 automatons. And I could not outrun Bloodskulks (lvl.88-89).

I was told I need to multiclass further. Cleric/healer are supportive classes, not intended to be primarily ones. However, they contribute to Life skill (healing spells does more healing), therefore making great favor to Warrior.

I returned to crafting, enjoying fast advancement. While crafting, talked to Player S. Was very happy to hear she was already helping other Dragons with various tasks, from finding some golems to escorting hatchlings to one Dragon city. Yes, the circle turns: she was helped by players, now she helps others to advance.

Overall, the day was succesfull. I advanced more than I expected in crafting. I helped others, at least with healing. And I received many valuable advices on my own future. About fighting.  About crafting, how taking one school advances all other schools. How is it faster way to reach top level in crafting.

Next review on one year in Istaria would be  ats ome January 2nd 2012. Hope you will come, read and comment... writes:
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