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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Hobbitses and Helms Deep

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday November 12 2013 at 6:17AM
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Lord of the rings online

More and more information about Helm’s Deep. This time – crafting. Tin metals – vendor only, like Coal. Khazad veins would be renamed as Khazad Skarn. Looks like there would be one ore and prospector could just extract other ores from it. In other words, crafting is being simplyfied. Reminds me of Istaria, where they have done it too. Guild reputation emblems value decreased and new Guild reputation is now 90.000. A pity they are lowering values, would be harder to achieve reputation. They also say, players who have obsolete items, would be able to exchange them into non-obsolete. My impressions: while simplyfying is kind of good…sometimes it can go wrong. There was nothing wrong with Khazad bronze (Eregion) and Khazad iron (Enedwaith) veins. Tin has always been pain: in Bree it is rare, in Eregion we always had more tin than copper. However, if they just make one Khazad ore…it sounds just wrong (but hey, free prospector recipes sounds just good).

NaktiesKarys did dailies in Hytbold, once more advancing Men of Entwash Vale reputation. Tried to do “climb the beacon” quest, but it proves almost impossible. Too many calculations where to jump, one mistake means failure. After dailies – back to Hytbold, helping with whatsoever Sutcroft district NPC asks.

Meanhwile, my WoneL continued her journey. Finished last deed in Bree land, crossed Shire border…and adventures started. Took almost every quest. Tried to combine quests and deeds (like killing wolves with “wolf slayer” deed). Collected every single Gift Mathom that hobbitses gave me. Result: 3 deeds remaining (harvest fly advanced slayer, goblin advanced slayer; some 60 quests of 75 done). Thanks to Gift Mathoms, reached Ally reputation with Mathom society. Overall, things were going pretty fast – though I would have to hurry to Ered Luin before my 24-hour horse expires. I felt just satisfied with how I could do things and quickly get Turbine points.

And so the day has ended. I had 1749 Turbine points (wow…150 Tps earned?), 5 Hytbold tokens left. The day has been just excellent in Lotro. writes:
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