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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Cloning, crying, grouping:how to talk to player?

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday November 15 2011 at 1:38AM
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Once again player A (I suppose he has at least 3 additional characters. While it is pretty legal for a 'pay to play' players, I still call it clones).

I was helping Player's B new character - mostly a crafter Dragon. First of all, gathered about 40 crystals for her. Crystals do good job when you are not very big: consuming crystal gives additional xp to adventure and craft (example: +250 to Adventure, +250 to Craft), so using them may be of some help. Also gathered many hoard items - and hoard is important for Dragons, since some of their most powerfull attacks (Silver Rage, Golden Rage) draws powers from Dragon hoard directly.

Later we went to help Player's B new character in crafting. It was something spectacular: one experienced player, me - both with cargo disks that allow carry big quantities of any material - gather Sandstone, later both running to produce Sand bricks and from them - Spell shards. All is given is to Player B so that she advances quicker.

And then Player A. I noticed players, whose name was like "Horrible, Teeth and Claw". It was a biot weird to adress him in the chat "Horrible", so I used "HTeeth". He went to me to kill lvl.6-7 maggots for crystals and started with "I want the crystals". I explained that he can kill as much maggots as he wants and take all the drops from them that he wants. Later he asked to add him into group - this effort failed, group invite system probably did not liked punctuation mark. Then he told he would change his nick to something easier. He came as one player that became inactive long ago and used to command as well.

He hunted maggots with me: I did not spoil him the hunt, trying to leave him in 'his' killing field and find 'mine'. When I saw his health was dropping - healed him several times. Later we went to craft sandstone. Player A at once asked to add him to crafting group which made no sense. In istaria, if there is crafting group, its members do not gain single xp point for crafting together. First I tried to explain to Player A the field was a bit dangerous: many 6-7 lvl. Sandstone golems as well as lvl.11 Bronze golems around. Player A is level 11 Dragon, so I explained him that if he is attacken with golem group, he may be killed within a minute. Everything was good, when he started to command again. The I interfered:

-Player A, you forgot one nice word.

-What [word]?


He started to use word "please" more often - at least some progress, I thought.When I explained him I had to go for a serious hunt for lvl.110 monsters (lvl.11 Player A: I am coming to help) and that it was too dangerous for him to come - he agreed too without "I am sad" like phrases.

But then...his new command. He told he was going (maybe away from keyboard or to some different location) and that Player B  "do not level up without me". Now that's was a command: do not level up untill I come? That has nothing to do with Player A: if I am in group and I level up, it does not affect other group members. When he returned and saw Player B levelled up, he told he was sad and homeless.  It was despite one experienced player went to him to hunt some lvl.7-10 Skeletons and aid him to grow.

I am not against Player A, I would help when I can - but I do not like commanding style. He still needs to understand that there is some difference between "give me the crystal" and "could you give me the crystal?", between "I need 2 silver coins to buy new formula, hand money to me" and "Can u give me 2 silver coins to buy new formula, please?". He was reminded about commanding style again (not by me).

Once again I am asking myself: how can help Player A who seems (and I emphasise word seems) to completely rely on others? How can I talk to person who likes to command? Exclude him, ignore him - but it is not a wise decision, he's not rude person nor scammer.  I do understand the world may seem difficult to new player and everyone should help each other, that's without question. I myself was helped many times by others who sacrificed their time to help me defeat some monsters or finish some quests and I am still helped by others. But I manage to find easy enemies: ones that are relatively easy to kill and that drops trophies. Is it not possible for Player A to do so? I don't know.

It looks like Player A wants everyone to help him with almost anything, be it crafting or battle. What to do with him? writes:
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