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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Superb hunting and still Player A

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday November 10 2011 at 1:26AM
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Yesterday was an excellent day. I do have good time while playing Istaria, there is much to do: fight, harvest or just observe how times of the day changes from the highest mountain in the continent...

But it was a day of good hunt. Player B arrived, we went to kill Fire ogres. It was initially "hit and run" tactic: I hit with a spell, Ogre runs to me, then Player B and I attack ogre, I loot trophies and later give all trophies to Player B. Later, another player, a very good healer, arrived. At this moment got killed one time, recalled home to Bristugo and teleported into battlefield again.

Soon we went to kill Jade golems, the reason being that there are more golems at one time and they do not have their bodyguards (Pygmies serve as bodyguards of Ogres). It was nice, Jade golems are known of being not greedy, we worked as a team and managed to get many trophies, Player B flew to local Town Marshall to exchange trophies into xp from time to time.

And then the most fun part came: Lava golems. They proved to be the best - always giving good xp, 90% of them dropping at least 1 trophy; downside - they do gather in groups and this can be problematic. Was killed the second time, fortunately enough got resurrected and continued my fighting. This part was the best one. Having one high-levelled healing Druid, we hunted down every golem, sometimes fighting groups of them. Of course, it proved challenging for me, few times I had to run in order to stay alive - but I still fought, gathering trophies and giving all of them to Player B. We ran like a wind through melted, hot lands of Dralk, town of the Dragons and no Lava golem escaped our hits. We worked as a perfect team, supporting each other with both firepower, healings or buffs. There I managed to grow up to level 83 and Player B reached level 81, so that Lava golem trophies became obsolete for her.

I was very satisfied from this hunt. While Player B was out, we hunted trophies, so that she would get as much as possible. We healed each others, we just had fun. And this is what any quality group hunting is: great fun (looks like people start calling golems "noobs" like I do, therefore "Jade noob", "Lava noob"...), great experience. Now, Player B can hunt monsters of the same level as I can and we will fight side by side as it should be in Istaria.

Player A was in the chat, asking everyone to help and still upset that no one came. One time after his almost typical command, I asked: "Player A, is it command or question?", the answer being - "Question". He asked to join the group, but I refused. He is level 21, monsters are at some level 78. I explained him, that I, at 4 times higher level, with better armor, weapons and spells - got killed, so this adventure may be too dangerous for him. The answer - "ok".  Later Player A explained he need help in growing to level 30 and then - looks like he won't need guidance. What's so magic in level 30 both in Human and Dragon races - can't remember.

Overlal - the day was good one and I am waiting for today's hunting. writes:
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