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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

new players:to help or not to help?

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday November 8 2011 at 12:55AM
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Was playing Istaria for some 2 days: solo hunting, group hunting, helping others. The main question was about new players that ask for help. It is natural to help someone with almost anything, be it resources or trophies or just guidance.

The question is:where are the limits between new player commanding older one and asking for help? Situation: yesterday was seeking for lvl.92 Enranged wisp, wandering in the forests near Last Stand settlement. Some angry Forest Oastic showed up, attack and I merely escaped being unprepared to fight someone higher by 10 levels.

While wandering in the forests, player (let's call him player A) shows up in the chat.

A: Nakties, come to Kion to help me.

me: I am busy at the moment.

A: which temple are you attuned to?

me: Bristugo

A: recall then [explains he need to kill 20 elm sapplings near Bristugo]

Was this an asking to help or commanding to help? It's no problem to help other, be it 20 sapplings of elm (level 26-30) or 20 Nickel golems (level 41). it's no problem to get 20 trophies. It's about commanding someone and asking someone. I am not mentioning English word "please". Later he went into fighting with ~lvl.25 monsters, even group fighting - and told me before "Nakties, you just heal, not fight". Result: he died at least 2 times, just because my healing spells must "cool down" and while they are cooling down, I cannot use them. I saw he was in danger, but since he asked/commanded just to heal...

Later in the chat he asked in the same way ("Player B, you help me") almost anyone. Some players were busy with their own fighting or gathering resources. Some player told frankly: Player A, I do not like your manner [of asking help]. Result: Player A told he lost his friends, he is sad, because (almost anyone) is against him and he would go to the most dangerous Deadland. I explained I need to level myself and that I was helping another (lvl.70) player - therefore, with player's A kind permission, I could not divide into 3 characters.

I had a mixed feelings about this. Asking for help is normal. Being a newbie and therefore being impatient is normal too. However, the manner of asking - is questionable, at least for me. Should I help him at any costs or should I explain about English word "please" and that I may sometimes wish to hunt solo or help other players?

Don't know. Maybe someone wishes to share thoughts? Comments are highly appreciated.

Selphares writes:

This sounds not like asking, more like demanding. I think this should anser your question.

Tue Nov 08 2011 9:13AM Report
Dengar writes:

Don't give into the demands imo. Tell them to ask nicely, and if they don't, hold out on them, even if they're a guild mate/friend. I haven't played Istaria since the first year it came out as "Horizons" but I understand the community's rather small. You have the perfect option for helping this person understand what that entails.

Tue Nov 08 2011 11:47AM Report
DarkDelusion writes:

Community is an important thing to all games, especially an older game such as Istaria.  


Your need for clarification on the subject suggests you did not like this Player A.



Is Player A the type of character you would like to be apart of the game's community?  I would think not.

Sun Nov 13 2011 4:27PM Report
Lithuanian writes:

It is not Player A that I dislike, he's not kiddish Runescape person ("buy Rune armor from me or get banned coz I"m admin"). I don't want him to be excluded from game that offers so much things to experience.

It is his reactions that I do not like. He may tell "Come to Bristugo" or "Teleport then" even if he knows I am doing something and maybe I can't throw everything away. If every active player is busy at the moment (and I emphasise word BUSY) - his reactions may vary from "unfair" to ":cries". He once told one player to give he a little sum of coins. If he could ask "Can you come to Bristugo?", "Ok, could u teleport there when/if u are done?" - he would get more support. People told him to stop commanding. If he asks other player to give him some money ("Nakties, could you give me 2 silver coins: need to buy some formula"), he could receive it.

If only I was in position to explain it in such way that Player A won't say "I cry, I lost friends" or to start using nice English word "please"...

Mon Nov 14 2011 6:15AM Report
eikona writes:

That player sounds pretty rude, and isn't entitled to help. Asking nicely and hoping someone has time to help is one thing, but demanding it is another. I wouldn't have helped him.

Tue Nov 15 2011 7:24AM Report writes:
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