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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Re-building Hytbold, re-slaughtering Evendim

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday October 22 2013 at 5:53AM
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Lord of the rings online

21 October:

NaktiesKarys was inactive. Almost nothing to do for him.

Vytautaz continued adventures in Evendim. Salamander and Limfavrn slaughter went on, I killed any of these creatures and soon some slayer deeds were completed. Then, the time has come for Kergrim, infesting one of the tombs in Annuminas. Went there, killed and once again deed was completed – this time advanced. I was lucky to be invited in a group with one lvl.85 Player – slaughter went a way faster.

Then, did some travel quests, killed Rotten Rot with one NPC tree and tried to use my attacks as many times as possible: if I use them enough times, I’ll earn so desired Turbine points.

Drops were…kind of interesting. Artisan Weaponsmith recipes almost do not drop: by killing several hundreds of enemies (240 Kergrims, tens of Limfavrns and Salamanders) I got only 4 recipes. Too little, have to admit. However, Kergrim slaying is by far the best thing to do: drops are almost homogenous (same “skin” and very rare random stuff). Bounder tokens drop too rarely, almost impossible to get.

Checked my vault about reputation items. Too little of them: enough to get reputation with 3 factions (Bree, Mathom, Thorins Hall) for one toon and I do need many toons to grind Turbine points. Need Moria’s two factions, need Wardens of Annuminas, maybe Elves of Rivendell and xenophobic Lossoth of Forochel. Much work to do, much enemies to slaughter and vault to be flooded with reputation items.

Today, festival begins. Only God and developers know if it would be more realistic than previous (which proved to be disaster and complete failure). Of course, I won’t be there on a first day when half of server will be. Will wait for tomorrow.

And so the day has ended, I had some 489 Turbine points and left satisfied. The day has been good in Lotro.

20 October:


Have not played -but a major update was announced. Little of this update concerns me, but anyway it’s good to see game is still updating.

Lord of the rings online

It was a great crazy weekend in the Lotro. NaktiesKarys has finally reached Kindred with Sutcrofts, rebuild last required buildings…and was standing with some 220 Tokens of Hytbold.

And then the rebuild started. I took every building in Sutcrofts district and rebuilt it, from lame tent to big shiny Tower. Finished one deeds, received new ones. I was very satisfied and impressed with the rebuild. Town was changing before my eyes: houses appeared, inhabitants arrived, there were plants growing and new shiny structures. It was inviting, I realized I do want to rebuilt every single structure there. Turbine made Hytbold an exemplary feature: you could change the world and oversee the changes. I wish they would allow to rebuild, say, Archet: make it end-game content, but please allow burned town to live again. In the end, I had zero Tokens of Hytbold: spent them all…and still lack hundreds.

Vytautaz raided Evendim. Tried to do Monuments of Angmar, but failed each time:even with Orchaiwe I cannot fight 3 enemies at once. First my companion, the me getting killed. Once our kinship Burglar helped me…only to make me sad. Burglar insta-killed every monster, alone fighting with 3-4 enemies. Where I would be killed, he wasn’t seriously injured.My Champion looked so lame and worthless with him. I asked kinship, they pointed out I had not purchased trait slots which makes me weak. Also, my Weaponsmith lacked many recipes. But that does not help: recipes are drop only, so I would have to kill gazillions of monsters and trait slots will be of no use from November 19. Later, I started to kill Kergrim, finished Goblin slayer deeds and went very close to killing Gerthberyg in Annuminas, genocided Salamanders and some of Limfavrn.

Had to log in NaktiesKarys while grinding – to discuss legendary weapons, sent some ingots…and one time to raid Carn Dum. We organized a good raid, I was quite happy there, earned some Turbine points once again and looted many sellable stuff. Of course, I wasn’t satisfied with my Champion once more – other players just insta-killed any monster…I was not capable of seriously harming it. What’s wrong with my Champion and this classs at all?

Other events; had a Kin meeting where we discussed some things. Also,another Festival is soon: tomorrow there would be no sense to participate, but starting October 23 – it may be possible. Let us see if number of doable quests is higher than 2 or 3…

And so the day has ended. I had 459 Turbine points, zero Tokens of Hytbold. Days were good in Lotro. writes:
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