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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Lotro:the beauty of Rohan

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday August 13 2013 at 5:54AM
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Lord of the rings online

Naktieskarys ran across Dunland and Enedwaith…only to see he has forgotten one repeatable quest. Simple little quest gives 1 golden token and my toon needs 16 of them:two weeks to grind, but once again, that mean slayer deed advancement.

I ran through Dunland content, untill got a bit bored and reached Kindred with Men of Algraig. Only Grey Company kindred remains to World Renown completion (which means a mount and 50 Turbine poins). Rode to to Rohan to gather Riddermark ore, fought some monsters and I was not afraid to do so: I was equal to them, my level 74 versus theirs lvl.76. Then, unexpectedly, one toon wellcomes me with the quest. Is this region bugged? I  did not purchase Riders of Rohan expansion – but kinnies told it was ok, it was epic quest line. I got a chain of nicely done quests. Deal with evil Salamanders (was killed two times), finish their Queen, then listen to farmer’s problems…and at the same time – show some respect to settlement’s landlords, even play with children: they were “bandits” and me with some wooden “weapon” had to chase them. Thenm – a rider approaches and tells that he was sorry to interrupt such serious matter, but there were real bandits nearby…All this was very nice, very inviting and immersing. I stopped only at last quests that involved serious and dangerous fighting.

Then there was abig big “ding!” . I was level 75. A magic level at which player is eligible to purchase War Steed. Galadriel of Lothlorien summoned me and I started a chain of quests. Talk to various NPCs, think about future of the Elves (since they are departing), run to Galadrielle again…when finally, a voyage in boat.

And there, the beauty begins. I travelled with known NPCs, listened to their stories, watched some history of Middle Earth. We reached some coast, with iconic two Kings statues,…and then, some session play. I was Frodo with the One Ring, I felt madness of Boromir, was sad when he was almost killed and back again I was little hobbit having but “Hobbit common sense”, talking to Frodo and seeing Frodo’s decision to go “the way of Fire”. It was very nice, landscape was pretty and inviting, interesting and challenging.

Rohan looks like a masterpiece for me. Beautifull landscape, bountiful resources and very nicely done quests. Danger is everywhere, you could feel it by guard towers or ravaging orcish War Bands or even presence of black evil Dragon in local Eastlanders’ camp. Fight is doable, I even fought two lvl.76 at once and still was victorious. Fought local named monster…and once again, victory. Rohan is inviting, it offers almost everything to everyone. For hardcore players – a place with giant monsters, for PvPers – WIldermore, for crafters – tons of resources, for completionists – tons of monsters to slay…and finally, interesting, immersing quests. Now it is clear Rohan should be my target for endless TP grind. I was not wanting to go to bed – just one little quest or two…

And so the day has ended. I had 664 Turbine points, advanced to lvl.75 and am on my way to level 76. Life is just amazing in the beautiful planes of Rohan. writes:
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