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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

conquest of the rising sun

Posted by Lithuanian Monday August 13 2012 at 2:19AM
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Played a bit, gathering obsidian and very slowly advancing my Mason. Patience was enough for some 2-3 raids...and then just logged off.


Played much of it.

Due to money overflow (see my post "Freemium bites") I had to use money somewhere. Possibility to unlock currency cap with hard-earned Turbine points is not an option so far. So, after consulting with Kinship - I bought a house. Yes, it's a little cheap house, but it still mine.

It was a great feeling: i had a home. A little home for a not-so-big Dwarf with lovely fireplace and windows and even a mailbox. I had an option to buy furniture, starting from treasure chests (Dwarves like to collect treasures, you know) to trees in the garden. I could not describe a feeling that great - when you have your own house where you can go and just rest. House costed me 1 golden coin, treasure chest - 100 silver coin and upkeep for the house - 50 silver coins a week. Paid one month upwards so that I could go to vacation and fear nothing. Also received some quests and got some free housing decorations. Now, when I got a house, a vendor in my place will give me some discount which is cool.

I spent almost all time in Lone lands. It is a more dangerous place, designed for lvl.25-32 characters with more dangerous enemies. Also, it is a home of Eglain society: a kind of lonely folks, they won't give youy reputation for rescued artefacts (like men of Bree for "barrow treasure") - only hard work, kill monsters, loot something etc. Quests are harder this time, deeds too.

I quested there, taking quests up to level 25 (me being 26). Most of deeds and quests were easy, some - even entertaining. Orcs, goblins, ravens, even stealth wolves - everything needed my attention and my good axe. To kill 4 non-ranged orc units: check. To kill 4 ranged orc units: check. I had to care about fallen Eglain people and burn them (strangely enough, burned body remained on the earth unchanged:Turbine, please do something!), aside from usual "collect NN of our treasures".

Almost all quests were made one or another way. One questw as hard, so I had to ask for help: to kill some Goblin leader. A person from our Kinship came and just owned enemies from the distance with his righteous bow. That was epic, first time did I see such effective bow-mastery.

And second quest failed. Was killed by a gang of some 4 monsters and before death tried to escape into little room: here named monster with a horde of bodyguards awaited: I had no chance alone.

Also was lucky enough to aid one Kinship mate with a group quest to take one fortress. We fought bravely, I was especially happy to make "crowd control" with huge AoE attacks, sometimes drawing enemy attention to me. One time got killed, but made it back for some epic fight.

It was Troll. Huge, mean troll with some 5000 health. There were 3 of us and we did our best to kill that abomination. I used some power and health restoring potions and a special attack that does heal my Champion. Managed to stay alive and be amongst those who slained that troll.  The quest was over, we were happy and victorious.

I did some more killings and tried to finish one quest,  but in vain:could not locate enemy. Wil lask for Kinship help today. Of course, the only thing I dislike are "escort NPC" quests. Typically NPC seeks trouble and death and I have to protect him from being foolish.

I also start to enjoy Kinship. We do share, we do help each other. I got some recipes I will not use: no problem, just tell in Kinship chat and someone will ask to mail him. Someone needs help with quests - and there would always be someone to come to help (maybe not just in 1 minute though). It's a team spirit and I do like it.

Lotro is going just superb, I'm starting to enjoy it. My own house with its own furniture (not unique, but still the house is mine with the adress like "NN street number XX"). Lots of quests, some repetative (reminds Istaria). Active Guilds (Kinships) regularly informing about recruiting.  I even could summon monster using one-use chemicals. Other people, unknown to me, helped me to kill enemies and I helped others to kill mobs too.  I have some 660 TPs and so - only 2000 of them to go top purchase Moria expansion pack. Everything is just great in Lotro. writes:
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