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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Lost in skeleton tombs...

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday July 31 2012 at 1:59AM
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Not played at all.  Oh my, I should return here for good, help others and advance my very slow to progress Mason...


Tried to use my classic strategy: pick all quests for certain area and then do them all for xp, Turbine points, cool-sounding titles. However, those just failed. I took "Great Barrow" quests to collect 10 treasures, then kill some 15 fallen spirits and head back alive as a hero. Not a problem, I thought...untill ran into level 25 monster with some 2000 health points ("morale", as Lotro call it). Tried to fight, relying on some Champion skills (like "Bracing attack" when energy is used to restore some 200 health), but failed. Hardly escaped from that monster.

Of course, that just destroyed any self-confidence. I am good with lvl.20-21 monsters, fighting sometimes 3 of them...but not monsters that have twice health as me. Talked about it in chat, people tried to reason me, but I did not want to listen. Maybe they can defeat such mobs - I can't, at least at my level and equipment.

Then I went to grind for deeds. First of all - finished spider killing title (needed 150 spiders for that: Greenpeace, don't be angry!), then - of course, "advanced" one with 300 spiders. As I had nothing more to do - I grinded, looting such things as "Barrow treasures" and "Cordolan trinkets" (gives 30 and 700 prestige points to men of Bree) and when I did not know what to do - I just used them gaining prestige. Situation was a bit harder as I had some other 3 or 4 players hunting for the same spiders - something, I very rarely see in Istaria. But after some hours of play, I achieved 2 deeds at once: 1) my relationship to ther men of Bree was "Kinship" - the highest possible. No treasures or trinkets would give me xp for this region any more. Second - I finished spider killing deed, received Turbine points and new title.

I also collected some weird stuff called "Bulbous goo" and when at Bree -exchanged it into...into nothing, normally it would give me improved relationshipm with men of Bree. But this is for one more deed: make 100 tasks within Bree-land and gain new title + some Turbine points.

I do enjoy my long-ranged attacks. While not so devastating, they are good at inviting enemy or simply killing weaker one en route. One day I will try to climb up high and just shoot some monsters for fun.

Overall - day was a good one, it's just nice to stand against three enemies and kill them with mighty blows. However, I began to notice some bugs (just when I try to climb up from the river and my toon gets stucked) as well as disappointment - I was not a match for my level monster :(

And in rare case any Lotro fan reads it, few questions:

1) if I make another character on the same account (first character - Human Champion; second - say, Dwarf Guardian) - would Turbine points accumulate for my account? I.e. would TP gained by Dwarf be added to ones earned by Human?

2) in second tooin case - would my Human vault be accessible to Dwarf (and I don't mean shared wardrobe)? Would I be able to sent some stuff by mail to my own Dwarf?


Crazy_Stick writes:

Answer to 1) Yes. Each character can earn their own TP with deeds, which is "shared across your account."

Answer to 2)  Yes. If you buy the shared storage option from the store or are VIP.  You can mail stuff between characters. If you have a house your characters on the same server can share the storage chests in it too as an easy way of swapping goods between them.

Suggestion: Gear means a lot.

Run skirmishes to earn tokens to get gear. It will be hard at first (expect to die) but once you have good purple gear for your level things will be "much" easier.

You can also craft solid gear using skirmish tokens to buy needed materials.

You can run skirmishes with friends. Consider asking for a skirmish buddy of your level in chat.

Have fun playing.

Tue Jul 31 2012 6:18AM Report writes:
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