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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Cow menace

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday May 29 2012 at 1:31AM
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The day started with standard killing of Fire Opal golems.  Made 25% progress to level 80, sold some loot and gained about 50 silver coins. However, I soon became a bit bored with that. Kill 100 golems, gain one level, go kill >100 golems, gain another level...

So just went to New Trismus to relax. And my way of relax is simple: come to local cows, gather all around me (mostly by casting non-killin spells on them)...and then casting Curse of Enfeeblement. The curse itself lowers dexterity and strenght (something cow does not have or need). However, it is very spectacular: if curse is succesfull, then enemy has a bone skull on him and the skull makes laugh-like motion. Imagine 10 cow with "biting skulls" on their backs - and you will get a good idea.

I also went to look if anyone needed my help - unfortunately, none. Our advanced members sometimes take their time and just wait in New Trismus for someone, who may need help.

Then it was chat time. It all began with one player asking me if I did Doom quest. Of course, I abandoned it after failing to defeat one lvl.90s skeleton and I told I was unpleasantly surprised I could not do it alone. Then an extensive talk began: people once again explained some tasks are not meant to be done alone, only in group. And some enemies cannot be soloed, once again - in group only. Then we had some talk about named Mithril golem - Mhedon - and my dreams about being so powerfull as to kill the named Golem alone. and then kill one more time. And one more time - out of revenge...Overall, I am very happy about this talk as it explained a lot. Especiaslly one thing: it takes time and patience to become a good warrior. I do have all the time I need...but not the patience.

I re-calculated my own trophies: of course, I have not enough of them to advance quickly. For quick advancement I need some 400 trophies for 5 levels  and at my best ( level 91-96) I have some 160. One player asked me how is my crafting going on. But after so long time spent on crafting only, filling silos with materials - I do long for combat. One day (after reaching lvl. 91 in Shaman school?) I will return to heavy crafting and advance several schools at once. Just not right now.

And so the day ended. Another happy - yet lazy - day in istaria. writes:
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