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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Lotro: end of fun

Posted by Lithuanian Monday April 15 2013 at 4:25AM
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Lord of the rings online

Following the advice, went to Moria. Killed some monsters, receiving 75 xp per kill. Given I need 200.000 xp to level 57 – some 3000 monsters are needed. Just great: if I kill a monster every 1 minute, that’s 50 hours of non-stop gameplay, provided items do not wear, I loot nothing and monsters spawn at the same place.

Switched to harvesting metals. Things went a bit better (some 45 xp per harvesting + some 20-30 for smelting + some for making weapons), but still very time consuming. And then I realised it was a dead end.

Angmar is either grey or very dangerous. Moria (and therefore Lothlorien) is not and will never be an option: a very dangerous and grumpy maze impossible to navigate alone. I was left with no option to advance and no will to advance.

Purchased Premium wallet, it saved me some place in the vault. Went to Enedwaith, mined some Khazad iron/gold…and left alone. Kinship sometimes just ignores me, not answering even to “hello” or “hey folks, may I ask one question about NN?”. Only one person offered help and one wise and good person listened to me yesterday.

Thank you, Turbine, for ruining all the fun for medium-level player. You left me sad, depressed and lonely. Chats in your over-powered regions are dead, usually there are zero players around and I have not heared about any Kinship’s raid to ANgmar/Moria (except the Rift).

End of weekend, end of any fun in Lotro. All that I can do is harvest metal ore so that I always have reserve. No hunting, no questing, no deeds left: just empty cold unfriendly world.

Chattaway writes:

What? LOTRO is for the story pal, if you dont like pve and questing and story go back to wow or soemthing, lotro is the best pve game i play out of wow, rift, swtor and the rest. I had an amazing time in moria questing and exploring tolkeins world.

You can lv from 50-60 in days if you do up to date quests but i did EVERY quest in moria and now im in mirkwood and its amazing.

Before you btch about a game and slander turbine why dont you actually play the game as its meant to be played and not a kiddie I WANTENDGAME NOW NOW NOW ENDGAME WHAAA WHAAA.

Tue Apr 16 2013 6:17AM Report
mysticaluna writes:

That's sad... I did alot of skirmishes solo and I have all those quests to do in Lothlorien, Moria, and all over now... 

So, I'm lvl 57 but I have endless quests I skipped over to do... 

One can of course always hope they make more zones for medium levels, but games always focus to heavily on the "end game max level tier". 

Tue Apr 16 2013 6:32AM Report
Nyrujo writes:

Actually Adam, your very very wrong here. I had played LOTRO from closed beta all the way to the Rider of Rohan xpac and Turbine has absolutely no idea what they are doing. Let me break down your big perks of playing LOTRO.

The fact you can level so quickly, as you pointed out, shows a lack of thought or care in how characters progress. The game used to be stunning and fun but since their rampant release of bad xpacs they seemed to focus more on basic quests with large xp gains rather then give a viable and interesting plot line.

This also covers the story aspect. It was entertaining in vanilla when you spent your time fighting the witch kings forces which lead up to great end game raids and battles and it was fresh since nothing really covered it prior to this. It was just as fun going into Moria and experiencing one of LOTR's most memorable and dangerous places. Since then, the story is nothing but a pain. Mirkwood, its story, the awful quest chains and dailies, and the terrible instances/end game would set the stage for everything wrong with the game since.

The PvP, while I understand their prefrence for PvE, has been neglected and destroyed via updates and "fixes" that they may as well remove it. Along with the overly lacking skirmish system which can be just as bland as the mounted combat.

Turbine's lack of ability to deliver on their promises is their undoing. They can't even release xpacs with finished content, they try to squash bugs via updates after launch and can't even have the instances and end game ready in time. I have seen more bugs in their xpacs post launch then I did during the initial release of them, and they just get worse.

The dailies are so simple and mind numbing yet hold such an integral part of character progression it just reeks of laziness. The Turbine Store is the biggest issue of all though since it is solely a cash cow. The game is pay to win in all aspects, even if some refuse to see it.

In the end, if you enjoy the game thats great. I certainly did before they nerfed it into the ground but to each his own. Given you mentioned being in Mirkwood you must be relatively new so I wish you enjoyment with the game, just don't wear your blinders to much while playing it.

Fri Apr 19 2013 2:04PM Report writes:
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