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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Great weekend in Istaria

Posted by Lithuanian Monday February 27 2012 at 2:10AM
Login or Register to rate this blog post! was The Weekend.

Initially I thought it would be just another crafting, racing to just another level 100. But then I decided to take adventure (i.e. combat) multiclassing. As I have told earlier, I needed to take Mage, then Druid, then Spiritist and then - Shaman. And then, it began...

I started as Mage. A good choice, because Mage trainer offers some quests at the very begining. I killed any enemy without a trouble. And mage's usage of spells was great experience too. Some enemies were killed with one hit.  I could also cast Engulf on any weaker enemy and then just watch how monster dies from the flames that engulf it (no need to fight). Also, Mage school increased my Flame skills and thus enabled some Flame spells to be used by any class later. Levelled Mage to level 10 and then switched to Druid.

Druids are Nature class - they do love forests, their spells (be it offensive or defensive) reflects Druids' love for forest. And Druid so far is the most fun school. They have "Cloak of Thorns" spell and it does damage to any attacking enemy or enemies. Therefore, if 3 monsters attack you - you fight one of them and the others get damage by Cloud of Thorns. Needless to say, everyone in Istaria loves this spell. There also many other usefull spells. Petrify - makes your enemy stand and not respond to any attack. Some allow you to be healed over some time. I did enjoy fighting as Druid. Initially I just killed low level magots, used their crystals and thus made up to some lvl.11. Later switched to killing level 48-69 Golems. They gave me 600-1350 xp per kill plus trophies plus sellable items. It was great fun too. Yes, I had to use all spells I had. Yes, I had to heal myself often and to use all the buffs, but it was still great experience.

As a Druid, I also had the opportunity to use Flame bolt (Mage-given spell), but to less effect: my flame skill is too low. The only good thing is that Flame bolt does not cool down: you use it untill your enemy is dead. Overall, Druid is a great combination of melee and ranged class, having good defenses and balanced offense.

Now I need only few classes before switching to Spiritist. I am less optimistic about this school as it lacks serious defense or offense. Spiritists are masters of healt tranfer: they can cast spells that make damage dealt to you be transfered to you. So, if enemy hits you by 100 points, some 50-60 points will be added to you. These spells are good, but as supportive only. I don't know how will I level up this school.

And after that - Shaman. It's school that loves '"vampirism" and stripping enemy off any enchantments. It may be that enemy will be cursed many times and enter combat with Shaman very weakened. At least that' s what I experienced when tried to hunt Bloodskulk Shamans. Now, it would be some repayment time...I expect even more fun with Shaman.

I also had to help Player S. and some Dragon hatchlings doing their Adult rite of passage. Player S. needed to kill 90 automatons (level 30s) and it took her 1 hour to kill 10 of them. Together we killed the remaining 70 or 80 automatons within one hour, it was pretty easy.

And then - mission of escorting hatchlings to one deadland and protecting them while they kill some hard enemies. Player S. and me protected our hatchies - untill deadlands no one died. In deadlands there were maximum 2 hatchling deaths, but I was able to resurrect and heal. This kind of escort is not my favourite one: we had to travel through dangerous enemies and in that deadlands there are monsters capable of killing even Player S.

I also helped one impatient hatchling to reach one oasis through desert swarming with wolves. Hatchie was killed one more, but only due to lack of patience. Next time she reached oasis in safety.

Weekend was great. As one player said - "when multiclassing, don't forget the main thing - to have fun". I look forward for more hunts and more fun. Life is good and bright. writes:
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