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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

just depressed

Posted by Lithuanian Friday February 10 2012 at 7:44AM
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Jean, if you can please calm down...

The Messenger:the story of Joan of Arc

"The Messenger" is one of my favourite movies. Call it odd, but I really like it and some of it phrases have become iconic, at least for me. This time it would not be about the movie (the movie is excellent) - it's the quote when Jean arrives to Orleans and count Dunois tells her - " Jean, if you can please calm down and let me accompany you to Orleans - it would be my honor to wellcome you". Something (except honor) can be told about me in Istaria.

Yesterday I decided to go crafting. Adding slate to someone else's building was good, but not enough xp. Decision was clear - to go mine granite, fill all silos with it and then produce stuff. I knew place where there was plenty of granite, guarded by easy to kill Granite golems. Vault, Stoneworking structure and even public silos are all nearby - just craft and enjoy.

The granite was gone. I went around only to find one node. Golems were intact, though no granite nodes. Folks adviced to go further - and walking far from the plot I found entire 3 veins! At their maximum, they could give 500 granite slabs and the backpack contains some 1500. So - I should go forward, harvest a little, then run backward, pray that silos are not full and make 3 runs instead of one. Oh, did I mention I could need some 5000 slabs just for one level?

The the server was shut down for repairs (something went wrong). I don't know if these changes were deliberate (which seems they were - updates are too often downgrades in Istaria) or just server-side error. Later I went to search for other nodes only to find there was no place that could allow efficient levelling.

Talked with one player. I did not intend to talk to him, just noted in the chat "Another [crafting] school doomed". Received an answer that I annoyed him etc. That was too unexpected. Yes, I did complain -and this blog won't let me lie- about ruined metal schools, i.e. that developers wanted to ruin them. It was only once upon a time. I know Gatherer is a very grindy school and so far there were no complaints. I know Fletcher is grindy too, but never complained about it nor about my Weaponsmith. Disappointed, I left the chat. There was nothing more I was wanting to hear.

But things only began to happen.

Thought about levelling up crafting -and no good news. It took me 2 full silos to advance by one level. Of course, it was maple and more efficient was to chop yew. But it was in vain - I ran throughout all the Yew forest, avoiding only most dangerous area and found no Massive trees. And I knew simple trees were not efficient.

I was approached by one player - I know him, high level crafter, very friendly and always offering his support. I told him I needed to calm down. Of course, I was (and am) upset by approach like I received.  Instead of calming down, I was upset even more. No, that player did not want me to be upset, it's all about me. he just told me Yew masisve trees were at...(and coordinates followed). I was almost furious. I ran throughout forest, I checked almost every tree, trying to avoid enemies, getting sometimes too close - and no tree. Suddenly out of nowhere - Masisve trees are there and unguarded. I left the game quickly.

This was not the kind of  a day I have expected. It was first time when I did not know what to do. Crafting is either doomed (Mason) or too slow (Gatherer, Fletcher). Asking someone's help for crafting is not my way of doing, I must handle it alone. And I don't know what to do now. The only thing I could do is to write down list of trophies: need to have at least 5 of each of them.

Another point is - I don't understand how can others jet-level craft, where I just going very slow. They should have prepared millions of resources and I have only 3-4 public silos available. I don't understand how could I level if main resources are too far away from needfull structures. And I seem to run out of patience. If I had at least one place where I could efficiently advance at least one crafting school - I would go for it. But developers seems to downgrade if they feel something is too good. Granite just 10 steps away from silos, structures and vault - we will take away granite. Iron too close for smelter and anvil -we will remove iron (already done with Trandalar's iron at Blight server). Mithril too close to silos unguarded - will make heavily guarded.

I know I could have more patience. Or just think about grinding that it is romantic and poetic (if Britney could sing hit me baby one more time, why couldn't I say chop Masive tree 2058-th time?). I just can't and am losing my patience.

That was the day. Not so lucky. Maybe today it would be a bit better writes:
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