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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Big impression weekend

Posted by Lithuanian Monday January 30 2012 at 1:04AM
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A weekend in Istaria, playing almost all the day from morning to 2 AM.

First of all - wedding. My Player S. has chosen a husband and arranged a wedding in the deepest cave of Dralk, the Dragon city. I was invited, as well as some hatchlings and one old Dragon, who was the Master of ceremonies. Some of the invited were late by almost 1 hour (and patience is not what I am famous for...), but we finally got the party started.

Player S. and her chosen one stood face to face, while Master of Ceremonies began the ritual. He called to the gods - protectors of the Dragons and all the famous Dragons' spirits that protects Dragonkind, to witness the marriage. Then, he passed a magical Orb (which was unseen by biped eye) as a medium between Heaven and Earth and each Dragon took an oath. Later, everyone was asked if they got their own song (there wasn't) and both exchanged presents. Ceremony was over at some 2 AM (began at 1 AM) and the new day in Istaria began with a pair of newly wed players. My present to them was a little flower gathered in a distant ice continent:the flower itself has no use, it's just decorative and it may show one travelled far tp get it for ones he loves/likes.

Traditional crafting: it went good, I was shown how to optimize everything and xp gaining went faster. Reached some lvl.64 in Fletcher school, when our Guild master asked if I could not make Pale essence orbs: Guild was in need of them and I was already a lvl.4 Gatherer. Well, I re-took this school.

Following the advice, I chopped lots of maple logs, stored them in silos and then I just had to process them to boards. One day of work - and I reached from lvl.4 to lvl.35, strong enough to produce Pale essence orbs and use quality tools. Finally - some 1400 Pale essence orbs stored for use by the Guild..

I really enjoyed levelling up Gatherer. I could chop trees, make logs...and repeat untill there were no more logs. The only problem was when I filled silo with boards (7000 pieces) and hat to switch to Fletcher, process these boards, gain some 3 levels more and switch back to Gatherer.

Now, it is taking a bit slower to advance, mainly because Gatherer cannot make tools/weapons and deconstruct them (something that Mason gains lots of xp for).

Tried to help Player S., but mysterious thing happened: I filled almost 2 full silos, and when Player S. came - they wree empty. I suspected theft (a very rare thing in Istaria), but was explained there was a bug with that plot causing all stuff stored in silos to disappear.

Helped one player to kill Giant sand beetles: he killed, I just healed. He advanced by some 2 levels this way. It was the same who was late on Player S. wedding and it was partly due to me. I was asked for some trophies, but I had a small quantity - enough to advance by 1 level only. I refused :(

Yesterday helped one lvl.100 Dragon with killing. Healed him or we just splitted to kill more monsters. Initially we went to kill 20 Fire ogres - these reside near Dralk and are usually guarded by nasty Fire pygmies ("Call me a xenophobe/racist, but I do hate ogres" - I said). Killed, although these uglies managed to hit me, mutliclassed biped. Weird. Then we went for 20 Shadow spiders - they were easily killed too. And then...then my Dragon was killed, I tried to resurrect him.

He just went into region full of lvl.60-69 monsters, that hit harder than lvl.80. Together we survived, experiencing some hard moments. The hunt was over and that Dragon (let's call him Player I) asked if I could help him to kill the rest mobs needed for Ancient rite of passage. I agreed, the exception being Thickleface.

Thickleface is a named lvl >100 thornwood treant. Went with one Dragon to kill it...and was killed too easily. His attacks does some 2000 damage and I could hit it by some 20 hp. Second time some more strong players joined, but monster went after me, I ran away...when I returned, named treant was killed. I was disappointed: I was of no help to others.

I also accepted first person into Guild. Since I am an officer, I have a right to do it. And this person was Player I. Suppose it was good choice. I also noticed I was awarded some 5 times within a guild for helping others. Wow, really nice.

All this experience ends up with rather strange thought: I am starting to like crafting more than fighting. Don't know how it would end though.

Weekend was very good. I was of some help to others, I was of osme help to the Guild and I managed to advance. It's good. Theb stronger am I, the more usefull I am for others. writes:
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