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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Preparations for jet-jump

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday January 17 2012 at 2:44AM
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Crafting once again. Once again - peacefull running to Mithril Anvil's mine, then to smelter and backwards. Managed to advance 2 crafting levels and now am some lvl.86 Blacksmith. Everything was going fine - mithril plentyful, road clear of golems...untill once Mithril Boulder golem sat down right at the entrance to the mine. I thought it was a sign to change.

Talked in chat with other players: one big crafter and our famous Player A. He once again uses his style, like: who wants to hunt enemies with me? I asked maybe he should try to kill enemies himself? His answer: no, it's hard for me. My answer: almost any monster can be killed if you use right weapons with right equipment and right spells. Another player added what I did not dare to say: we may not be able to help you all the time. Player A. neded in almost traditional ":cries" and that no one is going to help him. I tried to advice him to go, hunt down Bronze boulder golem (they are 1-2 levels lower than Player A.) alone. Not sure if Player A. understood.

Then came to help build our Guild plot in Bristugo. Once again it needed slate keystones and construction blocks. Went to harvest, it was rather easy: two runs, then one short crafting session. Travelled to Bristugo and saw what I always wanted to see: how functioning structure appears out of scaffolding. It was simple tier 2 storage silo, some 4 more left.

Returned to harvest slate, gathered enough slate to craft 180 slate keystones and applied them to rest storage silos. Of course, there are more resources to add, but I felt satisfied with it. Once again I was usefull, I helped others to do usefull things, my work was not just grinding to gain more levels.

Later went to one region after hearing I may kill some lvl.112 enemies. These were Enraged Bright wisps, attacking with energy attack. I killed them all, although the fight was hard. Had to use almost all healing spells and special attack abilities. However, I was triumphant.

Talked with Player S. She became true Adult Dragon: although impatient, instantly running into problems, she fears almost nothing in battlefield. Was killed by Obsidian Boulder golem - but did not call for reinforcements, instead she killed every Obsidian boulder golem in sight. I am of little use to her...

That was almost the end to my adventures. Went to kill some more forest skulks for trophies. Talked about this with our grand crafter. He thinks different than me. My approach: kill lots of monsters to gain thousands trophies,switch to new class  and then level up to wear quality armor. His approach: switch to new class, obtain some armor that depends on crafting, not adventuring class, kill monsters and level up easy, without need for trophies.

I am planning to combine these two. Asked to produce me that armor. It will take not so much before I am lvl.100 Cleric...and then I will switch to Paladin. With armor that will protect me from most attacks and hundreds of trophies I would be able to advance quickly. It's just a question about picking up right monsters.

I am also planing to jet-level up my Miner from lvl.75 to lvl.100. It would take almost hundrends of thousands resources, but I would do it.

The day was good. I was usefull once again and since today, I will prepare for crafting and adventuring advance. writes:
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