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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

helping, counting to 520

Posted by Lithuanian Monday January 16 2012 at 3:06AM
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Weekend in Istaria was very intereresting. I found myself in a very new role.

Initially was mining mithrill, which is pretty standart: run, mine motherload of mithrill, untill inventory is full or overloaded, then run to smelter, make bars, deposit them in silo...then repeat step 1 untill silo is full. And when silo is full, make mithril weapons, deconstruct them, repeat this step untill no more bars left. Levelled some 2 levels this way.

Then had to help one Dragon. His lair constructing is just devouring resources. Thousands of cobalt bars, thousands of obsidian bricks, thousands of gold bars...I helped him with cobalt bars. Then Obsidian bricks, the most hard came.

Obsidian is found near Dralk only and even if some structures exists, there are no silos nearby. So, producing Obsidian bricks is not very productive: you gather all inventory, then make bricks. And - main trick: leave your cargo disk, gather everything to inventory, make bricks, get them to cargo disk...and repeat untill have no place for bricks.

I gathered some 1800 bricks (out of some 3000 needed), then retired to help our Guild house in Bristugo. It required lots of resources too. Several hundreds sandstone and slate components were added. Later, I aided our builder in gathering iron and bronze. Initially needed "just" 3500 iron, stored all in one public silo. Later bronze was needed, gathered some 2500 bars. Then iron came again, crafted (only 750). Once again, running, teleporting, storing in vault.

I felt really usefull. I was contributing to building that many people would use. The more I contribute (no xp/money gained), the faster our building is built, the better for everyone.

Later went to relax: I am preparing trophies for my next adventure school, the Paladin. Main strategy is: kill monsters of lower levels, gain hundreds of their trophies. So, when the time comes, I would just exchange trophies into experience and would advance quickly, as I say - jet-level.

Initially I thought some 200 of trophies would be enough. I was wrong. It came up, that I may need some 500 trophies for each 5 levels. It's more than I expected, grinding even if monsters have a good drop rate and headache if they are greedy.

Fortunately enough, gathered some "unique" (never used before) trophies as well as some monsters that have good drop rate. I have trophies to jump from lvl.20 to lvl.21. I have trophies to jump from lvl.21 to some 23. And I have trophies to jump from lvl.25 to lvl.31. So - few hundred trophies more and within one hour I would be able to advance by 11 levels. In ideal - I should be able to advance to some lvl.60 within one day, just by using trophies alone, fighting no monsters at all.

The day was good. I was crafting and crafting, writing down what I needed to make for others and how many I needed. I do enjoy it when I am needed for others, when I can aid someone in building. Today I will advance 2 or 3 more levels in crafting and then - either killing poor monsters or making thousands of metal bars again. writes:
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