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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

downgrades, understanding, grinding...

Posted by Lithuanian Monday January 9 2012 at 2:18AM
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First weekend after some (see preivous post) disappointment in Istaria. Was adventuring in silence: almost all chat rooms either inactive or turned off.

First of all - my own Guild missed me in the chat. I was asked why I did so - and I had to explain. Of course, people may have different opinions about one or another think, the question is approach to the oponent. Imagine person A, who hates MMORPGs and person B, who has found WoW to be superb MMORPG:

Person B: oh my, WoW is so exciting, so cool, I found new friends and together we defeated that lvl.529 Mandragorian SkyDrake!

Person A: you are lame nolifer, go to rehab for mentally ill people.


Person B: oh my, WoW is so exciting, so cool, I found new friends and together we defeated that lvl.529 Mandragorian SkyDrake!

Person A: good that you found MMORPG of your taste. Hope you would not forget real life...

Both Person A answers reflect opinion, that whatever superb MMORPG is - don't forget real life. Still are they the same?

I am not forcing anyone to accept my opinion: all I wanted was to listen to it. To try understand it. And maybe to advice something. I found this while talking in private chat with one of the Guild members. The talk was long, but frank and I am happy because of it. This player understood me, he listened to me and gave advice. What I told him was that I am not leaving Guild and that I would always help anyone who needs help, be he/she in Guild or not.

I talked to various players - and almost anyone agrees that recent changes about mithrill are devastating to any metal-based school. However, there is no chance developers would hear it anyway. And more: found myself telling a phrase I would never imagine one year before: "I have to do [grinding] before developers decide to "make balance" and ruin it".

Took some crafting, although it takes very long. It would take me some 200 runs with full load to advance by 1 level. Took some fight for trophies: Emerald golems that I was fearing for so long....and now I fight them easily. Peridot golems, I may fight two at once.  And then I went to NT, first town for new players.

There I was needed. Met one Human and two Dragons, all of them needed to make one quest. I helped them: fought skeletons, healed anyone in the group or just cast curses on monsters. No one died while I was in the group and my spells could save anyone.  I re-visited New Trismus several times. Helped someone, gave some hoard items to one young Dragon and later helped one Dragon to reach teleporter in safety. Helped one player to hunt down Obsidian Boulder golems for trophies. It was such a good feeling - to be usefull to others.

One more positive feeling. Met one Dragon on my way to New Brommel deadlands. He approached and said: You remember me, I was young Dragon when you helped me? I remember - and now he is a big adult Dragon, easily killing lvl.80 monsters. We went to group, fighting any monster we met and it was good. Once again, we were in some risky situations, but no one died or was severely injured.

Sunday was spent on low-level trophy gathering. I am collecting trophies, so that for each 5 levels I have some 200 trophies. When I finish my Cleric - I want to jet-level another offensive adventure school. Developers downgraded my once favourite Leafy Oastics: they drop trophies too rarely, preferring sellable items instead. But it won't stop me from grinding: no one knows if tomorrow Oastics would be dropping any trophy at all.

My approach to Istaria has changed. No longer do I feel such excitement as it was before. I became more pessimistic, seeing any update as a possible  new downgrade. I'm starting to be afraid of the future and I'm afraid I will not fullfill what I said about going through Istaria and visiting beautifull places. But the life continues after all: I did not lose friends, I am in my Guild and I am still usefull for others. That's the main thing, downgrades or not. writes:
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