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Foundations of Hope Online Dev Blog

Dev Blog for the Christian Fantasy MMORPG: Foundations of Hope Online

Author: Leathel

Foundations of Hope Online: Playing as a Dragon. Fly, fight, and bring terror to the land.

Posted by Leathel Monday February 16 2009 at 3:04PM
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Title:  Foundations of Hope Online
Genre:  Christian Fantasy MMORPG
Game Website:
Company Website:

To be a dragon or not to be, that is the question :) 

In Foundations of Hope Online there are three realms to choose from. Humans, Saurians(intelligent lizard species), and the Dragons.  The primary war on earth is between the Humans and the Saurians, but the dragon realm is a free for all against both.  The dragon realm has become the most popular out of the FoHO testers but it is interesting to see which realm each person picks.  There are some players that just have no interest in playing as a dragon while most of the teen players play the dragons more frequently.  There was a fear when implementing the dragons that everybody would play them and no other realm, but thankfully finding that not to be the case.

Each Realm starts off in their own particular location. The Dragons starting location is in the Grand Canyons. A player starts off as a Dragon Hatchling, then at level 15 can move to the Dragonling, then at level 30 a Dragon Cub, level 45 they are a Dragon Teen, and finally at level 60 they become an Adult Dragon.  Each stage has its own model and skills based on its age. A hatchling can fly for a few seconds while an adult dragon can pretty much fly continuously.  A teen dragon will receive fire breathing which also carries on and gets stronger into the adult dragon years.

Below is are some screenshots showing the size and look as the player progresses from one model to another.  The hatchling starts off all cute and changes into the oh-not-so-cute-fire-breathing adult.



Dragon Cub:

Dragon Teen:

Dragon Adult:

The dragon players will be able to equip weapons and armor as well.  Only one model has been implemented for helm and weapons, but animal weapon crafting has been implemented to create better weapons for the dragons.  Once the animal armor crafting is implemented, the dragons will be able to wear armor on their arms, legs, body, and tail.  For now, they have a helm.

When the dragons were first implemented, it was kind of surreal.  Everybody was running around as hatchlings in tall grass attacking the Saurians. Felt like a movie where something is quickly scurrying through tall grass then suddenly somebody gets dragged down. That was before Grand Canyon was implemented.  Now the hatchlings start off on some beetles and work their way up.

It is questioned won't the Dragons be too strong and have an advantage over the other two realms since they can fly?  That is not an issue because both the Humans and Saurians will be able to get Dragon Mounts at level 60. The Dragon Mounts will be able to fly, perform land and air mounted combat.

In the Grand Canyon, there are some ledges that have paths which allow Humans and Saurians to reach for future quests, but many are designed for only the flying dragons can reach. Obviously not a problem for Humans and Saurians once they get their Dragon Mount.

Some pics of the Grand Canyon location:

And finally just a few of my favorite dragon pics:

This is one of my favorites.  It is me and my 4 year olds(now 5) Paladin. He played over the summer before kindergarten and was able to get to level 56.  I was totally amazed at what he could do. He could join alliances, trade, heal players, buff, track, etc.  All the older players new him and had ways of communicating.  If they backed up from a corpse, he knew he could loot it, if they waved, he knew they were logging off.  Newer players I would have to let them know he couldn't read because they had no clue a 4 year old was behind the character.

And a couple videos. I still need to fix the wings pointing forward to much in the flying animation as somebody pointed out.

Hatchling Video:

Dragon Adult Video:

Pre-Alpha testing is open if interested. It is all hack and slash and testing of the technology for now.  Quests will be added in for the Alpha testing.  Just create an account and sign up in the website forums.

MadnessRealm writes:

1: We have very few infos about other races and it is mostly a promotion of the dragon race.

2:Dragon Race "being able to do pretty much everything" will obviously represent the highest  % of population in the game while Human and Lizards will have very few to inextistant population. What makes Human and Lizards worth playing more than Dragon?

3: Beside the Dragon Race which allows you to fly and has a huge size, what are the unique features about Foundations of Hope that would make people want to play this game more than another?

Mon Feb 16 2009 4:03PM Report
Kainis writes:

One question, does DAZ3D know you are using their models on this? Also are you using any of the artist created material that also sells at Daz? If not, it would not at all be a bad idea to let them know you are using their models for this project. I know several studios in the past have had to sign quite specific agreements to use these models in such a way. Protecting the original IP and all...

Mon Feb 16 2009 5:26PM Report
Leathel writes:


Correct, this blog is focused on the Dragon race since it is a different style of character.  Hopefully future blogs will be able to answer the other questions.


Yes.  I got approval from Daz to make similar looking models. Each chapter of my books are illustrated using Daz products, so I got approval to use similar looking models so that the game and books tie together.  This allows the players/readers to transverse from one medium to another.

Mon Feb 16 2009 9:39PM Report
Drakuli writes:

I am always interested in dragon related things and only just made an account here. Having looked over the information provided, of course I was interested.

I do question however, how this game would be comparable to Chronicles of Istaria. An already well istablished game with multiple races including dragons with three stages of life and fully customizable. Not that I wouldn't support a new game of similar stature.

Note I am looking to try the game, haven't yet.

Sun Jul 03 2011 2:06PM Report writes:
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