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The Lawling: Of Laughter and Monsters

An eccentric, sometimes stubborn or unorthodox analysis of massively multiplayer games, their audience, and the philosophy of entertainment.

Author: Lawlmonster


Posted by Lawlmonster Monday January 2 2012 at 7:26PM
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Though I realize that politics in reference to government probably isn’t what people want to be reading about on an MMO site, I’ll mention that it’s an important platform that’s lead me to a few startling conclusions. Recently, a close friend and I have been discussing the upcoming election in the United States, taking place in 2012, and I was surprised when I realized that, in many ways, debate upon any topic is extremely important to our character. The reason I mention this on a blog about gaming is due to the simple fact that we, those who peruse forums on a daily basis, are often involved in debate that requires us to question our own values, or what it is we look for in entertainment.
Being able to examine ourselves is a very important part of life, and a very necessary step to enjoyment or self fulfillment. If we are unable to look inward, or even outward for guidance, to discover what it is we are or who it is we’ve become, it isn’t surprising to be met with an incessant eternity of frustration. On a personalized level, I have never known myself very well, but through debate and discussion I have been able to discover more about who I am than I would ever think possible.
I believe this is readily observed if you tread back through my post history, and look at my first year commenting or writing through this website. Be forewarned, I was an asshole. Not the kind of asshole who was saying the right things, providing an honest or worthy message, but without the proper delivery, but the kind of asshole who had absolutely nothing of value to provide in any conversation. The reason for this, I believe, was because I had blockaded myself entirely from any perception beside my own, and had devalued other opinions to the point of white noise. If you were one of those people I had been vitriolic toward, I apologize. Really, I can’t apologize enough.
When I actually began to think about what other people had to write, and seriously began to examine myself in my environment, I was met with a puzzling development. Despite how often I decried them, themepark games actually did provide me some entertainment, no matter my reasons for dismissing it. Was it what I truly wanted, or what I thought was intelligent game design? How could I overlook something so easily defined as pleasurable, simply because it didn’t meet the standards I had personally dictated?
The truth is that I still had many problems with linear game play, but as I continued to evaluate myself playing titles that would have otherwise received my criticism and negativity in the past, I began to have more fun, and fun is a simple thing. It’s so simple sometimes you don’t even realize it’s happening until you overcome your intellectual hurdles, and placed yourself in a position to appreciate what’s available. Do we watch Michael Bay films because he’s an amazing story writer? Hell no! We watch Transformers, Armageddon, or The Island because there are explosions, and eye candy. This may be a very base emotional response, to find this amusing, but to ignore it would be inhuman, or ignorance on such a personalized level it could remain hidden for years.
That’s why it’s important to talk about things, and I mean everything. Pick any topic under the sun, why should religion and politics become taboo? We should be debating, and arguing, or relating anything we possibly can, because we can only truly learn more about ourselves by testing our opinions, our ideals, or our perceptions against those around us. Many people feel this to be defeating, an almost inglorious retreat, to know that the impressions we carried weren’t actually true or representative of the individuals we were, almost lacking in any consistency at all. However, it’s important to remember that change is a good thing, in many ways bringing us closer together, and helps us find happiness or hope where we could least expect it. To quote a famous Spanish proverb, “A wise man changes his mind, a fool never will.”
As for upcoming blogs, I’m not sure what they will bring. I plan to write a piece upon hypocrisy, particularly my own in regards to this joy I find on both sides of the fence: themepark and sandbox, oldschool and newschool mentality. I’d also like to ask if anyone reading had a particular MMO, or any game really, that they would like me to review or give my opinion upon. If you have any suggestions, topics or variously, please feel free to leave comments. writes:
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