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I am not a writer. I am a fantastic orange that loves MMO games. I drive the Alien Green KIA SOUL. I am building a Tesla coil for ultimate power! I am now the guild leader of

Author: Lateris

Crafting is dying

Posted by Lateris Wednesday October 12 2011 at 5:42PM
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What I love about vanity stores is the fact that it’s much like a social attempt at crafting by the developers; it takes away from the player market and game content. It’s is a fantastic idea to spread the wealth away from players and put them into the market for the developer and therefore decrease the need for content and the time it accumulates for it. I know what to do, follow me. It is order and organization and structure that take command. It hands out the instant satisfaction. 

The ends always justify the means and the lack of content is perfect for studios. For example, if I give a test to students and I have five students who get all A’s out of thirty participants, but all my students get D’s, should I equal this out by taking the points away from the achievers and give it to  the members who had a low score bringing them up  a grade of C. In this capacity I spread the grade level around. But the problem is that not only do I lower the standards, I also lower the productivity and longevity of any knowledge, content, or gameplay that equals participation by the potential consumer.  Are the pieces starting to come together yet? 

Vanity stores deprive and undercut  the crafters game in MMORPG’s.  What is it you want? Do you want content, do you want apples, do you want crafting that warrants a diverse player economy.  Change needs to be what it has always entailed. In a revolution of industry when people put hundreds of hours into a game only to see content replaced by a vanity store atop a subscription model, then we can always look at the lack of content that already exists by design. 
People call for revolution but they live in the lap of luxury and follow every trend that comes across their plate as a sub culture without knowing the facts. The Business model sincerely kills the crafters game. Save the galaxy, save the planet,  educate yerrr brrraaainz!!!
Have fun storming the castle. 
MurlockDance writes:

I do agree it's frustrating sometimes as a crafter in online games. It seems like many of the game companies' decisions go against crafting, even in EQ2 where the revamped items people can get from questing are better than a lot of the non-master crafted gear.

I fear that in general this whole cash shop craze will ruin ingame economies and take away a lot of 'power' from players.

Fri Oct 14 2011 11:55AM Report
Complication writes:

a lot of the big name companies are already stating that F2P games are the future and that no more will they create or support games by P2P.

Which means that all mmo's in the near future will be P2W games, also means that there will be literally nothing to do in these games but grind quests and grind pvp mini games.

Crafting will no longer exist since the cash shops will probably house all of the players needs item wise, for just 5-50$ for items! WHAT A DEAL RIGHT?!

The future of mmos is damned, we are all screwed unless every single big mmo developer goes bankrupt and closes its doors.

People can speak out all they want in forums but it changes nothing, companies just ignore us and continue down the line raping and pillaging our bank accounts and our expectations.

The only way to show these pigs that we arent gonna take this shit anymore is to STOP playing their damn games.

Fri Oct 14 2011 4:16PM Report
Ynyror writes:

SWG was the best crafting ever,

All other crafting modes in other games pale.


I would live to see a nother sandbox crafting game like SWG

Well all know that wont happen ever again.

Sat Oct 15 2011 2:07PM Report
Astrina writes:

SWG had good crafting, but ATITD has the best crafting (but there is no physical fighting in the game at all, instead it's all political fighting).  Don't give up though, one of the upcoming big name MMO's has crafting. 

I do miss all the crafting games though. In fact, that's the first thing I look for when thinking about trying a new game. If it has crafting, I try it.

F2P does not mean no crafting, in fact it could mean the opposite. So many are using the cash shops to sell,  not gear, but instead items to make you look unique (no stats). 

I still hold out hope for the perfect crafting game. The one where crafted items are valuable and worth creating.

Hopefully the developers hear us.

Sun Oct 16 2011 3:03AM Report
MurlockDance writes:

ATitD is the best MMO for crafting I've played. SWG was the second. I have not tried Minecraft or WURM or some of those games.

True, not many people would try out ATitD because it's so niche and kind of ugly as far as its graphics go, but it's a shame they don't. It could pleasantly surprise...

Sun Oct 16 2011 5:07AM Report
gwbrew writes:

SWG blew ATitD out of the water.. Hands down.. Just the mere fact that resources shifted on a weekly basis made for a much better game.. ATitD only keeps up because you have to craft all your items to make other items.. but the resource grind for quality and the cloning one would have to do to produce a better item along with adding skill tapes etc blows ATitD clear out of the water from a crafting perspective.

Sun Oct 16 2011 10:40AM Report
Malkos writes:


You are the doing bad, stop it. You are a doomsayer.

Most f2p games are not P2W, because the good ones follow a simple rule. Never sell power.


In good f2p MMOs crafting is still viable and you should never NEVER be able to buy a high end weapon/piece of gear with real life money. EVER. That is pay to win, that is selling power, that is a HUGE no-no for the f2p model.

I believe the f2p model is a good one. Sorry, I'm a student and cant find any feasible reason to drop 15$ a month for a game that I'll play only a couple of hours a week.

The cash shops should have vanity items, services that speed up gameplay (Rest xp, instant travel, etc) but NEVER EVER high end gear. EVER.

Lotro is one model that does it right. And CoH recently took up the f2p model and is doing well. CoH may sell power sets, but they are not overpowered. They are not the end all and overshadow every single other power set.


F2P is coming, and its coming big. Sort out the bad and the real jewels of the market will continue to influence it in a good way.

Mon Oct 17 2011 7:31AM Report
Hexipox writes: I agree that Lotro follows a very good F2P model. Yet i dont belive you should have to pay to quest and level up, imo its stupid that turbine want you to buy quest packs. It's also brilliant that you have to pay for expansions, thats really a good way to keep income and development going on. Just remove the pay for quest pack. I also belive its cool that you have the option to subscribe to get many of the benefits. Imo if you wanna play lotro for real, then you sub. If you wanna play it a few hours a week, then you dont. Works really well. Tue Oct 18 2011 6:04AM Report
Hexipox writes: @ Complication Having a pentagram as your icon does not make you look cool. It makes people think your either a sunday satanist or a disturbed kid. Should rething the image your using as your signature. Not many people are chaotic enough to be a satanist, tbh i dont even think you know what the 9 comitments are of the satanists .. Kids Tue Oct 18 2011 6:11AM Report
Malkos writes:

I never EVER have bought a quest pack in Lotro. And I still have 2 zones I havent touched and have plenty of time to level up. You dont have to spend money on quest packs, I've only ever spent points I've earned via questing or just grinding random mobs for my Trait bonuses.

Tue Oct 18 2011 11:18AM Report
Dojen writes:

I don't play MMOs to "craft"/work. I play them to have fun.

Tue Oct 18 2011 6:04PM Report
Rinna writes:

I miss crafting.  I miss SWG crafting pre NGE.  SWG had the best crafting system ever in any game.  I was having a discussion on the SWTOR boards just yesterday about crafters reeaaaaaalllyy wanting an indepth crafting system back in another game, a themepark game with a good crafting system.  So many players who never played an MMO prior to WOW don't even have a clue as to what being a skilled crafter in a game entails.

I don't think all the SWG crafting fans are going to get their collective itch scratched by SWTOR but we can keep up the good hope (and voices)  that eventually game designers will do something to appeal to a deeper game for the crafter.  

Tue Oct 18 2011 6:59PM Report
Hexipox writes: @ Malkos Yeah you might be right, but when i came back to the game and it was P2P i couldnt take any quests in the new added zones ... i just subed again =) Wed Oct 19 2011 2:08AM Report
Hexipox writes: @ to all SWG crafter lovers; I never played SWG, but i did start my mmo adventure in 97' with Ultima Online. I have good news for you.. The things you describe here, the love for crafting etc .. You might wanna keep an eye on this man, he is working on new mmo, with more or less what you guys love and a whole lot more: Wed Oct 19 2011 2:12AM Report
Classicstar writes:

Don't generalize ok not all follow blindly what developers/publishers spew at us. On contrary it have alinate me alot and on the verge of complete abandon mmo's.

I am already playing mostly solo games becouse of all the item/cash/vanity/fluff shops and symplification of the games.

Wed Oct 19 2011 4:02PM Report
hardsun79 writes:

Its not only about crafting ... its about general simplification of game features and mechanics :( Hope to see something close to Dwarf Fortress as AAA title with good money and effort investing.

PS: another good crafting mmo is Ryzom.

Wed Oct 19 2011 4:46PM Report
Lateris writes: Still at it!  Tue Nov 19 2013 5:22PM Report writes:
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