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Author: Lateris

The Vanity Store in Eve Online: Sadly Jaded

Posted by Lateris Monday September 19 2011 at 8:42PM
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Incarna: The vanity store in Eve Online is ridiculous not in terms of development and the talent that has gone into it. It is ridiculous in the fact that it detracts from gameplay and good game design. It should be given to the power of the Pilot. Incarna should be about player crafting. Gamers in Eve Online should be able to craft these vanity items in a complicated system that Eve fans adore. The selling of these items should be 100% player based on the public market in the game. This is the foundation of Eve Online and  which is why you cannot take a live game such as Eve and throw in a money making scam on players that specialize in money making scams.
Have we forgotten as upper management that Eve Online is built on the hardcore sandbox theme? It is not built on the principles of the Micro transaction game Market in real life.  In the past CCP has always listened to the heart of its customers. And it has for the most part taken into account and stood by the voice of the customer. And in return their customers have stood by CCP. But this transaction store is questionable and depletes the integrity of CCP in regards to Eve Online and how your pilots will react to what we equate as a scam with no gaming, with no content, and no purpose for New Eden.  


If there was anything that should have boosted CCP 's subscriptions it was not a micro transaction store. It should of been game play within Incarna that would boost the community. We have to return to the iron ore of the earth and remember that gamers want to game. They want content. They want vanity items they can make and sell themselves. Crafting for Avatars and all items associated with avatars would have accomplished this. Instead CCP set up a cash shop and took the market from your customers which is a huge mistake for your type of game. And I mean this with the utmost respect for your game and studio. But sometimes we have to speak with passion and love to set things right.



Micro transactions: I won’t argue that Micro transactions are “Gamer Evil”. I will argue that overpriced Micro transaction items within a Free to Play game, or a Subscription based game are utterly ridiculous and extremely rude to anyone’s customers. They detract from game play. And based on how you set your numbers are evil in terms of “Studio Evil” which we have seen the result of with live online games. In the end you are scamming your player base and we are leaving.  At this stage your biggest problem is creating new content with Incarna. And you really missed the boat with crafting by introducing an overpriced Micro transaction store with a subscription game.  



Hope: It seems like CCP is caught in between wanting to follow every market trend and cannot quite grasp how to implement it in a way that would sustain CCP's current player base, their integrity, and their gamers coolness factor. And in the end why have outrageous prices on store items if at all? To top it off CCP is snubbing the PC loyalist who helped CCP build Eve with their money, which CCP means to exploit over adding game play.  Fans are still waiting to see that CCP will get back on track. I know I am one of them who wants to see this rubbish cleared up.
Stay original CCP.



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