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Author: Lateris

The Glory of Hype

Posted by Lateris Wednesday August 24 2011 at 6:43PM
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Waiting for the glory can scramble the nerves when you first log into that new MMO that you have been waiting on for a few years or longer. Your initial reaction can be pure delight or pure disbelief. You can be the individual who will buy into the hyper activity of buzz marketing, or you can be that someone who has learned their lessons well from their Kung Fu master’s about the marketing industry. The marketer’s primary mission in the game world is to suck you within the initial opening sales debut. And why not, jobs are on the line.
Let’s use The Old Republic for an example of inflated perceptions of glory. My initial assumption is to write “please do not kill this game” with the hype meter or the over kill meter for yourself. One needs to level off the hopes and come back down to reality on how game design realistically can be applied at this time in our history. This game is not a MMO messiah. It's nothing new, aside from the full Voice Overs. Please, understand that. I can assume it will be an amazing game. But from what I can view I would compare it to Wow’s launch, and it’s a more refined version of WoW, as WoW was a more refined version of EverQuest.
It has a major factors going for it. It is from the Expanded Star Wars Universe created by BioWare. We all know the BioWare track record unless you live under a rock. Already the hype meter is high on this Triple-A production.  I have listened to some of the most ridiculous assumptions on this game from people who are expecting it to part the waters and bring world peace to planet earth.  We all know once it launches people will complain about everything and everyone. I can only focus on the instant gratification generation who will be the loudest complainers demanding instant entitlements. These are the proponents for the easy path to everything, thus dumbing down the mechanics and over all gameplay. Instant transportation is always the first to become the victim of these desk herders.
For me I could care less about the hype. I just want to approach a BioWare Star Wars game with a sense of kindness. The game reflects a sense of story, with massive amounts of voice overs, and a basic foundation for a new MMO to build upon.  You can approach the new game with a heart shaped box of innocence and enjoy a very well-produced game or you can be slithering whiner. Just don’t expect the glory of the second coming. I would expect a fantastic PvE game centered on the story of your character. And that character development will bring the glory.

Farewell to SWG: The Sea has Parted

Posted by Lateris Monday August 15 2011 at 7:49PM
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Saying Farewell to SWG with hopes of a new beginning in the BioWare Universe is bitter yet sweet. SWG has been a painfully interesting ride for the last 8 years. For me it was really a prime time introduction to playing MMORPG’s. It opened the door for other games such as World of Warcraft and Eve Online to name one out of many for myself to play. It changed my life forever in terms of crafting and the eternal game mechanics behind it. SWG taught me to look past the moments spent in the grind trenches and to dig in and search for the best resources.  To this day I just cannot craft in other games unless it reminds me of the superior crafting and resource gathering of SWG.  It has just become a personal preference.

I logged into SWG to actually say goodbye and to give my precious virtual items away for free. What really shocked me was to run into people who I have not seen since the NGE hit.  We all had a reunion and talked about the good old days. Many of us were struggling financially at the time, were interns, or going through the college years. My wife and I had two children while my years were spent in SWG. I grew up as an adult in SWG and not to forget Eve Online as well. Looking back at this I realized how much my group of SWG friends had influenced each other for the best and that brought a smile to my face. With all the changes we went through in SWG we lost touch. But I was awarded with good news that so much has improved in all our lives even in this global market.  
With the end of SWG once again the expanded universe enters into the realm of BioWare. One can see how your character plays the game is the focus of the foundation of SWTOR.  My group is fans of the RPG story element of BioWare games. We are also fans of the Expanded Universe for The Old republic. From the KOTOR single player game to the Dark Horse comic book series we are heavily into this universe.  For me the direction of The Old republic seems natural in terms of a BioWare game. I don’t see anything that is over the top or risqué. I see a space game that is based in simplicity even as an Eve Online player I am a little awe stuck at the arcade style. I see a ground game that reflects KOTOR I and II, Mass Effect, and Dragon Age. I think for the first time I am not sucked into the hype but with a gentle heart on the matter.
My approach for SWTOR is to expect nothing but a good story with 200 hours of gameplay per character. I have no unrealistic expectations that the heavens will part and the messiah will set foot on the earth and there will be world peace or that anger birds will land on the moon.  I am approaching this with a pure heart to just play a game for the sake of enjoying myself for the overall story. And it is that simple.
As a result of my reunion we have decided to rekindle our old guild for SWTOR. With SWG coming to a closure I am happy for the games risk that Raph Koster and staff made in the past with the Entertainer System, the Skill System, the Crafting System, the Beast Master ,Player Houses, Player Cities and the push back of Jump to Light Speed as an expansion. Vehicles and map size will always be their strength. And the sense of exploration I will always love yet miss. I weep for the days of pre NGE but those tears are philosophical at best because I am over it.
One thing I can hope for is that SWG guilds will organize and band together on servers for SWTOR. And I can’t help but think that some developers will find a relief that the horror story has come to an end as we have seen over the years. While for others it breaks their hearts. For me it is bittersweet.
Goodnight SWG.

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