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Activate The Mind Ray~!

I am not a writer. I am a fantastic orange that loves MMO games. I drive the Alien Green KIA SOUL. I am building a Tesla coil for ultimate power! I am now the guild leader of

Author: Lateris

Guild Leadership Declined!

Posted by Lateris Friday June 10 2011 at 8:20PM
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So you want to lead a guild says the immortal to the mortal. I see you have what it takes. Your hair is still purple and your eyes are still blue. But Mr. Immortal what does it take to lead a guild says I the little mortal? So you can go with this, or you can with this theory.
Time: As I age and have more little pups in my wolf clan. Each one wants to hop onto my PC with the 24” monitor and indulge games, the web, the fun game making tools, Netflix, and the kids “you tube filter”. Even despite the fact that I have set the little woman up with an iMac in the kitchen. The Kids want to play with papa Mario!  And they are just so cuddly and fun like a little baby wolf cub! If you have free time to be young and single then guild leadership is for you. It is fading for me! My wife is so happy-indeed.
Patience: Guilds have Drama and personality issues. There are always conflicts with personalities and especially with raiding. I have one friend who just pitches a fit if things don’t progress quickly in raids.  Who wants to listen to that in Mumble, Team Speak, or Ventrilo? But as a leader you have to just take it with a grain of salt and define the issue with patience.
Fairness: Never get caught up in the click that wants so and so kicked out without facts and proof. You have to base your leadership on facts. Getting caught up in the click is going to cause future problems. Everyone is in your click and you are the ruling judge and jury based on your structure. Make them yours.
Racism:  Never tolerate it. A code of conduct is essential for any guild to flourish. Remember we are a global community now for online games and we have everything under the sun and it gets hot. I am a firm believer that gaming can save the world for the best. In my days I have played with all sorts of political backgrounds, preferences, and religions. Extremist and jerks get the boot. We have a common factor and that is the game that we play and the governance of a guilds code of conduct is key. If you’re racists you’re considered an outsider here in the US society. And as far as I am concerned if you can’t respect a woman, race, religion, or personal preferences, then you suck the noob life death sticks with no sugar.
Events: Guild Events are very, very, key for guild activities but also have consistent and responsible schedules that everyone can sign up for. I once asked a friend of mine that used to lead raids in his MMO for a solid three years how he was able to get everyone to work together consistently- he said the key is to know your content, your personalities, your stats, and the map. And to rule with a loving fist.
Website: I used to think a website makes a guild but shiny means nothing. A website is really a communication tool for message boards and events. It also helps build community and gameplay. If you’re lucky enough like I have been in the past to have game artist as guildies who want to make shiny I say let them work their magic. But only the basics are required these days. There are lots of free options or more advanced options to build a good gaming community and presence online.
Delegate: You cannot take all the pressure on your shoulders. An infrastructure of leadership is key to successful leadership.
Attitude: People will always let you down but so what. Pick yourself up and rock out with fun times in the guild. Remember why you started to play online games and why you wanted to be a guild leader. If you wanted to be a leader to rule the masses try politics in D.C. But be cool because we gamers love to have fun.  And most of all…don’t be a jerk.
Sadly, I just had to decline the immortals request to lead but so are my thoughts on the task at hand. I think some of the best guild structures I have played in has been Sturm Grenadier and Eve University. Some of the nicest people I have played with have been in SR for Star Wars Galaxies on Star Sider. I hope to have taken some of the good in all these guilds and passed it on. And I am debating to rez my first guild for TOR which was Obscuri Lateris aka
    .  What is a gamer to do?
Have fun storming the castle this  week!
Dragonantis writes:

Very well written, if people followed these rules guilds would be more of a success story XD

Thu Jun 16 2011 2:05AM Report
Griffihn writes:

wait, people follow any other rules than these?.... just kidding. but yea, you're right about all those rules. though you forgot one: Never, at any time, no matter how successful or powerful you or your guild gets, go from being a gamer and a leader to considering yourself an all-powerful god. (meh, not unless B&W Online is out and i don't know about it).

i so understand what u say about age and such. guild leading is for the younglings, those that have the time and the patience for such a thing. those of us that have a wife and maybe some pups around the den can only guide and look after them. maybe do some control from the shadows but that's about it since game-time for us is limited. i'm not using the words "free time" since that concept begins to disappear once married life gets a hold of you.... even though, albeit rare, there are guilds where a husband and a wife lead together (but i think i have more than enough fingers to count them).

Thu Jun 16 2011 4:56AM Report
yuckfoulol writes:

people who play swtor are like this? I am so buying that game

Mon Aug 15 2011 9:53PM Report
Lateris writes:

That is pretty much our code of conduct in my guild

Mon Aug 15 2011 11:23PM Report
Lateris writes:

So I declined to lead a guld in AoC  but will lead one in Tor- LOL

Sat Aug 20 2011 5:22PM Report writes:
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