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Activate The Mind Ray~!

I am not a writer. I am a fantastic orange that loves MMO games. I drive the Alien Green KIA SOUL. I am building a Tesla coil for ultimate power! I am now the guild leader of

Author: Lateris

Eve Online: The Last Stand Against Micro Transaction’s?

Posted by Lateris Friday June 24 2011 at 4:44PM
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Something historic is happening at this very moment. I am watching a live feed for a protest that is occurring in Eve Online that re protesting against high prices for micro transactions that were introduced.
Here is a break down taken from the message boards=
Exchange Rate: 3500 AUR = 1 PLEX = $17.50 = 400 mil isk at Jita (New Eden main trade hub).

- Looking Glass Ocular implant – 12k AUR -> 3.5 PLEX -> $61.25 ->1.4 Bil ISK

- Men’s ‘Sterling’ Dress Shirt – 3.6k AUR -> 0.97 PLEX -> $16.97 -> 388 Mil ISK

- Women’s ‘Sterling’ Dress Blouse – 3.2K AUR -> .91 PLEX -> $16.00 -> 364 Mil ISK

- Men’s ‘Comando’ Pants – 3k AUR -> .85 PLEX -> $15 -> 340 Mil ISK

- Women “Impress” Skirt – 3.6k AUR -> 0.97 PLEX -> $16.97 -> 388 Mil ISK

- Women’s ‘Sterling’ Dress Blouse P – 4.4k AUR -> 1.25 PLEX -> $22.00 -> 504 Mil ISK

- Men’s ‘Precision’ Boots – 1k AUR -> 0.28 PLEX -> $5.00 -> 112 Mil ISK

- Women’s ‘Greave’ Knee-Boots – 2.4K AUR -> 0.68 PLEX -> $12.00 -> 272 Mil ISK
There are no political parties involved. No religions and no borders. It is sheer freedom to express one’s self as a paying customer. It is the last stand for Eve Online players that will make or break the game based on CCP’s reaction to the players. I have stated before that gamers have a voice and we can exercise it by our own actions. The fact that bans may result from this will only encourage gamers to leave Eve Online in the hundreds. I am hoping CCP does not do this. 
The days of referring to gamers who pay with their money as fans may need to change. These fans are buying customers. And like all  markets the bubble could burst. CCP will either take the fall like SOE sadly did years ago or will either listen to their customers and win their hearts like they have done in the past. I just hope that an amazing studio like CCP does not repeat mistakes made by SOE years ago and ignore the majority of Eve Onlines customers.
Edited: Almost 10% of online players are protesting right now. 
~Best Wishes~ 

Apply Attrition to Levels

Posted by Lateris Monday June 20 2011 at 8:10PM
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There is the media buzz in the air again about game systems without levels such as the now in production “The Secret World”. The time is extremely ripe for such efforts.  But it is not like this hasn’t occurred in the past with games like Eve Online or Star Wars Galaxies Pre NGE just to name a few.  Both have hit a nice numbers of subscribers in their separate parts of history. SWG was at its peak Pre NGE proving the skill model was the sweet nectar and Eve Online…well Eve Online just keeps growing. We are at a stage where our second generation in the time period of MMORPG gamers is feeling less challenged with the standard and easy World of Warcraft instant gratification design, or the standard quest assignment kill ten rats and off you go mentality.  We are back on the crossroads for a new change which I hope will stop the “dumbed down assault” on game design for MMORPG’s or even stall it for quality.
Maybe it is me but I was under the impression that MMORPG’s used to be for the type of gamer that wanted the challenged lifestyle of gaming. That step above the rest. It was the chance of living a video game as your life behind a keyboard and mouse. It was immersion. It was the blend of all games in concept that could suck you into a world of dice, exploration, crafting, mini games, player vs. player, but with all the mechanics of the day enveloped into one game. And the more you played the more your vision of that virtual world increased forcing you to become virtually socialized. There were challenges and difficulties to gain access to the Dragon’s chamber that could take, wait for it, a few weeks to gain access because of the quest chain before claiming the thrones moment on the server. Apologies Spartacus for the sarcasm but someone needs to bring up the point that we have become wussies. There was a day when you could stand proud of that fact that hours were put into your character and everyone knew it based on your 100.00 Tamarian Tiger or your Faction “earned” Tamarian Tiger.  Stop the dependent self-entitled mentality.
But in a world of levels why go there. I say abandon it. Create worlds that the player decides to go out into with an abundance of content. How do you do this? Why use your “imagination “of course and get those software tools so that they are grinding out the content!
Until the next Mind Ray hurts my brainzZ- have fun storming the castle this week.

Guild Leadership Declined!

Posted by Lateris Friday June 10 2011 at 9:20PM
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So you want to lead a guild says the immortal to the mortal. I see you have what it takes. Your hair is still purple and your eyes are still blue. But Mr. Immortal what does it take to lead a guild says I the little mortal? So you can go with this, or you can with this theory.
Time: As I age and have more little pups in my wolf clan. Each one wants to hop onto my PC with the 24” monitor and indulge games, the web, the fun game making tools, Netflix, and the kids “you tube filter”. Even despite the fact that I have set the little woman up with an iMac in the kitchen. The Kids want to play with papa Mario!  And they are just so cuddly and fun like a little baby wolf cub! If you have free time to be young and single then guild leadership is for you. It is fading for me! My wife is so happy-indeed.
Patience: Guilds have Drama and personality issues. There are always conflicts with personalities and especially with raiding. I have one friend who just pitches a fit if things don’t progress quickly in raids.  Who wants to listen to that in Mumble, Team Speak, or Ventrilo? But as a leader you have to just take it with a grain of salt and define the issue with patience.
Fairness: Never get caught up in the click that wants so and so kicked out without facts and proof. You have to base your leadership on facts. Getting caught up in the click is going to cause future problems. Everyone is in your click and you are the ruling judge and jury based on your structure. Make them yours.
Racism:  Never tolerate it. A code of conduct is essential for any guild to flourish. Remember we are a global community now for online games and we have everything under the sun and it gets hot. I am a firm believer that gaming can save the world for the best. In my days I have played with all sorts of political backgrounds, preferences, and religions. Extremist and jerks get the boot. We have a common factor and that is the game that we play and the governance of a guilds code of conduct is key. If you’re racists you’re considered an outsider here in the US society. And as far as I am concerned if you can’t respect a woman, race, religion, or personal preferences, then you suck the noob life death sticks with no sugar.
Events: Guild Events are very, very, key for guild activities but also have consistent and responsible schedules that everyone can sign up for. I once asked a friend of mine that used to lead raids in his MMO for a solid three years how he was able to get everyone to work together consistently- he said the key is to know your content, your personalities, your stats, and the map. And to rule with a loving fist.
Website: I used to think a website makes a guild but shiny means nothing. A website is really a communication tool for message boards and events. It also helps build community and gameplay. If you’re lucky enough like I have been in the past to have game artist as guildies who want to make shiny I say let them work their magic. But only the basics are required these days. There are lots of free options or more advanced options to build a good gaming community and presence online.
Delegate: You cannot take all the pressure on your shoulders. An infrastructure of leadership is key to successful leadership.
Attitude: People will always let you down but so what. Pick yourself up and rock out with fun times in the guild. Remember why you started to play online games and why you wanted to be a guild leader. If you wanted to be a leader to rule the masses try politics in D.C. But be cool because we gamers love to have fun.  And most of all…don’t be a jerk.
Sadly, I just had to decline the immortals request to lead but so are my thoughts on the task at hand. I think some of the best guild structures I have played in has been Sturm Grenadier and Eve University. Some of the nicest people I have played with have been in SR for Star Wars Galaxies on Star Sider. I hope to have taken some of the good in all these guilds and passed it on. And I am debating to rez my first guild for TOR which was Obscuri Lateris aka
    .  What is a gamer to do?
Have fun storming the castle this  week!

No Loading Screens from Space to the Ground

Posted by Lateris Friday June 3 2011 at 5:18PM
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The Advancement of technology in the game environment is essential to build the market for gaming. And instead of MMO”S dumbing down to release the standard driven games we are familiar with I would state it is time for games to move beyond the loading screen from the surface of planets to the skies of a home world, with seamless integration into outer space.  And in this same capacity a ground game must occur.  In other words “no loading screens”.


The size of virtual worlds and the amount of gameplay within these worlds can increase potentially through the use of Procedural Programming that can store algorithms and code to generate the data “in real-time” based on how it is requested by the game server.  A perfect example of this is “Infinity” which allows travel from far distances to the surface of a planet with no loading screens. It is seamless.  Here is an example of their work that has been rendered. Click here: 
But I would urge further development into game engines that can accomplish seamless travel to include a fully functional ground game on each planet. I would challenge developers to break out of the box. Imagine traveling in your ship from Planet A. You walk into the ship, sit down, or play a mini game while you wait for your transport vehicle to launch. It launches. And as you sit in your chair you can look out your window to see the world become smaller and smaller. Suddenly you are in space and you hear an announcement in your ship “This is the captain of the Lilly Worm Transport. We are now going to engage the gate to travel to System Ponder Wander five”. Please secure yourself”. Your ship enters the gate and off you are sent traveling into space faster than light to arrive above the planet of your destination. Your ship flies through the atmosphere and lands on the landing pad, you walk out of the ship and off you go, with no loading screens. Up pops the UI for your ground experience and off you go to play your game.  

The technology and the development skills are capable of doing such a feat. It has to be built from the ground up. And I would urge a developer or studio at some point to take the challenge and move forward into the future with sensibility, skill, and solid code. The future belongs to the dreamer and tomorrow is closer than we think.  For me, this is the future for Sci Fi games. Stop rehashing what has been done.  I am just a fan who would love to see this happen.

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