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Activate The Mind Ray~!

I am not a writer. I am a fantastic orange that loves MMO games. I drive the Alien Green KIA SOUL. I am building a Tesla coil for ultimate power! I am now the guild leader of

Author: Lateris

Day 2 of STO: The Tech Ability Warp

Posted by Lateris Thursday April 7 2011 at 7:28PM
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STO Day 2: Dear Disclaimer-Let me emphasize I am not a star trek hardcore fan.  But I love games based in space and multiple planets. Nor do I care for what the game was like with the previous producer or release of STO. Read on my children of the clones.
Every game in the world might reach a point of technical difficulty that seeks out the PC gamers athletic mental abilities to troubleshoot any sort of issue that comes about from the longitude and latitude settings for crash landings and hopefully quick recoveries.  After downloading Star Trek Online and patching the game I clicked engage only to witness my game crash. Ah my poor space angel has gone bunk. As a longtime fan boy of 64bit I knew this had to be tech related. Now at this point I have that choice to either freak out like so many gamers have been caught on camera by their roommates and family, or I could just drink the blue bottle and research the issue. Onward I flew into the URL system support of Star Trek Online drinking my blue bottle. Look it’s a 100+ buff to my intelligence! Spock’s daddy would be proud of my human blue bottle diplomatic choices.   
In this case I was able to quickly obtain solutions within Cryptic Studios support page with Star Trek Online under Solution #3162, which basically directed me to delete some files. Then thrust force my hips into verification through the Patcher.  After this process was completed I was able to click the engage button and launch STO with no issues except I had no sound.  So onward I flew back into the URL system support of Star Trek Online to find Solution #3158 armed with the Green Bottle. 100+ stamina!  Update your sound driver’s silly human! Once that process was completed and I tweaked out my settings for surround sound I then launched the game and thus I had the sounds of Star Trek Online courtesy of Realtek.  Hack the planet anyone-kidding.
Server Selection: There is only one Star Trek Online server which reminds me of the Guild Wars solution where players can switch instances for certain zones, or you can compare this directly to Champions Online which still loops back to the Guild Wars server structure.  The concept is just like a Mobius Ribbon. And I am grateful for this experience as I prefer one cluster, one shard, with a single gathering of the fleets. Then came one of my favorite initiations for all MMORPG’, character creation.


Character Creation: The STO character creation process is extremely fun. I selected the Federation to start with. I kind of remember a band called “Trunk Federation” but only the bass player was into Science Fiction, the little guy who made the band sound better. I can create shapes and multiple heights, add beards, hair styles, bulge out my forehead, and create the character that speaks of my perception for immersion. It is a direct reflection of my role as the traveling explorer with multiple choices of uniforms to wear. I have to shout out huge respectable props of Nano kisses to the developers at Cryptic who designed and implemented the character creation tool for this game as in previous games they have developed.  This part does not seem rushed out the door. I have choices much like in the days when the SWG creator tool was the rave. And technology is always expanding itself in the game world as you can see with the new creation tools for Eve Online. It is a healthy competition.  My first character is a Federation alien male. He is tall, green, and reminds me of the Skrulls from the Marvel Universe except with head horns of sort. I absolutely love the shiny lighting effects for my leather pants and boots. I get to be a rock star and it adds height to my extremely tall hybrid of Skrull-Trek species. Altitude not attitude green man. And the details of how ugly my green aliens chine makes me smile. It is alive.


Tutorial: The tutorial is action packed to a hilt where you learn to target, fight, shoot, beam, and interact with the environment in avatar form where you are pitted up against the Borg. You even get the chance to send Borg out a blown hole in a starship into space just like our aging airliner fleets sadly need help with. Then it is off to space you go where your lessons begin in the basics of space combat and travel. Over all it’s an easy process to blast through the tutorial and obtain the basics of STO to get you started.  There are definitely some issues that occur for every MMO in Windows, OS X, or Linux. But it is up to the individual to reach out to the support sites of MMORPG games and find an answer and seek help if you cannot find a solution. That does not rule out that a Studio must do the same for its customers.

My experience with Cryptic Studios support site was easy and intuitive. I was quickly able to fix my issues.  And I am finally embarking on my adventure aboard my starting ship the USS Oabi. Fare thee well humans. Geez, where did l leave my light saber, Hyborian sword, and plastic Vulcan ears…
Lateris writes:

Attacked by spambots- will be deleted. 

Fri Apr 08 2011 9:47AM Report
MrVertigo7 writes:

Very nice! If I wasn't addicted to LOTRO I'd join ya!

Fri Apr 08 2011 4:21PM Report
Vibeop writes:

Every game in the world might reach a point of technical difficulty that seeks out the PC ..gamers... athletic..... mental....... abilities.........zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Fri Apr 08 2011 10:28PM Report
Lateris writes:

Damian- your such a joker-

Sun Apr 10 2011 11:58PM Report
ScribbleLay1 writes:

Does anyone really care about this game anymore>

Mon Apr 11 2011 8:35AM Report
Lateris writes:

They do. There is a seriously loyal following for this game.

Sun Apr 17 2011 11:54PM Report writes:
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