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You ain't got no alibi.

Author: LadyAlibi

Personal and Rantish. You have been warned.

Posted by LadyAlibi Thursday June 10 2010 at 3:31PM
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The first part of this is personal rant, but it is related to the second part, which is actually MMO stuff. There's just no good place to post this sort of thing, but I want to get it off my chest anyway...

I have a policy of not doing business with friends or family. I don't lend to them, I don't borrow from them, I don't sell to them, and I don't buy from them. I've had enough of that drama already. You can imagine how happy I was when my husband agreed to buy a bunch of computer parts for me from an acquaintance, a friend of my son. I think we know him well enough at this point for him to fall in the friends category-- he's stayed here with our son a couple of times for a couple of weeks at a time.

It's been two months and we're still waiting for the parts to be shipped. He says he gave them to his father last week for shipping, but they aren't here, so I don't know what's going on with that. All I know is that I am really annoyed.

I might mention that these parts in no way constitute an entire system-- he's supposed to be sending a motherboard, CPU, RAM, and video card.  I can probably recycle an old case, but I will still need a hard drive, probably some sort of ROM drive (DVD, CD, whatever) and an operating system to turn it into something useful. I actually had plans to buy a new computer and had plans for my old one, so this whole plan doesn't suit me.

Did I mention that none of these parts are new? They are all out of computers the kid upgraded. He estimated prices based on Newegg... If he was going to do that, why didn't we just skip the middle man and buy new parts from Newegg?

Gentlemen, consult your ladies before you make plans for hardware, especially if it is supposed to be their hardware.

With all that said, right now, the best system I have access to (i.e. that isn't entirely my husband's) is a laptop. It's pretty new and has let me get my feet wet in a bunch of games that my old computer couldn't handle, but it leaves something to be desired. The video doesn't work for everything, and a laptop means a laptop keyboard, which isn't my favorite thing. 

It doesn't work with Age of Conan, for instance-- it's playable if you don't mind everyone being naked and partially invisible.  My character didn't have a face-- just eyeballs and teeth. That was a little creepy. Oh, and the terrain would occasionally disappear. I'd like to give that game another chance, once I can play it and have a face at the same time.

I was also able to finally try Vanguard. I had to disable the sound  to get it to work, which apparently was a problem other people had and that had supposedly been patched. It did run without sound, though, and I often turn off game sound anyway, so that wasn't a huge deal.  The performance was ok, but a little slow in places. I'd like to give that game another try at some point on a somewhat better system, and maybe even with sound, preferably when my husband and I can play together. It didn't really grab me, but I also feel like I didn't really give it a fair shake.

So, anyway, I hope to have a really nice system before the next round of major new releases. I am afraid to hope for too much, but it would be nice to get into a game at the beginning for a change. I hate to admit it, but I do like fantasy games, so there should be a large crop to pick from. There are always more fantasy games coming. 

Although I never did get into FFXI on the couple of occasions that I tried it long after release, I am interested in FFXIV. I hope that the UI is more PC-friendly and that I can get more quickly involved in the in-game community if I start close to release. (Yes, I know that FFXI could be "fixed" with configuration and macros, but it certainly wasn't friendly out of the box.) The videos look pretty good to me, really, and what I've heard sounds like it might be something I'd like.

Another game-in-development that I am at least somewhat interested in is Rift: Planes of Telara. I am not yet convinced that it will really be that much more than a standard fantasy game, but it looks interesting to me anyway. I guess we'll know more about it over time.

I used to follow MMO news very closely, but I haven't in a couple of years, due to having an older system and having other things going on in my life. Are there any outstanding games that I should try now? Is there anything coming out in the next couple of years I should be watching?

Right now I am bouncing between f2p games. I am having a little fun, but I actually like having a game that's compelling enough to keep my attention for more than a few weeks.  I prefer PvE, but I am not afraid of PvP, especially if it is guild or faction based. I just want to find a good community of people where I can be useful in game and maybe make some friends along the way.  (Sometimes you can get an idea what sort of people a game is attracting even before it is released, just by looking at the forums.) That's what I am looking for. writes:
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