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The Once and Future Camelot: returning to familiar hearths in dark and desperate times.

Long ago, upon returning to America after years abroad, I settled down and lived for a few years in a place called Albion. Briefly, a veil was lifted and a whole world lay within the reach of my hands and my mind's eye opened to an epic everlasting dream.

Author: Kuldebar

The Story So Far: What We Know

Posted by Kuldebar Monday February 11 2013 at 8:31PM
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It's very early on and we have only a few tantalizing tidbits of information about the setting of the new world that the CSE Team is proposing to create in their recently announced Camelot Unchianed Project.

I will try to keep conjecture to a minimum, but I may fail miserably.

The Setting and Stage

It appears the world setting will take place on our own Earth after the veil between worlds has been lifted.  

What we do not know is if the Earth setting is the modern day world or the Earth from some other historical period.

I must admit having delight imagining Knights, Fae Warriors and Vikings battling over a dragon scorched ruins of a post-apocalyptic present day Earth, but we just don't know yet.


There will be three factions available to players which will emerge as dominant and opposing forces:

  • The Kingdom of Camelot
  • The Tuatha Dé Danann
  • The Vikings 

There's a lot to love right there: three factions and the distinct lore value each mythical faction represents in the human imagination.

The archetypes are very compelling and the faction leaders, equally so:

  • King Arthur Pendragon of Camelot
  • Nuada Airgetlám of the Tuatha Dé Danann
  • Sigurd of the Vikings

The game will be RVR based and sand box in the sense that players will be the prime movers of the world events in the conflict between the factions.

"Everything in this game is geared to the TriRealm concept, whether it is the crafting system, housing, skill progression, etc. You will explore, fight, capture, level, etc. all within a competitive RvR world that was crafted with this FP in mind." -RvR isn’t the end game, it’s the only game!

So, despite all the "PVP", there will still be a firm anchoring in the world setting. 

Players will craft armors and weapons to support the war efforts and also have personal places to call home.

Careful weaving of the ongoing conflict and the pride of one's realm, hearth and home will be the driving force and motivation for the player. Tangible benefits and losses will make for worthwhile warfare. Players will need to be invested; the emotionally detached player or the unimaginative one will problem feel like a fish out of water.

Character Progression

Skill and character progression will be based on usage and focus of play style. Thus, the player will be the true actor in the game allowing for the player to be vested in their characters. Healers will want to be healers, and will be treasured for being so.

"Our progression systems will be based solely on the activities that you are participating in directly (“Die Die. Kill you all. Make you suffer!”) or (“Heal Heal. Heal you all. Make you whole!”) or simply by otherwise helping out in RvR, even if you aren’t very good at it.

Know that I’m a fan of “You are what you do” gameplay as well as a class-based system for this kind of game so…"  Foundational Principle #2

The Challenge of the Game

The game will entice you not to fail and encourage you to build cohesive community within your faction. 

"You should always hold the hands of your little children while crossing busy intersections but…our players are not children and this is not an intersection crossing.

Many developers/publishers were and are so afraid to let the players lose, make mistakes, suffer any inconvenience, etc., that we have created a feedback loop whereby many players expect spoon fed content that goes down real easy, shown how to do everything, directed so they can’t make serious mistakes, etc.

To sum up, Camelot Unchained will not hold your hand, it will allow you to make mistakes, it will encourage you to take risks, but most importantly, it will reward you for doing so and yes, if you make some bad decisions it will not always be easy to undo them, old school style."  - Foundational Principle #3

Additional considerations in the game design will attempt to marry old school elements into a modern game.

"...I may also put in some features that some people might not consider fun (like true day/night cycle, slower and different leveling systems, extremely limited fast travel, no PvE leveling/gear grind) because I believe that will make this a better game for our niche."  - Foundational Principle #1

So, that 's my summation of what little we presently know of Camelot Unchained. 

There's a large amount of bravery in CSE's honestly stated intent. If this project was coming from a major studio, I'd not believe it for one second. But, like politics, true grass root gaming can have wonderful qualities and righteous ambition without having to sell souls in the process. writes:
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