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Kaelas' Bloggy Thing

This is where I am gonna start blogging about all the cookie cutter and good things about any game people are drooling over. So I can give my opinion and hope people aren't like the democrats and republicans that only vote their party because there sheep.

Author: Kaelas

Warhammer Online - Lows, more Lows, and some I guess good things.

Posted by Kaelas Monday September 15 2008 at 1:58PM
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Honestly, some people will like the game. I got my money back from my pre-order. There's too many problems from a development standpoint.

1) PvE never gets as good of gear as PvP.

2) Order gets better PvE gear than Destruction

3) Server populations way too low, and servers have issues way too often.

4) Crafting system isn't just unintelligable, but when you rank up and can use only one stabilization item to make something. It still only counts one of the other items you put in.

5) Cultivation is done in your hand pretty much. Honestly I'd like to see ingrediants only made by certain races. Maybe even things like dark elves special requiring you to kill a creature, plant seed in body, do ritual. Something that would fit. Instead your hand is a fast sea of farm land.

6) The fortresses are nice. One player can solo defend aginst a warband all day. Wait, no that's a bad thing. Also you don't get better seige equipment. And there's no craftable better-than-purchased equipment. Heck, the equipment stinks except the oil pot.

7) RvR gets item drops from people, which is nice. However since its a PvE drop, it gets sold becuase its useless.

8) First quest to go into RvR senario is at level 2-3. Of course these people have no tutorial, or explanation of the senerio they are entering. Khaine's wrath for instance, newbies arn't told not to go charging a shrine after it says )x( has unleashed khaine's wrath. And noone ever listens to a fellow player, its the warhammer online motto.

9) 2d stencils all over the place. I thought this was a fully 3d game guys?

10) I bet you'll finaly think of player housing in an expansion. But since it didnt' start with the game, you'll have ot add new areas to accomidate it.

11) I went to act 2, still no trade area. Now supposedly there is one, i'm guessing int he main last act towns. But that also means that unless everyone goes talisman crafting, there's no trade before the end. Talk about elitist philosophy in a game huh?

12) Taking control of an area is nice, but when you dominate the area, no extra bonus, and everthing resets. At least give us money, an item, or a bonus modifier globally. Do a global tug of war via dominations maybe. Do something, don't just make all our hard work go to complete waste. As of last day of open beta, we were throwing some rvr matches just to keep ourselves near domination but not actually doing it.

13) There releasing with bugs like npcs that are near permanately to permanately unattackable that are part of PQ's, come on

14) what is the engine anyways, its like World of Warcraft and Dark Age of Camelot had a deformed baby becuase World of Warcraft (Mother) drank thru the pregnancy.

15) For such low quality graphics, it sure takes up ALLOT of ram, please optimize this.

16) Speaking of optimising, the netcode needs thrown out and completely reworked. You have a ping over 100, or ever spike over 100 and you have mobs that are dead still walking around that you can't do anything to. And if the mob respawns, your computer will not accept the new information.

17) I do play Warhammer sometimes. And boy are there allot of things that should be in that are missing.

18) The lands are a bit small around keeps, its easy to take out noobs defending a keeps. They won't know how to fire behind an object using a repeater, etc.

19) This game is more of a grind than World of Warcraft. Especially if you can never find someone to do some PQ that's off to the side.

20) PQ rewards from bags, suck. Yet again just pick the gold, or crafting items. The supposed good armors, etc from PQ's are always worse than Renown counterparts.

21) I agree with nileq. This game breaks no molds whatsoever. Its a cookiecutter game that should of been further developed with actually new features. Most features including tactic slot type things can be found in older games. Hell saga of Ryzom lets you really specialize your abilities, actually modifying exactly what they do. Show me another game that does that!

22) Buffing is horrible in this game. Noone stands around to get buffed, because the game mechanics don't allow you the time to do so. The tactics slot should be added onto to allow you "autocast" buffs. Anything in the autocast slot auto goes on any ally around you. And when they are outside your radius is goes down in time, charges when near you. Speaking of allies getting buffs. Most buffs only affect your team, not allies. IF this game is supposed to be a full out war from creation on, why can't I buff my allies near me. I mean noone uses the open party system because its useless. You see maybe 7 groups, no warbands unless people beg for it. I don't see why we can't buff anyone on our side. Or actually make players be tactical about it and make it buff everyone within ar adius. So improper use can result in buffing the enemy.

Things I did like:

1) Tactic slot system

2) control of areas give bonuses (but they should have negatives for being on loosing side

3) the idea of keep warfare, but not its current implamentation.


Trust me, I have plenty more on the bad side, I can't think of anything else good to say about the game. I'm off to blow something up in some game. I'll roll a D20 and pick, see ya!

duiLucid writes:

 Go back to WoW please.

Mon Sep 15 2008 2:17PM Report
Balkin31 writes:

Just another boring MMO.... Maybe someday an MMO will come along to peak my interest again but I won't hold my breath!

Mon Sep 15 2008 2:20PM Report
Elvenbaine writes:

I have been hearing all this Talk about how War was going to kill the playfield. for months I have heard the game is gonna be sick take Wow right off the map and I get into beta and was like... ok where is this game everyone is talking about? War was a major let down, and then hearing it was gonna be $24 a month to play. yea I'll pick up Hello Kitty before I play this. you say goback to WoW, I say you have played too much Guild warz.

Mon Sep 15 2008 2:50PM Report
Kuji-Kiri writes:

15) For such low quality graphics, it sure takes up ALLOT of ram, please optimize this.


I second, third, and fourth this. This should be top priority right now.

Mon Sep 15 2008 4:04PM Report
kadepsyson writes:

I like the idea of massive battles between two sides for control of an area.  Unfortunately I must agree with Kaelas - WOAoR is a terrible implementation of it. 

Mon Sep 15 2008 4:12PM Report
streea writes:

Elven, I have no clue who lied to you, but it won't cost $24 a month to play. It's the standard $15 to play US, and about $18 for Europeans (with a very rough conversion). And that's only if you decide to pay month-to-month.

As for the post, well... you're complaining about gear in a game that isn't gear-centric, because people decide to not read up on the game, and because it doesn't have features that it has never said it would have? Also, there are PLENTY of people playing... I've never had trouble getting a group together for a PQ with just random people in the area, and we join up with other groups as well. So aside from two or three points, you're just upset because they aren't hand-feeding you your milk at the exact temperature you like...

Mon Sep 15 2008 4:33PM Report
banthis writes:

1.  Unless you played every char and got every drop, quest item, etch this is pretty much subjective and or flat out lies.  I've got both order and destruction chars and I've never encountered this thought.

2. same as above

3. gotta love server was over flowing i had to queue yesterday.  During OB the servers were rampantly busy as well I never had a problem doing anything.  I encountered 1 CtD the entire OB such horrid problems *scoffing*

4. load of crap its impossible even at Rank 50 to make good items without atleast 2 stabalizers or atleast 1 stabalizer and a secondary ingredient to increase chances of something better.

5. As cool as that could be this is an RvR game first .. who the hell is realy going to want to repeat that process over and over again.  Cultivation is already semi boring as it is..thank god we can do it on the run or in battle.

6.  Utter Lies.   You can not defend a Keep much less a fortress entirely by yourself.  A warband can easily tear through the PvE mobs guarding it.   Besides No one's seen the Fortresses except Elder Testers they're only available at Tier 3 & 4.

7.  I've never sold a PvE drop from RvR ...i have plenty of friends and guild mates who could use those drops.  Not to mention Salvagers for talisman making need them.   Economy my friend people want it..well there you go!

8.  Do we really need people to hold our hands?  Did you not find it thrillingly crazy when it happened? I died laughing then remmebered to always run away after that.  BTW there's explinations for EVERY scenario on their main website..try looking.

9.  I've not seen any 2D stencils...then again sometimes they are needed nto everything need 500 polygons.

10.  I hope they never add player housing the last thing we need in  the middle of a war is everyone playing hide n go seek in their houses. 

11.  What game have you ever played where the Trade Area aka Auction House is outside the city?   If you reached Tier probably went by a WARCAMP ..there's a flight master there use him to go to the city there's about 8 AH's per city.    If you meant Chapter 2 then you only reached what lvl 7..what the hell did yo have worth selling?

12.  Utter lies..if youf ully dominate the area and lock it down everyone even if your NOT in the RvR lake gets 600 + RP points and a Buff.

13.  They fixed this 3 days ago occasionaly there is still a sync problem but I've not seen it happen in 2 days.

14.  Their engine is newer than WoW's and really should lay off the crack.  This continues to prove my theory you are a lying troll baby that never made it past Tier 1.

15.   They're not low quality they're just not Age of Crapnan.

16.  Funny my ping is usually 100+ on any MMO game...if the game has people playing it anyway.

17.  Sometimes not everything in  TT game can translate into a PC game..its a Fact..especially if you knwo anything about Game Design beyond tic tac toe.

18.   Again Lies the lands are far from small especially if your trying to return to the fight it takes forever and leaves you open for ambushes.  Its worse at Tier 4 when most of the map which is 50% bigger than the Tier 1 map is all RvR.

19.  Subjective opinion I've never found anything I do in WAR a grind especially since its all OPTIONAL nothing requires you to need it unless you want it. WoW made you grind there was no way around it.

20.  Do you expect Tier 1 PQ bags to give you blues? your smoking grass again....the Tier 2 and higher ones are better with blue & gold bags.   Not to mention if you do the PQ at the appropriate level the gear is rather damn awsome.

21.   Totally Subjective Opinion I've played alot of MMO games and the game to me isn't overwhelming and it still has surprises.  Games that overwhelm you with newness tend to suck.

22.  You really like people to do everything for you and hand everything on a platter to you..if they don't want a damn buff isn't that THEIR problem not yours?   My friends and I have no prlbem getting buffs.

God Silver Platter Crybabies...insta whine lameness.

Mon Sep 15 2008 4:51PM Report
spokelsessky writes:

well said banthis!    

Mon Sep 15 2008 5:08PM Report
A1learjet writes:

- Mon Sep 15 2008 4:08PM
well said banthis!


Yes agree  OP has a very shallow  view of the WHOLE   over all game


Sorta like watching the Cinny Bengals and saying  American Football Blows,

Mon Sep 15 2008 7:32PM Report
TsukieU writes:



an ***hole with an opinion.  Who'd have thunk it.

Mon Sep 15 2008 8:21PM Report
FatGamer writes:

This is a horse-blinds-on rant, that is for sure! You obviously lack the ability to utilize the great variety of gameplay mechanics WAR has to offer. Could the graphics be prettier, sure they could. However, good gameplay is far more important. You whine more than my wife, I pity the woman stuck with you.


Mon Sep 15 2008 9:01PM Report
Soultice writes:

WoW  wht planet did you fall off of.  You are entitled to an opinion but almost everything stated it false.  Back up some of this review with facts.  I have one for you!!

PVP gear was brought up to the same stats as PVE gear fruitcake

I am not even a fanboy and do not write fora living and could at be objective!!

It is not a WOW killer already stated in so many other posts and I do not know why WOW fans come to post crap.  Having played WOW myself in CB until a year ago it is a great game.  But it was time for me to move on when the expansion was more of the same old rep grinds, no world PVP, and more raids!  I did not need a second job to play in a high end guild.  Been there done that didkel thalis and called it there over a year and a half ago.

Mon Sep 15 2008 9:08PM Report
zonzai writes:

Wow, what a bunch of BS. Are you secretly employed by Funcom or by Blizzard? I'm not asking if you are secretly employed by either, but by which one. Just in case you didn't catch that. I hope that nobody takes anything that you said seriously.

Mon Sep 15 2008 10:10PM Report
Kaelas writes:

LOL, no, I just want a good game for once zonzai. EA's messed up allota games that could be better. Not to mention the spore issues from their last game. I played each race to T2-T3 thru closed and open beta. And allot of people agree with these concerns. Pleaes take your WAR fanboi off and actually look at the truth. Btw Zonzai, are you butt buddies with the dev team? not asking if its a secret of course.

Mon Sep 15 2008 11:57PM Report
Tokken writes:

I think its time to by a console. MMO's are going down. War is a good example of this....

Tue Sep 16 2008 12:11AM Report
DarkFail writes:

 Back to WoW with you.

Tue Sep 16 2008 12:15AM Report
wolfmann writes:

What? WAR isn't the second comming of the Messiah? But  but.. everyone claims it is! The saviour of MMORPG's!!!

I guess... I should stop believing in fairytales.

Tue Sep 16 2008 1:41AM Report
Keltik writes:

I actually enjoy the game, then again, I enjoyed wow beta too :P

Can't actually say I've noticed anything from your "bad" list either, maybe this isn't the game for you but I hope you find something that appeals

Tue Sep 16 2008 4:41AM Report
kaylee writes:

this comment gave me a good laugh "15. They're not low quality they're just not Age of Crapnan." Good one banthis!

Tue Sep 16 2008 5:42AM Report
donjn writes:

I stopped reading after he said the server population is too low. THE GAME IS NOT OUT YET! Amazing...

Wed Sep 17 2008 12:17PM Report writes:
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