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Thoughts of Jrod on gaming

Some random thoughts of mine.

Author: Jrod

Keys for the WoW killer

Posted by Jrod Saturday January 19 2008 at 2:39PM
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I have read in so many places that WoW is going to bite the dust. I can’t help but remember a couple of years ago when Quake was the king of fps’ and everyone was speculating on who would be the “killer.” With the next gen mmo’s coming out in the next couple of years let’s take a look why WoW is so successful and what it will take to dethrone WoW.
Points of WoW
  • Over 9 million subscribers
  • Small learning curb
  • Tons of depth
  • Minimal hardware specs
  • Made and Published by a well known well respected company, Blizzard
What a killer will need
·        Based on a huge IP
·        Offers a great end game
·        Can’t be higher than $15.00 a month
·        Easy to learn interface
·        Good PVP system
·        Good Graphics that aren’t hardware intensive
·        Plays on consoles
·        Made by a respected developer
·        Has a Retail
Possible Killers
1. Age of Conan-Based on a very well known book series, much respected developer Funcom, Great pvp with sieges, will be on the Xbox 360 and will have retail. The only thing that isn’t known is how well it runs on “meh” computers and how much it will cost my guess though $15.00.
2. Warhammer Online- Based on a huge fantasy universe arguably bigger than D&D. This game has all the features on the list except it isn’t coming on console, which is still being “looked into.”
3. Guild Wars 2- Being F2P, great PVP and PVE, Going to update the graphics, more levels, made by Arenanet (creators of Diablo) and published by NCSoft. Even though Guild Wars did well in sales it would have been done even better if it would have been more hyped and Guild Wars 2 will.
4. Stargate Worlds- Just imagine going to a MGM movie and seeing a Stargate Worlds commercial right before you see the movie. Think how much buzz that would get. Plus with the all the features this game is going to have this really can be big.
5. The Agency- Not being based on an IP and being made by the devil SOE, why
            Would I even put this on my list? Well, it has a very similar feel to James Bond
Which we all know is very famous. Also, as much as this community hates SOE for the NGE many people still like them for Everquest 1&2, Planetside, and making Vanguard playable. This game is coming for the PS3 and will have a great endgame PVP.
6. Huxley- This MMOFPS created by Webzen Games will have lots of PVP and will be out for the Xbox 360. This game will turn a lot of heads around.
7. Pirates of the Caribbean Online- Based on a very popular movie franchise this f2p item mall game has had commercials on TV and will be hit with families.
8. Star Trek Online- This MMORPG has gone through so many changes before it is even in beta. But it is based on a hugely popular franchise and its future is starting to look a little better with Cryptic now developing it.
9. Fallen Earth- A sandbox game that is set in the future will be very interested to see how this turns out when/if it does come out.
noxx writes:

if blizzard ever makes an mmorpg scifi ,,,that will be the killer!!(hope,hope)

Sat Jan 19 2008 3:52PM Report
dragon89928 writes:

Stargate worlds and Conan on my list. Stargate worlds wont be released until fall 08'  so I'll get my SnG's (Shits n Giggles) off of conan and then beta test Stargate worlds hopefully.

Sat Jan 19 2008 4:12PM Report
ctuttle writes:

"Small learning curb"

The term is Learnng curve. Just fyi.

Your post is fairly well thought out but I disagree wth a couple fundamental points.

1. To be a WoW killer it wouldn't have to be on a console system - though that certainly couldn't hurt.

2. You could charge more than $15.00 a month if the game were seriously THAT good. But since this is pretty much the standard cost of MMO's I don't see that happening. Though keep in mind EQ originally cost $12.

WoW is certainly very successful. No doubt about that. But for a long time everyone asked "What would be the EQ Killer!?" Now we know. But WoW will be around for a long time to come and I find it doubtful that anythng n the near future is going to dethrone it.

Eventually people will just get tred of it (like I did) and move on to something else.  That's not to say that something else won't be made by Blizzard though =D

Sat Jan 19 2008 6:00PM Report
Quraq writes:

You summed up some real competitors of WoW but I am not sure they would kill WoW. World of Wacraft has it own genre and fans. Maybe, the amount of WoW players will decrease in numbers but I am not sure it will kill WoW any time soon. (keeping in mind the upcoming expansion: Wrath of the Lich King) 

Guild Wars 2

And I still doubt if any of these games are better. Guild Wars 2 is trying to fix the mistakes they made in the original series which could be a breakthrough but I'm not sure if it would be enough, who knows?...

Warhammer: Age of Reckoning

Warhammer is, to me, a world that is very simular to WoW. Of course, the story is different but the genre is quite the same. Logical because these two games were kind of connected right? Blizzard had to make Warhammer but it didn't happen so they made WarCraft or something like that. Anyway, I wonder if Warhammer will really be an better game than WoW, if not, than they might win players with cheap monthly fee's. .

anyway... to keep my story short... who knows what will happen? but killing WoW won't happen any time soon... (maybe next year? :) )


Sat Jan 19 2008 6:59PM Report
6SlipKnoT6 writes:

Full looting PVP system (like UO) and no killing restrictions . Period.

Sat Jan 19 2008 8:50PM Report
devoux writes:

I've never played WoW  so I have no real idea of how it plays, but, My guess is that until blizzard makes another MMO WoW will not be killed.

Sat Jan 19 2008 9:46PM Report
jusomdude writes:

Don't forget next Blizzard MMO... personally hoping for a Diablo based one although I wouldn't mind a non cartoony Starcraft one either.


6SlipKnoT6... No.

Sat Jan 19 2008 10:38PM Report
Carpface writes:

I don't even agree with the term 'WoW-killer".  The game, whether you like it or not, is an MMO-milestone whose success I don't see being recreated any time soon.  It will probably end up falling from its pedestal gradually and by then, Blizzard will have released a Starcraft MMO anyways.  These newer games will be contributing factors I'm sure, but you shouldn't look at WoW as a pool of flaky consumers prone to converting on a whim.

Sun Jan 20 2008 12:36AM Report
Chudster91 writes:

Personally I hope nothing kills WoW. I left WoW for two reason, the community and the end game. If something were to de-throne WoW then the game would be receiving a large influx of players from the WoW community thus making another game full of people id like to punch in the face. I'm going to be playing Age of Conan because it looks like it has some features that will deter the average joe player of WoW.

Sun Jan 20 2008 1:26AM Report
drasked writes:

No offence but, "Tons of depth" is something i have never seen in WoW over the year i played it, when someone say's depth, i think about EVE-Online, Anarchy Online, Ultima Online and Asheron's Call.

In fact, the only well known mmo out there atm that has less depth then WoW is Lotro.

Also there is no such thing as a wow killer, just the wow customers going to another game and killing it with their retardedness.

Sun Jan 20 2008 6:27AM Report
xenogias writes:

I dont think there ever will be a WoW killer. To me that means WoW servers shut down. I also do not think any one game by itself will dethrone WoW on subscribers. What I do think is enough people will move away from wow to various other games that will bring WoW's subscriber base closer, or even lower than another game.

As an example. AoC, War, TCoS, GW2, Stargate worlds, Aion will all be out soon enough. LOTRO (like it or not) has a good subscriber base. I think with all of these games releasing there is a possibility that WoW could drop under a mil subs. Lets say WoW drops to roughly 500k subs. Thats still verry sucessfull. I am in favor of WAR but I will use a lesser hyped game. TCoS nets themselves 600k subs. This would "dethrone" WoW on subs but not kill it. TCoS also didnt do it alone. If it did that would mean it was well over 1mil subs. What it means is with the release of enough new games, enough people moved on from WoW to other games but not 1 in paticular.

One game dethroning WoW just wont happen. A multitude of games taking a few subs here and there will do it, but not one alone. WoW was a freak accident in MMO popularity. There is no other way to put it. Be it a good accident or bad, thats another discussion. But it was an anomily. Even if blizzard makes another MMO I dont see it doing as well as WoW. Will it do well? Yes but not the way WoW blew up.

Sun Jan 20 2008 7:41AM Report
Wizardry writes:

Your missing one big point.WOW never deserved to be a game with a high player base.It brought nothing to the mmo genre to deserve this.All it had going for it was it's a NA company blizzard when so many were looking to leave SOE games,wow was really the only alternative.Both EQ and FFXi are far better games than WOW in every aspect.Even the newer vanguard blows WOW out of the water when comes to content and over all playability.A few glitches and the whole community went off crying foul.But really when you watch the forums you will see it's more a SOE bashing theme than any common sense.

Other than square enix and SOE who else has the resources to build a large complete game?lucas arts maybe?not many more.Korean developers have the resources but no brains ,there player base seems content on F2P games with item malls,fast swinging weapons that glow,with no content in there games.

The real game developers in north america are not comepeting against blizzard,as they are into FPS games like half life/doom/quake/unrealtournament and war games like call of duty.EA sports is more so a publisher ,but they have alot of resources but really are recognized as being a sports game publisher.

Right now the fight to become the next big guy IMO anyhow is being fought over who has the best PVP.This seems to be the topic of discussion in every thread on every game.People just want to kill each other rather than interact with each other.Sad mentality,maybe it's all the propaganda the american govmnt feeds there poeple i don't know but something is fueling this desire to kill each other.


Sun Jan 20 2008 6:20PM Report
xenogias writes:

WTF are you talking about american propaganda? Asia is one of the heaviest markets for strong PvP. They prefer no holds FFA PvP. 2 of the largest MMO's to be released this year, AoC and WAR are being developed outside of america. America is only a portion of the MMO community and I am willing to bet developers arent targeting americans specificly. Get your head out of your ass and maybe you will see that people just want PvP instead of NPC's that do the same thing over and over. If they could make AI as smart as another player people would have more fun in PvE.

Sun Jan 20 2008 11:16PM Report
ElRenmazuo writes:

This is how you kill WoW, you take the cd and bash it with a baseball bat, take a dump on it and put it on youtube.

Mon Jan 21 2008 12:06AM Report
steelmanwho writes:

i played WoW for the 1rst 2 years of its exhistence, for the sole purpose on what it takes to create a great game.  While wow is a heavy hitter in the MMORPG league.  It wouldnt take much to de-throne it.  Blizzard will more then likely never come out with another MMORPG because that would mean theyre competing with themselves (sorry starcraft fans).  Truth is to de-throne Blizzard of it's top spot, only 3 things have to be done.  #1 the game needs to be based on something that already has a huge fanbase and story.  #2 the characters, enviroment, and gameplay have to be true to that.  #3 suprises, suprises and more suprises.  I already have a blueprint for the next best MMORPG, that im trying to pitch to respected developers.  I did my research and polled a  test group to see how intrested people would be in playing a game like it.  Overall response was an average of 8/10 people couldnt believe nobody has created a game like it yet 1/10 was intrested but believed it would have to be created by a developer like blizzard to make it worth playing.  As for 2% of my test group thought a game like the one im planning is already in the works.  Im not gonna go into detail about the game, but i will give you a hint on the formula that lead me to the idea..  Take 1 part hit Anime TV show + 1 part multiple server world + offline play with insane cinematic cutscenes that include the players created character in action, and finally + online 100man multiplayer PvP battles that span across battlefields the size of entire cities.  By calculations a game like this would take the better half of a decade to be produced and released, but the end product (if done right) would immerse the gamer in a world so addictive that many of you would probably preffer to live in it then reality.  Hopefully one of the developers i've contacted will respond and soon you'll be able to find out more details on what i've got in the works for the future of MMORPG.

Mon Jan 21 2008 2:51AM Report writes:
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