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An Ongoing Tribute to my own lameness.....

General random thoughts about gaming, both within and outside of the MMO genre.

Author: Jimmy_Scythe

It's Just A Game

Posted by Jimmy_Scythe Monday February 4 2008 at 9:30AM
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If the game is fun, I will play it. I don't care if the art style is cartoony or graphics are on the low end. I don't care if the game is on a console, a handheld, the PC or the table top. I don't care who publishes it, or what kind of reviews it got. Most importantly though, I don't care what YOU think about it.

The reason I'm writing this blog is due to an experience I recently had in Gamestop. I was just browsing the racks and some guy came in and asked about getting a Wii. The salesman let the guy know that they didn't have any in stock and made it clear that he was being polite to the bare minimum. Being Surprised, I asked about the fact that their still weren't enough Nintendo Wiis to meet demand. After the man said no without so much as looking at me, the following conversation ensued.

Me: Well, I guess Wii sports is still a pretty good game...

Punk: I'd rather play the 360.

Me: I don't know, No More Heroes looks pretty cool to me.

Punk: Well, it'll take more than a couple of games to make me buy a Wii.

At this point I almost felt obligated to remind this asshole that no one gave a shit what HE would rather play. Sure, I opened the conversation, but it wasn't like I was asking him to join my cult. Did I mention that this guy didn't even glance in my direction. I was a Wii user, or at least thinking about buying a Wii to the extent of his knowledge, and therefore not worth wasting an ounce of human decency on. Sadly, this is an attitude that I'm seeing more and more in the "mainstream" gaming community.

At first I figured it's because dumbass felt that the Wii was for kids and he was just too "mature" to be seen standing next to one. I do see a lot of this kind of attitude as well. I mean, if they released  a "Barbie's Island Trampoline gymnastics" game, there would be a large number of 14 to 30+ plus males that would pass this game up due to the Barbie brand name and the pink girlie art on the cover. Those of us that are smart, would actually read the title and understand that the game is all about hot chicks on trampolines. You kind of have to feel sorry for people that pass up a good time because they can't see beyond what's on the surface. No cure for stupid though....

More often, it's not even surface appeal. There's some kind of almost religious zeal that people have about their own opinions. Think about how pitiful that is for a second. Imagine just how sorry you have to be in order to get stuck so far up your own ass that you passionately spew about how everything you like is the greatest and how anyone that disagrees, and all that they like, sucks at every opportunity.

Is the fact that you love Vanguard going to give you an edge when you're looking for a job? Is your Xbox Live ranking on Halo 3 going help you get approved for a second mortgage? Will calling everyone that doesn't play Eve Online a carebear get  you into Harvard? No. No it won't.

Even when I was at my most hardcore, between '96 and 2000, I didn't give two shits about what anyone else was playing or what others thought of what I was playing. I was too busy playing eight hour sessions of Tribes, Counter-Strike, Red Alert, Rainbow Six, Total Annihilation, etc., to actually concern myself with what others did or felt. Sure, if someone else asked about my opinion I would gladly give it, but it wasn't like I saw a person in a different light if they didn't agree with me.

I have images in my head right now of William Shatner on Saturday Night Live telling a group of trekies to "get a life" because "it's just a TV show." I kinda feel the same way about games. It's my hobby, not my lifestyle. If someone doesn't like the same things I do, it doesn't invalidate my entire world view.


neschria writes:

I need to print this entry out and beat my 18-year-old gamer snob son over the head with it.

Perhaps I should tape it to something heavy to get his attention.


(J/K, Ye Others Out There Who Take the Net Too Seriously-- You don't need to call the cops on me.)

Mon Feb 04 2008 5:32PM Report
brutotal writes:

I agree that there are problems with overzealous fanboys pushing their opinions on others but I have to point out- You did get offended when he said he would rather play 360.


Mon Feb 04 2008 6:47PM Report
Jimmy_Scythe writes:

Actually, it was the way that he said it.

I've actually thought about buying a 360 myself. I might just do that when the price drops again.

Mon Feb 04 2008 9:16PM Report
nosyt writes:

10/10, if i find a game i like, i play it regardless of what it looks like or its reviews

also i noticed you played Total Annihilation, ive spent a lot of time on that amazing game and Supreme Commander, though not a "true sequel," still gets 5 stars in my book

Mon Mar 03 2008 10:48AM Report writes:
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