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Still Playing Skyrim

Posted by Jemcrystal Friday October 11 2013 at 11:04AM
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I wasn't going to buy the expansions but decided the game was fun enough to be worthy of the investment.  Been having fun.  Get frustrated sometimes worrying I've caused a glitch or I might cause a glitch.  Used to that kind of pressure from playing TS2 for years.  


I research.  Don't care if I get spoilers.  So I knew my follower Athis had some anger management issues before we met.  I married him early on and have never regretted it.  I hear all these sob stories about how players married the wrong npc in Skyrim.  I love Athis and he's sexy.  No complaints.  


Yesterday I came home after winning the war for Ulfric.  My kids ran up to me and wanted to play hide-n-seek and I was like okay.  Then I see the red dot on my compass and I'm like great a bandit got in the house - hope it doesn't slice up the kids.  But I don't really love my kids so I'm thinking I got to kill the bandit(s) before they hurt Athis.  Then out of the back of the house Athis comes running at me screaming idk what but he's not happy.  So I run screaming out the door and thru the wilderness with my husband trying to kill me.  I was thankful I hadn't left any high level blades on him.  Then a dragon roars and those giant cockroaches start spitting.  Me and the deer were all running together to get away.  I was screaming, "I didn't cheat on you with Ulfric," the whole way.  Finally I out ran everything; even the deer.  So I go to Morthal because my house was in Windstad and try to commit a petty crime.  When Athis is mad his temper cools if I humiliate myself before the local authorities.  But I don't have the heart to steal from the apothecary there cause she's all like, "Oh, it's you, my old friend come to visit."  I'm like gawd I can't.  So instead I go to the Inn and steal a loaf of bread.  Guard acts like I stole the queen's crown jewels and I pay the heaping 1 penny fine.  Humiliation done I go home, tell the kids to get in bed, and finish amends with Athis.  He's my sweet black sugar!


Don't hate me.  Hate the myspace takeover.  If they hadn't annoyed me I would be blogging there instead.  :P


Posted by Jemcrystal Sunday September 22 2013 at 6:19PM
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F'n porn add for straight males.  Sick.  On many levels.  


1) On Youtube where little kids watching Minecraft vids can see it.  Youtube should be more respectable than to run porn or porn-like adds.  

2) There isn't the equivalent for gay men and straight females.

3) I'm really getting tired of people treating me like some perv when I show women more respect than any straight man ever hoped to.

4) It just pisses me off.  You're a bunch of sickos.

5) I'm not allowed to voice my opinion about it because Free Speech is a joke with forum moderators assigned as the Third Reich Jesters.



Link to larger pic.

Unlawfully Good

Posted by Jemcrystal Sunday September 1 2013 at 10:24AM
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I could not decide what I was for the longest time.  I am playing Skyrim now and it's brought out my inner man.  I'm rare.  I'm Unlawfully Good.  I believe rules and order are to easy to manipulate by evil.   So there should be no laws other than an individual's conscience.  And chaos and her children are not enemies until they shit in my pie or screw over the weak.  


Laws protect only the strong not the weak.  The strong should protect the strong and the weak.  No laws and the strong go back to doing what they were suppose to.  Taking care of everyone.  They have pride and self esteem again.  Leave the laws in place and the evil gain power, become the law makers, and confuse the good into believing they are serving rightousness when they obey the law.  But thanks to the law they serve evil now.

The Damned

Posted by Jemcrystal Wednesday August 14 2013 at 5:30PM
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Today they vote to legalize alcohol on the Res.  The people don't have money to pay for booze.  The bar tenders are told by Uncle Sam to take the NA's property deeds as payment then the bar owners hand them over to the USA government.  The NA's are addicted to alcohol because Coverts have been sneaking it to the children as young as they can get them; much like prostitution in the cities.  The USA government is going to pretend they had nothing to do with it.  People are going to say, "If they wanted their land they shouldn't have sold it off."  But they don't see what the Coverts have been doing to the children.  People who talk to much about it start to vanish off the map.  


And they thought I was a rebel because I got upset at a few forum moderators.  


Posted by Jemcrystal Friday August 9 2013 at 9:02PM
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My Myspace blog is gone forever.  I use Google Blogger to do business.  This blog wasn't meant to be someone's diary.  It's like adds for games or somethin.  But I'm to lazy to find another.


My sister's husband returned from a visit to the reservation.  He brought back some kind of precious ore used to carve images.  I wish I could find a way to protect the people.


I can't even protect myself.  Our landlord sent an inspector out.  According to our contract we, not the landlord, have to fix things.  The Brat got anal as usual and I'll be painting the hall, my door, and trying to hang shutters on windows without falling off our balcony.  Maybe I can get the cat to do it.

They Are Discovering Us At Last

Posted by Jemcrystal Friday August 9 2013 at 2:26AM
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Long before Game of Thrones became popular I read child inappropriate novels that had sex and violence but were cast off and thrown out by uninterested society.  I discovered today to my joy my most favorite of these has it's fans reborn on Tumblr.  Those of us who discovered Sarah Monette used to gather on Livejournal, now a ghost town.  Hope of all hope that the eidolic Labyrinth will be again uncovered and Sarah will get rid of that stupid new name her publisher forced on her.  She needs to return to the dark halls of the Mirador and feed it's futile dreams.



the sound





Damage Control

Posted by Jemcrystal Thursday August 8 2013 at 12:51AM
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FileDen crashed.  I only lost my drow cat.  I took my Blogger off line to fix file download links.  Spoze I'll repackage the feline and put him back up on 4Share or somethn.  Made him myself btw.


Aint he cute:


Posted by Jemcrystal Wednesday August 7 2013 at 9:14AM
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I realized why I need Sims 2 (TS2) and why I keep bringing it up to mmo'ers even tho it's obviously not an mmo.  What mmorpg's lack is role playing.  Characters in an mmorpg look like what they are - a bunch of pixels.  Statues.  They look like that in Sims 3 as well - why I don't play that piece of crap released to make EA more money.  If the mmorpg devs pay any attention to making chars look less sculpture it's always focused on bouncy tits and ass.  Where is the personality in the face?  WHERE IS THE PERSONALITY!!!


TS2 was the only game ever to SUCCESSFULLY give all humanoid pixels simulated emotions.  T h e y  h a v e  f a c i a l  e x p r e s s i o n s.  Something worth jizzing over.


Think I'll just post in this blog instead of on the forums since no one pays any attention to anything I have to say anyway.  Well unless I say the word gay or Christian or act gay or Christian.  Because that is so fucking dangerous.  Someone might disagree with me.  


And if my blog annoys you tell Myspace to give me my shit back.

Blow Me

Posted by Jemcrystal Tuesday August 6 2013 at 8:42PM
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So I'm still playing Sims 2 because of the detail in the characters.  Technically I like mmorpg's better.  Technically if some one would make a life simulation mob killing mmorpg that didn't require a shit load of money like 2nd Life I'd be playing that instead.  No, I DO NOT LIKE 2ND LIFE!  Hates it!  Hates it!!!  I want to kill mobs and have complete control of all my char's physical appearance and surroundings.  Or at least get someone I approve of to do surround.


Today and yesterday I'm uploading pictures from all the games I've ever played and felt were worthy snapshots.  TS2 (The Sims 2) not being an mmo shud not be in that pic gally but I DON'T CARE, I LUV IT, I DON'T CARE, I LUV IT!  I LUV IT!


I find the hardest thing about shooting pics in TS2 is you get used to "filling in the blank spaces" with your iMaGiNaTiOn.  Walls-down look like walls-up to me because I remember what those walls look like.  Then I take a snapshot, like in the one with Trod Vin (the red head) I just uploaded today, and much much later see there was no wall behind him!  OMG, oh well.


My blog is titled something about Myspace.  Yeah, they took my myspace blog away so I thought I'd try this bloggy here for a bit.  Hope that moderator that hates me on this site because I'm gay doesn't come here to screw with me.  And on that note let us all look at Jeffree Star's ass:

Who got da booty!  Who who who got da booty!

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