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The Broken R0m

The testimony,angry rantings, and randomness of a hardcore gamer, geek, nerd, and dork. And taking over the world, too.

Author: JKnight1

The First RPM

Posted by JKnight1 Friday March 7 2008 at 1:22AM
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Hey all, first blog. Hope ya all will become vic- er...loyal readers of my mad rantings, psychotic randomness, and over-zealous, fundamentalist, insane, crap.

That last bit is a lie. The fundamentalist part.

First things first.

Fare thee well, Gary Gygax, Original Dungeon Master. Your adventure has only now begun.

Alright, now i've got a few things eating at my gray matter, and i'm tired of the buzzards, so gonna let them loose here.

First off, Sex in Videogames:

It, oddly enough, is one of the most taboo, and hated subjects in the American public, media, and government. It is reviled more than decapitating innocent bystanders, it is more demonized than the actual portrayal of demons. Why? I dunno. But I do know that sex is the most natural act, and one we were mandated by God to exercise freely. All that hogwash about doing it out of wedlock, masturbation is bad for your health, it's harmful to children, etc is all just rhetoric spouted by the neo-conservative, uneducated, ill-informed parents and politicians. Oh, and arrogant, self worshiping lawyers.

Now that I got that out, i'm not saying we should glorify sex. That we should hold it up on a pedestal. No. I'm saying, have an open mind, be informed, and be mature. Sex can be a wonderful addition to a game, so long as it is depicted in a healthy, non-gratuitous fashion. But, that would be impossible. No fun in that, right?

Well unfortunately, ANY sex, being it, oh woe, a bare nipple or two, is seen as the most taboo, and untouchable subject in our culture today. Why? Far right, over-zealous, fundementalist religious doctrine and orginizations. Now, i'm not saying religion is bad. God's no. But listening to heretical, half-witted, biased, and close-minded preaching is. They make having sex out to be sinful, yet God said to us, "Go forth, be fruitful, and multiply." The big dude told us to bang like rabbits. Why then, does the Church want us to remain celibate, want us to hide the oh so dirty, yet heavenly mandated action? Control. They wish to protect through control. Control what one sees, and all they will get is what you want them to. Simple, tyrannical, and frighteningly achievable. All we need is a scapegoat.

Video games. This generations newest hobby is the last generations newest whipping boy. rock music was before that, tv before that, comics before that. It's a phase. And i'm sure will pass in time, but not without some damage being done to an otherwise harmless hobby.

To say showing sex in video games is bad, is kinda odd to me. Seeing that we have it on primetime, public access, free television. We have it in our music, on the pages of our magazines. Yet no one touches them, why? Money. They have money, they have power. We, the gaming industry, are still young compared to them. And we, unfortunately, do not have as much precedence in constitutional law as they do. But we can.

We have to speak up. We have to open our mouths. We, as gamers, though fiery, often loud folk when it comes to devs wronging us in games, don't do enough, or say enough when people with real power attempt to. We need to defend our constitutional right to both free speech and free expression. Video games are an art form, and as an art form, are legally protected by the Constitution of the United States. To keep our mouths shut, is to undermine our hobby and something we care about.

Leave our games alone, I say.


And that is the first RPM of this Broken R0m.

Crazedninja writes:

Nicely put

Fri Mar 07 2008 2:31AM Report
JKnight1 writes:


Fri Mar 07 2008 3:09AM Report
wolfmann writes:

"The pornography industry is larger than the revenues of the top technology companies combined: Microsoft, Google, Amazon, eBay, Yahoo!, Apple, Netflix and EarthLink...."

And yet it is a taboo industry?

Gotta love it.


Fri Mar 07 2008 3:57AM Report
JKnight1 writes:

Indeed. A paradox.

Fri Mar 07 2008 4:41AM Report
BarakIII writes:

"...and one we were mandated by God to exercise freely."


Hmm, you must read a different bible than I do.

Fri Mar 07 2008 6:38AM Report
JKnight1 writes:

God never did say how many times to do it, where to do it, when to do it, or with whom.

There were only 10 laws written by God that stand today. All the rest in Exodus were Moses law, and those were faded out and ended at Moses death, as Jesus stated.

Fri Mar 07 2008 6:42AM Report
Thorkahn writes:

About time that people wake up and realize that religeon is a political and social control mechinisium that shares the same basic ideology as big autocratic government.  The greeks put is best when they said, and I quote, "In order to have a true democracy all citizens must be informed and educated.".

Religeon does not promote open liberal education and the government is making it harder and harder to go beyond high school for the average person.  Ergo, the population at large is being kept under raps.

Oddly enough however, it was the church that first printed the earliest porn.  Hypocracy is the steady state of the day and why should we expect games to be any different.  All forms of entertainment are influenced by the politics and social status of the day in which they exist.  Unfortunately, here in the USA anyway, we seem to have taken many steps backwark socially in the last eight years.

IMO anyway.

Fri Mar 07 2008 1:05PM Report
cydonprax writes:

"God never did say how many times to do it, where to do it, when to do it, or with whom."

actually the 10 commandments strictly states

"Thou shall not commit adultery"


Fri Mar 07 2008 6:15PM Report
zymurgeist writes:

Without bothering to define adultery.

Sex has no overt place in video games because people can't deal with it honestly. You're talking about an "omg he said poop" level of interaction. Players are still whining, or ogling, because female character's breasts are often depicted as absurdly large. How is the general public supposed to wrap their minds around the concept of MMORPGs as an adult activity?


Fri Mar 07 2008 7:11PM Report
BarakIII writes:

1. All of the bible is the inspired word of God, not just the 10 commandments.

2. The 10 commandments were also part of the Mosaic law, the center piece around which the rest was built.

3.If religion is some made up form of social control, it is a dismal failure.

4. Religion is not in control of education in America, however when it was we were the best educated country in the world, now we're among the poorest educated countries in the world...thanks to your 'open liberal education.' The only thing keeping this particular population under raps isn't education, government, or religion but rather it is cultural deterioration via self gratification.

5. Porn has been around far longer than Christianity, and there are some who would argue that the institution of the church in no way represents Christianity. Also, Christianity in no way claims perfection in morals, only that moral perfection is something to strive for and that only AFTER one has repented and received Jesus as Lord of their life, otherwise striving for moral perfection  in and of itself may gain you some things in this life, but it gains you nothing in eternity.

Fri Mar 07 2008 11:51PM Report
BarakIII writes:

"There were only 10 laws written by God that stand today. All the rest in Exodus were Moses law, and those were faded out and ended at Moses death, as Jesus stated."


I don't know who taught you such things, but that is very wrong. Jesus never stated any such thing. What He did say was that He came to fulfill the law, not do away with it. Jesus didn't do away with it, and it most certainly didn't "fade away" after Moses died.

I would have said something about this in my prior post, but somehow I missed that statement. Now that I've seen it, I feel a correction is in order so that none are mislead.

Sat Mar 08 2008 8:56PM Report
JKnight1 writes:

Barak, yes this is very late in reply, but in the Bible, it does state, indirectly, that through Christ's sacrifice and death, the Law of Moses and the Old Testament ended.

"For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to every one that believeth" (Rom. 10: 4). Written by Paul.

Thu Sep 04 2008 6:53PM Report writes:
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