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Entering Pod

A casual gamer's attempt to sort out my views on playing EVE Online and other MMO experiences.

Author: Interl0per

How EVE helped me quit grinding and start playing

Posted by Interl0per Friday November 16 2007 at 11:02AM
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I came to MMOs via Star Wars Galaxies in late 2003.  I created two characters, a Rebel Scout that later added at various stages:  Master Ranger, Pistoleer, Master Smuggler, Entertainer; and an Imperial crafter for downtimes that I abandoned in favor of maxing out my rebel.  I played this single character off and on, taking over a year to max out his template and not caring, just having fun running around planets and finding cool things until one day the bug hit me that I needed to max out my pistol skills.  A set of doc buffs and RIS armor and I was off to Dantooine to grind missions.  Even before the NGE, after that day, the game never really seemed the same for me.

Just before the beginning of the end of SWG, WoW was released and I started playing it.  I have had an on-again off-again relationship with the game, class-based has it's good and bad points but my friends did get my wife to start playing and she shows no signs of stopping, so I'm almost literally married to WoW.  Tell me Blizzard doesn't understand their market, heh.

About 18 months ago, stinging from the loss of SWG and bored with WoW, I googled 'MMORPG' and wound up on this site.  After browsing reviews, forums, and game sites, I wound up downloading EVE Online - not the trial, I bought the game sight unseen based on it's appearances.

It's taken me this long to really begin to grasp the power of EVE's unique advancement system and how it frees players like me to truly play my character and experience the world.  It's not perfect, but it's just about the best I could hope for, plus it let's me live my actual childhood dream of being a roguish captain of an interstellar vessel plying a trade and vaporizing pirates.  In that sense, I guess you could call me an 'immersioner' to steal CCP's phrase.  The fact that my character can advance while I wash dishes and go to my kids' basketball games (not to mention earning a living!) is the core of it's genius, not that I'm saying anything new here.  

I don't care a bit for texting in accent or dialect, or working out a complicated bio that paints me as the ultimate universal warrior when I can't fit medium turrets, then spouting my anti-insurgent propoganda in local at every opportunity.  I do want to embrace my aggressive, uncouth side that would rather slap your port bow with a missile than discuss politics.  What's wonderful is that EVE accomodates both types of players, I just didn't see it for so long worrying about starting behind other players and trying to properly metagame my character.  Ironically, if I had, I'd have a lot more SP right now.

If any of my fellow EVE players want to look me up, I'm flying as a Caldari merc named Tac Green, working for Caldari Navy agents on various combat missions in my Merlin, David II.  I'd love to join any SWAers or other combat buddies for a cold drink in the local station facilities and some losec fun!

leifdk writes:

hey mate you are so rigth eve is a realy fun game  but every thing takes a long time


Sat Nov 17 2007 7:04AM Report
tabworth writes:


 After playing for nearly 4 years, I still come back for more every day.  I envy you for seeing it at the ground level after all the improvements and upgrades that's been added since '03.  Wait until 'Ambulation' and hi-def comes out this winter, you'll really be in for a treat.  :)

Sat Nov 17 2007 10:34AM Report
mindw0rk writes:

Welcome to EVE! The most cruel and mature world. The first rule you have to learn: "Never fly a ship that you cant allow to loose"

Sun Nov 18 2007 4:10AM Report
Norden writes:

Which of course is the same as saying "never BUY a ship you cant afford to lose"  :-) .  I played since 2004 and have now moved on. EvE is amazing, maybe the best and most innovative out there - I dont know them all. Its just wasnt me in the long run. If you get really involved its as complex as real life and I am way to casual and fun seeking to work 2 at 2 places. Still searching...searching...

Mon Nov 26 2007 1:34AM Report writes:
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