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MMO Money Magazine

Writings on the business of fun: Virtual Worlds and Real Money Makes Online Gaming a Big Business. My economic view on the world of online games - without the hype.

Author: Inktomi

Old Friends, A New Agenda and Tough Decisions.

Posted by Inktomi Thursday July 2 2009 at 3:01PM
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Hey everyone!

   Just stopping in to unload some thoughts and feelings on the latest state of events in my life. I'm not going to lean too much into the personal but it is related.

I just recieved confirmation today that my sister and her husband are moving to upstate New York by summers end. This means that they take my nephew with them and it will be at least a 2 1/2 hour car ride to see him/them. I'm not too enthused about this but when I voiced my concerne and my feelings I was quickly told to mind my business. Understood. It's not my life. So I just keep it moving forward, deal with lifes changes and make the necessary amends.

That goes the same with everything, Game-life included.

Now this week has been busy for me, I've been working and trying to manage multiple things and not doing a very good job at anything. When I'm burning the candle at both ends it's hard to stay focused in one area. And as information reaches me I make decisions based on that, example: I've resolved that I will be taking weekend trips upstate at least once a month. Done, decision made. I don't QQ on the problem, I focus on the solution.

Now a few other loose ends needed to be tied up.

1) Some old gaming partner-in-crimes have finally cornered me into making a game commitment to Lord of the Rings Online. With the game software itself on sale for 9.95 and my monthly fee a whopping 9.99 as well it appealed to my economic nature and I pulled the trigger. I gave my old Open-beta account a jumpstart and still had a character there. If anyone is interested you can look me up on Gladden under "Scorpius". Don't ask what I was thinking at the time, it's a name you can get at the open beta of a new game.

Nevertheless, LOTRO is one of the most polished MMO's I have ever played. The lore is completely immersive (if you are a tolkein fan) and if not it's still a great background to play in. There are so many aspects of the game I haven't even scratched the surface, But I'mm looking down the barrel of some commited time to level to endgame. And I want to endgame in lotro, my friends tell me it's that good. I will be in lotro in my spare, spare time. If I can get any.

Which leads me to my next order of business...

2) Official: I am scratching Champions Online off my list and replacing it with Global Agenda. Done.

Why? First off, I am not too thrilled with not getting into the beta that I signed up months ago for when the game was in it's infancy stage. Compounded by the lingering doubt of WTF IS A CRYPTIC BUCK! I can't fit a game into my PCSG (poor college student gamer) budget that requires a retail box, monthly fee AND a cash shop! Plus, Aion is quite a game and there marketing campaign is whooping Champions Online 10 to 1. Their closed beta is more like an open when all you have to do is drop 5 dollars at gamestop. AIon will be my "A" game at end of september replacing LOTRO (maybe, we make plans and God laughs!)  I am recalling my CO reserve today, when it said on the gamestop reserve board "garunteed entrance to the open beta" I laughed. Or I might keep it on there and dump it after open beta to get some free play out of them. I am a sucker for a good deal.

But I am hardnosed when it comes to a mistake, and the cryptic buck leak was a mistake on gstops part and I am glad they did it. I do not trust Bill Ropers Business sense, and hence being hypercritical of his past, I made the call now instead of wasting money. If Cryptic was less cryptic, they would of had a loyal customer. But it is looking like micro-transactional business model is becoming a more attractive option for mmo publishers.

I have also been very impressed by the design of Global Agenda and I am feeling better about making my "B" game a shooter. It reminds me of Hellgate without demons and very polished, I signed up with some folks and we wait and see how it goes. My worst case is some wasted time, and that's what I think I'm doing here.

3) As I said,I am a loyal customer, when I find something I stick with it, get passionate about it and give it all I've got. Like for example, after I finally decided that I like to write and got involved with the site It has opened alot of mental doors for me. I have met some great people in the mmoprg community and the mmo blogosphere. As far as MMORPG, hmmm. Not too thrilled.

This is what it looks like from my house. I made a major boo-boo by cutting and pasting a community managers resolution of a warning on my blog. I know, I was really stupid, I was scolded thoroughly by a few folks at MMORPG and made the necessary apologies, and I meant it. However, I then continued to watch every single other blogger get put into the "our latest features" section. I am not a big baby, but I have been doing this for about 2 months and have had 1 feature listed. After I went above and beyong to get interviews done, and spend way too much tiime researching, proofreading and taking time away from my primary focus. PLAYING GAMES. After I noticed the pattern, saw some changes being made I decided that my energies are best used elsewhere. Like REAL LIFE, work, local and personal relationship and most important to me is my education right now. In september I start a full load with a full time job. Yep, my time is at a premium.

 I am going to keep mMO MONEY open, but will be inactive and mostly used as a "hey, I wrote something OVER HERE ------->" Blog that other bloggers do.


I would like to thank...

trista and mike, for your support and letting me know when I'm waffling.

Ivan, kind words and good advice, a very talented writer

beau turkey, for being honest, and motivating me, hopefully I can make MMO MONEY into a podcast one day. I would like to have you as a co-host if ever get the time. Also, for saving me from darkfall and putting me on to some great games.

Jon Wood, for the chance to write for the site and good direction early on, I might of made some mistakes but you are truly good at what you do and a perfect gentlemen. Keep it up.

Mystik, darn roleplayers, haha ttys, If anyone belongs in the top five when I get booted its you. They need a voice of the roleplay community...badly. RP'ers are unsung heros and the original "players" IMO.

unsub, for welcoming me into the mini-blogosphere, vicariously.

AGENT SMITH, for being so contraversial. Keep pounding the table.

cmag, dont know you very well but you have a good outlook on things.

To the editorial writers and most importantly YOU, The community. Thanks for putting up with me and keeping me honest along the way, hopefull we can all do this again.

I am going to keep the mMO' MONEY! brand and work on it in the future. I feel that the gamer society needs someone to foucs on "the bottom line". And hopefull I can step up down the road and fill those shoes, but for now it's shelfed.  I need to stay focused on a few key things, I have maybe this last summer to enjoy as much time with my Godson. And that's what I am going to do with my spare time. I wish I could do it all, but I don't want to do something half-A$$ed and that's what I feel I will be doing.

I have to budget my time as well as my money.

Happy 4th and See you all in the fall! Until then...

Play safe,

Frank AKA Inktomi

ivan50265 writes:

/bump Even if I don't like the fact that you are abandoning your blog here.  Keep faith in your idea it is a good one.  I have always enjoyed your point of view and will miss reading your stuff.  Good luck and have a fun summer.  Oh and check your PM's.

Sun Jul 05 2009 5:44PM Report
Inktomi writes:

 not a chance ivan, they arent getting rid of me that easy.

did you get my email back?

Wed Jul 08 2009 7:07AM Report writes:
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