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Author: Inktomi

OTX Gameplan's Top 50 Most Anticipated Games....contains no mmorpgs?

Posted by Inktomi Tuesday June 23 2009 at 11:12PM
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- courtesy

The Demographics

1,000 gamers

Between ages 13 - 59

Tested Via webs offers.

Average score for all three metrics is 100

Halo:ODST has an intent rating of 8 times higher than the average game at 878, to give you an idea.

Chart tracks three key measures: aided awareness of a game, the intent to purchase it, and the intent to pre-order the game from retailers. Gamestop anyone?

Ok, I agree with many of the games that are in the top 10, I'm even looking forward to Assassin's Creed 2.

 And wouldn't care usually but it's been all over the net today and I had to comment on it, it seemed odd.

So without 1 mmorpg on the list, that means that Star Wars:The Old Republic is rated as a below average game? The Hype Meter here is at 8.52 based on 1842 votes, that's double of who they say they "tested" online. I don't know who they talked to but something doesn't seem kosher here. 

Hmmm, I'm so tempted to make a forum post with a poll for top ten games with mmos added in. Maybe it would be a jilted survey because this IS

What do you think?

Play safe,


Death1942 writes:

i think most gamers (even most of those 11 million subs WoW has) don't even know about MMO's until they are released/on the game shelves.

You wont see an MMO on this list until they go all out on the marketing and even then i doubt it will rank up there on that list.  To be prefectly honest the vast gaming population (and it is vast, something like 70% of Australian households have a game machine of some description) there are plenty of people who simply walk into their local store every month or two, grab the first box that catches their eye, play it and either play it for hours and hours or hardly touch it at all. 

They don't bother with websites like these, they don't bother with reviews, they are impulse buyers and they make up a huge percent of the MMO population.


Tue Jun 23 2009 11:29PM Report
Mystik86 writes:

Three things really bug the ever-loving shit out of me with this news. The first being that as usual, a Halo product is at the top. Why it's the top game with gamers' intent to purchase is beyond me because the game is nowhere near being a good FPS. It's pretty much like playing Goldeneye with nice graphics and updated weapons with the Master Chief as the front man.

FPS games are meant to be played on the PC. Console FPS is the most retarded thing I have ever had the mispleasure of playing. I absolutely hate console FPS and find it to be utterly dumbed-down for the massive base of below-average IQ console gamers.

Second, there are only TWO (2) PC games on that entire list. I realize that consoles are more accessible and cheaper than PCs but come on... I play a game once on console and it bores me after that. I need MODS to spice up the games at that point and consoles have VERY limited modifiable capabilities. Consoles lack the power to do that kind of work and will never come close to the capabilities a PC (or Mac, respectively) has.

Third, like you, I am appauled at the lack of MMO games on that list. I mean, there's not a single one. They obviously targeted specifically the console players, and that sickens me.

In my life I consider only a few things at the top of my priority list. One of those is gaming and let me tell you, friend, our type of gamers have been shut out. It's time for a revolution...

Wed Jun 24 2009 2:28AM Report
Reinier001 writes:

wow only two of those games are PC

Wed Jun 24 2009 3:43AM Report
reploidx writes:

this list is fail, mass effect 2 should be in the top ten

Wed Jun 24 2009 6:31AM Report
Mystik86 writes:

Yea I was wondering why ME2 wasn't in the top 10... Fucking Halo...

Wed Jun 24 2009 2:50PM Report
Inktomi writes:

 I totally agree, ME2 got so much praise at E3. Do you guys think I should run a poll or is it not worth it?

Wed Jun 24 2009 6:56PM Report
Mystik86 writes:

Run a poll, man!

Thu Jun 25 2009 4:04AM Report
Reserton writes:

I am surprised Starcraft II is there and no Diablo III, It would seem they surveyed the typical dense fps console players.

Sat Jul 04 2009 2:17PM Report
Reserton writes:

Oh and btw, Lego Universe IS an MMO. So infact there is 1 MMO on the list and it is a childrens Lego game.. yeah..

Sat Jul 04 2009 2:18PM Report writes:
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