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Writings on the business of fun: Virtual Worlds and Real Money Makes Online Gaming a Big Business. My economic view on the world of online games - without the hype.

Author: Inktomi

The Final Fantasy Effect.

Posted by Inktomi Thursday June 4 2009 at 4:48PM
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    Hey everyone!

I hope everyone has enjoyed this E3 week so far, it's been fun to sit, watch from a distance and read all the announcements coming from the other side of the U.S.

I was especially surprised when I read about the new FFIV Online game that (allegedly) is going to be PS3 exclusive and also for the PC. Being a longtime Final Fantasy Fan and also a FFXI veteran I feel it is my duty to play this game. I've read alot of posts about 4GET AION FFIV WOOHOO! This doesn't change my strategy, I'm not easily thrown off of my course because someone puts an oasis in the distance.  Then it occured to me...

How the hell am I going to play all these games? Worse off, how the hell am I going to pay for all these games and if they are "exclusive" titles, means I have to buy the console and AHhhHHhHHhH!

How much is this going to cost me?

So I broke out the calculator and added it up.


Or $265.00 a month spread out over a year, that's a small car payment.

I could break it down but I'll just sum it up to the cost of 3 consoles, extra peripherals, software (games), xbox live gametime, monthly subscription to the 3 (only 3) MMO's and expansions plus tax. This is not taking into the effect of the time I'm going to be spent playing, reason being this is only a hobby and noone takes off work to play video games. Right? ... Hello? ...  Am I alone here?

The good part is that that number is spread over the course of a year, starting from today, this weekend I'll be on the Aion Beta (THANK YOU MMORPG!) which is free and monday starts my Vangaurd subscription.

FFIV will be played, no doubt about that, but I also realize that there is alot of games I want to experience and will let you in on a few.

1) Champions Online: $60.00 and I'm going to give Bill Roper one last good 'ole college try. It gets a 3 month sub off the bat.

2) Aion: Will it be the wow-killer? No, but will keep Team Blizz on it's toes. $60 + 3 Month Sub.

3) Dragon Age, Origins. Don't want to hear it, it's going to be that good. $60.00

4) Assassin's Creed 2: Big fan of 1, $50.00 - $60.00

5) Jumpgate Evolution: Looks fun, but will have to blow me away at the beta.

6) Insert either Diablo 3, Starcraft 2 or dream game here. It depends on what get's released first. 60 bucks.

          So, just from now til the end of the year I'm dumping roughly $400.00 into my "hobby" and in the world of hobbies that really isn't that much. But what about the people that these games are originally aimed at, the 7- 17 year old that is still in school, without a high paying job and an allowance. Well, the obvious answer is the parents, right? Now as a parent, I am just saying...I bought the xbox AND the ps3, my daughter got her wii so we could balance it out that she didn't get a resentment to her brother. I bought them every game he wanted that came out AND I pay for his wow card every month. 

          "For that money, I could be driving that ( insert dream car or boat here ) and be they'll be happy with one game like I was when I was a kid", a good father would grumble to himself as he rides the train into his 9 to 5 job in the city. Noone said having kids was easy, but what about dad's hobbies, do they go to the wayside?

          Seeing this recent flood of interesting titles has the gamer in me, the little boy that eyes lit up when I unwrapped my Atari 2600, jumping for joy. However, as an adult that has to plan, balance his checkbook, pay bills and budget it all out, I cringe and wince.

          This is where the Gamer Society comes in, where we need not sloppy opinions fast to bash or preening "fanboisms" that just want to people please. We need a core group of honest players that are going to get on these games and put them through rigorous testing while keeping costs down; writing honest and indepth reviews are important but also keep the economic sence to it. Finding the best deals and ways to cut costs for the working parent, the recent college graduate and the budget gamer all in mind.

Is anyone with me, any ideas? Thoughts, hopes or vomits? Or am I alone here again?

Talk to me,


beauturkey writes:

 Take one game at a time. It will add up over time, but you won't play all of them at once. You will get hooked into one, skip it for a while, play another, go back to the original.

 Over all, you can play 'em all, but it WILL cost you. But, it won't hit you at once.

 You can do EEETTTT!




Thu Jun 04 2009 5:47PM Report
Cynthe writes:

I'm sort of in your boat because I have been considering a console too for some of these titles. BUT luckily I don't have to and my computer is recent enough that I can run all the games I'm interested in on it.

The only title I can't play on my PC is FF13 and I'm having a hard time to resign myself to not play it.... :/ What to do? I'll either have to get a PS3 or an Xbox. Now which one to pick? Xbox has more titles but if let's say I were to play FF14 on a console it's almost guaranteed the xbox either won't support it or it'll be buggy...

Decisions.. But there's time to think on it. :) Take it one step at a time.

Thu Jun 04 2009 6:04PM Report
Inktomi writes:

 yes, you are both right. One day at a time. Sometimes I get ahead of myself and look at the macro scale of everything.

I guess Im one of those weirdo blogger types that over-analyze everything. jab-jab. I can't help it, it in my nature, and there are people that do that for a living called analysts and I'm not one of them. So play and have fun with vanguard tonite, and take tommorrow as tommorrow.

Thanks for stopping by!


Thu Jun 04 2009 10:23PM Report
ivan50265 writes:

Ink don't stress out so much.  Look at it this way if you smoked crack $400 would maybe last you two weeks and $3170 maybe 3 months but you should account for tolerence.  So your obseesion (hobby) isn't so bad.

Thu Jun 04 2009 10:38PM Report
Inktomi writes:

 When I smoked crack it was $400 a night. I've cut back some.

Fri Jun 05 2009 1:56AM Report
Rath444 writes:

If youre like me and enjoy playing an mmo when it first comes out....youre screwed.

Fri Jun 05 2009 8:27AM Report
MagicManICT writes:

You REALLY need to study the demographics of gamers and target markets of the games produced. Most of these games aren't aimed at the 7-17 crowd. most are aimed at the 17-37 crowd. Although games such as GTA 4 and Assassins creed have been played by nearly every teenager that can get access to a console or PC, the games, much like a slasher flick, are aimed at college age students and older.

The fact of the matter is, Nintendo seems to be the only one that can successfully target the 7-17 group consistently and win only because it gets Mom in on the action, too.

Tue Jun 09 2009 11:18AM Report
Inktomi writes:


Read Castronova's Synthetic worlds: The business and culture of online games and read This gaming life by Rossignol where they both state that the original marketing target is 7-17 years of age. Of course this is mallaeble to change with the new ratings system implimented on certain games due to content: MA-17. 

But yeah, I have read numerous papers and books on the subject and have written numerous papers on the social and financial aspects of online gaming. I AM studying this market as a whole and frequently refer to written words from people with degrees that know more than I do on the subject.

Have you written anything I could read up on? I am always open to new info to "broaden my horizon." 



Tue Jun 09 2009 2:15PM Report writes:
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