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MMO Money Magazine

Writings on the business of fun: Virtual Worlds and Real Money Makes Online Gaming a Big Business. My economic view on the world of online games - without the hype.

Author: Inktomi

Just how free is free to play? Requiem vs. Runes: Round 2

Posted by Inktomi Thursday May 21 2009 at 11:41PM
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If I had to compare the two graphically I would use movies as examples, think SAW (1,2,3,4,5…) vs. any Disney flick. That’s how different they both really are; Requiem: Bloodymare has this edgy style that I didn’t expect when a buddy from Runes rec’d to me. Free to play, and in my opinion it is one of the more “free” to play games out there. There is a cash shop, but more interestingly enough they have a subscription system that gives you many bonuses that Runes doesn’t. For $15 I got the premium package and had enough points over to buy a mount.

A breakdown of the subscription system and one of the mobs you’ll face in your 30’s.


           Or you could buy points that break down to .007 cents per point, seems to be on par with RoM’s Daimonds. I realize that most of the functions other games give you for free but they are livable without, Region chat is for talking smack to someone you just PK’d or looking for groups. And as far as the inventory is concerned, they give you 4 slots and one bank off the bat; the last bag slot you can buy permanently for 500 points or $3.50. Requiem’s crafting system is wholly based upon gear upgrades. No potions or materials to take up your slots and the quest items are simply added into your quest log. Just like it should be and as Dr. Williston stated in his article, “the problem with CRPG’s”.

A breakdown of the point-buy values for Requiem’s cash shop.


500 Points

           4.99 USD


1050 Points

           9.99 USD


1650 Points

         14.99 USD


2300 Points

         19.99 USD


5200 Points

         39.99 USD




            Instead of points I opted with the 30 day sub, so I went to my friendly neighborhood Target (pronounced Tar-Jay) and bought a $15 card; I’m supporting the game since I played it for free for a few weeks now. I’m almost level 40; quite frankly, I haven’t had to even look into the cash shop since then. It does offer some interesting items, but nothing is a game breaker that I couldn’t do without. No, that doesn’t exactly make it free to play, it was just my gaming style is that I always “tip the bartender”. I’m not expecting buybacks but I would like to see some updates and new content. However unlike other “free to play” models it doesn’t shove the cash shop down my throat and in fact Gravity Interactive has recently made an announcement that they are lowering their rates on June 1st, 2009.

How many times have you seen that happen in a MMO?
 Rolling a rogue.


Another comparison is the racial system here, it’s very simple and cut and dry. This race is either class A or B and can upgrade to level C past level 50, top level is 71.

RoM: Human, human or human.
“But the dual class system made some very interesting combinations.” - Quoting the recent review by Sean Bulger.

         I wanted a DPS class this time and decided that I felt better as a Kruxena Female rather than the androgynous anorexic French male model look of the males. You get 4 racial choices, 2 sexes and up to 6 endgame class choices, not a bad deal in my humble opinion. Although none of the looks are overly customizable, the gear is statistically upgradeable and you can read more on this handy-dandy wiki. The downside is that there is a failure rate which means *gasp* and you can lose the item.
A few other people felt the same as I did. ):L

         I’m not going to fan boy Requiem but if you are tired of running around the cartoon network then it’s a pleasant change. You really don’t have to spend a cent and it’s a good alternative while you’re waiting for your MMO’s of choice to be released.

         But…I am hereby making an announcement here, due to the indepth coverage of the Paragus Rant blog on DFO politics and the overall attitude of negativity towards Darkfall; I have decided today that I am going to play Darkfall. After comparing it to the player driven content of EVE with the gritty graphics and the thrill of being pwned and looted like a level 2 wolf adds some excitement to the game. I didn’t realize the depth of that game from a political standpoint; unfortunately I bought into the hype like everyone else does. I am going to crack open the padlock on my wallet and go buy the game. Pay the 15 bucks and see for myself what all the drama is all about.

And getting the software will be a triumph enough.
Until then…
Play safe,



AmbushMartyr writes:

They dont stuff the Cs down your throat cause theres no need to. The game is just eye candy disguised as a general gridnfest with little to do but go oooh and ahhh at the landscape till that gets boring! Crafting? What crafting? True balanced PvP? What balanced PvP? Grinding and running the same 3 dungeons all the time? Yeah they got that! So there you have it. I just made a review of Bloodymre without having to write a blog about it! Good Luck dude your going to need that sub to get to cap and even then youll puke of the grinding before you even get there!

Fri May 29 2009 5:43PM Report
PeterPorker writes:

These games will end crap games, whilst they will profit off the bat, these games are a real shame to people who actually pay for entertainment..

I played the game Shot Online, one of these free to play, pay for real play experiences.. What it turns out to be is this.

The people who play for free, will always play for free and never invest a dime. The people who pay for a game, pay for the game and pay 200 times more than what the subscription based scenario would bring if everyone paid..

The company dont care, they see a $20 customer turn into a $2000 customer and it won't belong before they all realize this and boycott this games and then this chinese stupid storm goes away back to stable subscription games..

Is it fair someone with money has to pay for the freeloaders?


Thu Jun 11 2009 4:06PM Report
PeterPorker writes:

oh yeah, watch, they'll sneak in a subscription too that gives you more storage that you will need of course...

Gotta love capitilism... Learn to enjoy the non hype and these companies will get broker and broker trying to bleed every turnip

Thu Jun 11 2009 4:08PM Report
PeterPorker writes:

subscription to free shows you the game is a dud, they want to use hype to get into your wallet, you didnt enjoy the game at $9.95/m why are you going to enjoy it now paying $5 here for sword, $10 there for a magic armor set, $2 for a necklace.

Thu Jun 11 2009 4:14PM Report
PeterPorker writes:

watch how they turn all the "epic items" into mystery boxes and you buy 5 mystery boxes for $50, with a a1 in 1,000,000 chance of getting that item.. Nothing short of running an illegal cash lottery, if not outright gambling

Thu Jun 11 2009 4:17PM Report
PeterPorker writes:

of course they dont mention the ridiculous odds, which are nil, because if those items got out in public for trade, they'd lose value thus they'd lose money, so they have phoney in house players go around acting like they got em

Thu Jun 11 2009 4:19PM Report
PeterPorker writes:

OMG watch how their customer support gets 10 times worse than it already is.. trust me there is millions of problems in transaction based sales like this and technical errors.. So far the 15 i have experienced have been in complete disgust of the company treating me likea criminal which is WHY i quit playing their game now to think of it and it only took me ONE game and a few of these bad transactions to ensure my credit card stays in my wallet and nver support these game types..

I did my homework... these companies have not.. they are doomed.. And i get to laugh

Thu Jun 11 2009 4:45PM Report writes:
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