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MMO Money Magazine

Writings on the business of fun: Virtual Worlds and Real Money Makes Online Gaming a Big Business. My economic view on the world of online games - without the hype.

Author: Inktomi

Gaming on a budget. Do you have one?

Posted by Inktomi Sunday February 21 2010 at 3:14PM
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 Hey all,

In my last post I mentioned having a budget for gaming. I have one that I try my best to stick to on a monthly and weekly basis. I call it the "poor college kids gaming budget". Normally I would say, "Oh what the heck, I work hard for this money, I'll spend it the way I want to!" and spend hundreds of dollars on subscriptions, item shops and console games. 

Unfortunately, I fall into that "adult gamer" demographic and have the normal monthly bills we all have. Rent, food, cable, cell phone, car etc. This keep me from going totally crazy on everything I want to. I am also a college student by night hence the college kid approach. Beau Turkey hit on this once before.

I understand that not everyone falls into my demographic or salary bracket. That is why I treat myself as one of the struggling college kids I see in class. Working to go to school, parents are helping but not wealthy and they are trying their best to make it by. Its a humble approach and also keeps me honest. If not I would of probably fallen into many traps that some other people have and spent foolishly. I'm sure there are many games you do regret buying. 

What is your budget for gaming? Do you have one or are you an independently wealthy lottery winner or your parents wealthy? I've spoken to hard working guys like myself, independent business owners and younger generations at the mercy of their parents allowance. Online gaming spans a huge audience and its hard to pin one down without doing an insane amount of surveys.

Personally, I spend about 30-$50 monthly on gaming. Rounded out to $600 a year. But thats a lot of box sales of games, monthly subs and PC upgrades. Some years higher, some lower. But averages out to be $600 a year. Is that a lot? 

How much do you drop monthly for gaming? Are you holding down subs for numerous games or spend in an item shop regularly. There has been many studies and surveys done on this matter. I'm trying to compile it all and would like to get some direct feedback from you.

Thanks and play safe,


UnsungToo writes:

I'm so poor that I pull my own teeth and cut my own hair. (No joke)... I can't afford the time of day.

I use to spent all my extra money on videogames, that was about 5k a year for many years.

Then gaming changed

Now I spend about $75 a year on games max, and I won't spend more than $45 on any one game and don't do subscription based games anymore. Don't own anymore consoles, and won't upgrade my PC just to play a certain game.

The last upgrade on my PC was 2gig extra dramm to play a game, and my video card will have to quit working before I upgrade it.

Had Microshaft not had screwed us over on the crappy 360's, I would be more involved, but they really opened my eyes to what's going on, and since then I've looked and seen how bad the gaming industry is screwing us all over.


Sun Feb 21 2010 8:43PM Report
UnsungToo writes:

Sorry, that would be 2 gigs of DDR2 memory

Sun Feb 21 2010 8:52PM Report
UnsungToo writes:



Sun Feb 21 2010 8:57PM Report
rywalt writes:

I used to be into consoles but the cost is just too high now. the games unless your playing wii games cost 60 bucks now. When I was younger I can remember buying a game or 2 a month. Now days with the economy being so bad I play an MMO and pay the 14 dollars a month and I'm good to go.

Mon Feb 22 2010 9:43AM Report
just1opinion writes:

I don't want to talk about this. I prefer denial. That alone should be a pretty revealing statement.

Mon Feb 22 2010 11:26AM Report
Inktomi writes:

 Uh oh!

Well, thanks for all the comments. 

gg, No comment? Did I actually render you speechless! Lol, thanks for stopping by anyhow. =)

Mon Feb 22 2010 9:05PM Report writes:
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